IQ Option account verification

Account verification

In case you need to deposit or withdraw the money you need to pass the verification process. To fully verify the users register entry data, he should go through the steps below.

  1. Verify the identity.
  2. Check the residential address.
  3. Check that he is the owner of the credit card that he applies for deals in IQ Option. ​  

Checking the identity

To check the identity, the user should provide a scan or a photo of one of the standart papers: passport (the page with a photo), ID card (2 sides), driver`s license (2 sides).

There are the following requirements for checking the identity:

  1. The information must be clearly seen (including the name and family name);
  2. The document must not be expired.
General risk warning
General risk warning

Checking the residential address

The picture of one of the documents below issued in users name is needed for the address checking:

  1. Statement for a bank account or a credit card account;
  2. Bill for utility services (electricity, water and other);
  3. Document from municipality confirming one`s address (with an official stamp);
  4. Filled tax form.

There are requirements to the papers above:

  1. They should include users name and address;
  2. Papers must not be older than 6 months;
  3. The documents must display the logo of the bank or the firm or the government seal;
  4. The entire paper or half of it;

Bank card checking

To prove the ownership of the credit card, you should deliver the image of your bank card from both sides. 

The following requirements to this picture are:

  1. The card must contain the users name;
  2. On the front and back sides of the card, part of the number should be obscured (exactly 6 digits);
  3. On the back side, the CVV code should be obscured.

To make the digit obscure, you can use physical method (hiding figures with a sheet of paper) or digital method (hiding figures with a drawn black strap).

General requirements for all uploaded files:

  1. The paper on the photo must be placed frontally;
  2. It must not be cut short;
  3. All angles of the document must be seen on the screen;
  4. The picture should not be blurred;
  5. The information must be clear and readable;
  6. The paper should not be obscured by any objects or catchlights, hot spots;
  7. The size of the uploaded document should not exceed 8 MB;
  8. Just 2 formats are allowed: JPG and PNG.

It is possible to check verification status in the account in any time.

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