The modern world gives you an exceptional opportunity to invest online, which means that you do not need to visit banks, stock exchanges, waste your precious time arranging a meeting with your broker to resolve certain issues and obtain important information. All of the above you can easily do without leaving your home, at a time convenient for you and in a convenient place.

The modern investment option includes all operations in the stock market through an online investment platform.

The best stock trading platform is a unique software, an innovative development that allows you to literally see the stock market in the palm of your hand. Here, in real time, you have access to stock quotes of all companies involved in stock trading, trading schedules, links to current news, a "training" section with video tutorials and much more.

Different brokerage companies in South Africa offer different investment platforms. They differ in functionality, type of registration, methods of replenishing accounts and withdrawing funds, and so on. Some of them are attractive for their relative ease of use and intuitive interface, while others, on the contrary, are quite complex. Below we will write in detail what criteria we consider decisive.

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What are the main advantages of the online investment platform?

The purpose of any online investment platform is to give any potential investor access to stock market operations. As we mentioned above, anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the world of investing and has at least $ 10 for start-up capital can now invest. Thus, an online platform should be easy to understand, that is, have an intuitive interface even for a beginner, a person who is just starting to invest.

Let's start with the fact that the platform we have chosen is both easy to use, and accessible, and functional, namely:

  • Easy authorization process.
  • The platform has an intuitively simple interface, all operations are easy to find on the toolbar.
  • At the start of the system will show you a pop-up window offering to open an account, demo or real. Having a demo account is an advantage when choosing a platform, as it allows you to train to perform transactions without spending real money.
  • Easy to replenish the real account and withdraw funds.
  • Feedback in the form of 24-hour online chat support.
  • Availability of chat for the opportunity to communicate with other bidders and share experiences.
  • Availability in 17 languages. Moreover, you can even customize the look of the interface by changing the visual appearance of the graphics (so-called "candles" or "bars", etc.) and the background color.
  • The presence of a large number of tools for the analysis of price fluctuations in the stock market - the so-called indicators for technical analysis.
  • Availability of trading instruments, such as the "multiplier" function for leverage and "stop loss" for automatic closing of the position under certain conditions.
  • Existence of the section "training".
  • Bookmark "news", which collects the latest news in the direction in which you work.
  • Availability on mobile media.

Of course, the main advantage of the platform is the wide range of options and investment markets - options, the Forex market, investing in company stocks, investing in commodities and much more.

Below we take a closer look at the above benefits.

The platform is available on various gadgets. Best stock trading platform in South Africa
The platform is available on various gadgets. Best stock trading platform in South Africa

 Ease of registration on a stock trading platform

Authorization on the stock trading platform in South Africa takes no more than two minutes and does not require any special skills or abilities. When you go to the registration page, you will see a simple registration form where you will need to enter basic information such as your username and your valid e-mail. After clicking on the "register" button, you will receive an email with a link to confirm registration. Follow this link, now the platform is ready to use.

Registration on the platform
Registration on the platform

 Availability of a demo account and a training section

A demo account is a free trial that is an exact copy of a real account. Opens automatically immediately after your first authorization on the platform. The system automatically credits fictitious funds in the amount of $ 10,000 to the demo account. You can try to invest these funds at your own discretion, following the result. You can use such an account for as long as you like, the amount of fictitious funds can be renewed as many times as necessary.

Having such a demo account is a significant advantage when choosing a platform for investing, because you have an exceptional and excellent opportunity to practice performing certain operations on the platform without risking your own money. This is a good option for free practice, the importance of which is difficult to overestimate.

In addition to the available demo account on the platform, you will also find a separate section "video tutorials". Here is training information on how the stock market as a whole works and how to work directly with the platform.

The lessons are presented in simple language, all important aspects of working with the platform are analyzed in detail and in an accessible way. Even if you are a beginner, with the help of these videos you will be able to quickly understand the essence and principles of investment processes.

Ability to open a demo account for training
Ability to open a demo account for training

Activation and work with a real account

Real investment activity on the online platform begins with the replenishment of a real (non-demonstration) account.

On many online investment sites in South Africa, the amount of the initial fee for activating a real account is quite high and can range from $ 50. In this regard, our trading platform has a significant advantage, since the minimum deposit amount to activate a real account costs only $ 10, and the minimum withdrawal amount is $ 2.

On the platform, you will find several options for replenishing your account - this can be done using any payment bank card or using online payment systems. The choice of replenishment options is quite large, and funds are almost always credited instantly (in some cases, the term for crediting funds can be up to five banking days, depending on the type of system chosen for replenishment). You can withdraw funds from your account using the same system as for replenishment.

Deposit replenishment options
Deposit replenishment options

 Availability of tools for trade

The program interface is very simple and user-friendly. Using the drop-down list on the top panel, you will see all investment options and easily select the type and direction of investment.

We offer trading in various financial instruments, has more than 200 shares of various companies, more than 50 currency pairs, 28 cryptocurrencies.

On the right pane you will see a button for applying the multiplier function, which allows you to use the so-called leverage.

Large leverage allows you to open transactions in large lots with small amounts on the account, but this, in turn, is associated with great risks. However, the leverage mechanism is built in such a way that a trader cannot lose more than he has in his account. To reduce the risks of working on a currency exchange with a large leverage, it is necessary to strictly follow the rules of capital management.

The leverage sizes for different coins
The leverage sizes for different coins

Below in the same panel you will see a button to apply the "stop loss" option - this option allows you to set restrictions on trading transactions. A stop loss is an automatic trading order used by traders to reduce their losses.

A stop loss order is the maximum loss that an investor can make on a particular position.

With the "stop loss" function, you have the opportunity to set the automatic termination of trading or sale of assets when a certain condition is set by you. On the platform it is possible to choose options for such conditions in great detail, for example, change the price of the asset as a percentage or in cash, the size is set by you. 

Different types of financial markets
Different types of financial markets

 Availability of indicators

Computer indicators are a relatively young field of technical analysis, but today such tools are the most popular, especially for novice traders. The indicators are mostly simple and clear, making the work of the trader as easy as possible and giving clear signals to enter the market.

Indicators are visualized mathematical calculations of price indicators for a certain period of time. Technical analysis indicators are used for faster and more convenient market analysis.

On the platform you will find almost all known types of indicators for technical analysis. In addition, it is possible to combine several indicators at the same time and choose any period for analysis, from a few minutes to several years.

Indicators for technical analysis
Indicators for technical analysis

 Information support and feedback

On the platform, in addition to the "training" section, there is also an interesting and useful for traders section "market analysis".

Here is the latest news about companies whose shares are displayed on the platform, as well as the market for cryptocurrency, raw materials and more. In this way, you will be able to track important stock market news almost in real time and from verified and reliable information sources.

The information collected in the "info" tab contains brief and accurate information on each financial instrument, such as the price per position, the size of the minimum investment, trading conditions, news, income calendar, statistics for a certain period and more.

Latest news on the platform
Latest news on the platform

Thus, the IQ Option platform is a powerful tool in the hands of a trader. Availability, ease of use, minimal commissions, free training, rich functionality, high variability of trade and round-the-clock online support - all this is about IQ Option.

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