How to buy Google shares?

Many people would love to be the holder of shares of famous companies. And search engine Google is one of such companies.  Everyone has heard about Google. It is a steadily growing business that buys and creates many sub-companies, services and services. This public company generates more than $ 10 billion of annual revenue. Google's market capitalization is over $ 200 billion. The shares of such companies are a perfect investment because such a giant is able to cope with any crisis and problems. After all, every business has recessions, Google is no exception, but it has a high potential to cope with any obstacles and rise even higher.

Since 2004, the company's shares have been publicly traded on the NASDAQ exchange.

In October 2015, the corporation changed its name. As a result of the restructuring, the Alphabet Inc. conglomerate was born, which also owns Android, YouTube and other assets. After the official reorganization, Google shares were converted to shares Alphabet, but they continue to circulate with the ticker GOOG on exchanges. In total, almost 516 million shares were put into circulation. Please note that the holding company offers 3 types of shares:

  • A class securities. They are the most expensive and are traded on stock exchanges with the GOOGL ticker. These are standard shares that provide the holder with voting rights (1 share = 1 vote) and the right to dividends.
  • Class C shares are traded under the ticker GOOG. These securities do not give the right to vote to their owner, but are used as a payment and speculative instrument on the stock exchange.
  • Class B shares. They do not participate in exchange trading. These securities are concentrated in the hands of the founders and partners of the company and provide them with a decisive right to vote in making important business decisions.

A and C stocks have high liquidity: investors buy them for long-term and speculative purposes.

B stocks belong to the founders of the company, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, as well as the former director Eric Schmidt. They have tenfold voting rights.

For today,  the price of a share is 1727,62 USD.

Google shares price
Google shares price

How to invest in Google shares?

For individuals, the most affordable and simple way to buy Google shares is on the stock exchange through an online broker. There are ways to buy without brokers, but only employees of the company can do it. Of course, you can buy and sell shares directly, but for this you need to be a billionaire.

There is another attractive way to make money on Google shares. In this case, you do not need to buy shares but to invest in binary options with Google shares as the underlying asset. The point is, you can buy an option on Google stock starting from several dollars. And the minimum option expiration time is only several minutes.

If you want to try options trading, you need to select Google shares from the list of trading instruments and predict the price of share direction. With a giant like Google, it's better to focus on growth. After the expiration of the option (30 minutes, hour, day, week or month), you may receive a profit of 70% if the price has risen by even 0.001 points from the moment of purchase. It is a really profitable investment, you only have to determine whether it will rise or fall. After all, when buying options, you immediately indicate this condition and time, and you instantly know how much profit you will get and when.

Investing in Google shares
Investing in Google shares

Google shares Investment Platform 

Google/Alphabet shares are included in more than two dozen indices, for example, S&P 500, S&P 100, Nasdaq, Nasdaq Computer, Dow Jones Technology. They are traded on many major world exchanges, for example, London and New York. To buy Google shares, you must find a broker with access to these exchanges.

Google shares Investment Platform
Google shares Investment Platform

How to start investing in Google shares?

It is vital to choose a reliable broker before you make any real money investment. You must first learn its history, how long it has been on the market, what its reputation is and what licenses it has. This information will allow you to make a general impression of the company. But in order to form a complete picture, you will need to study further parameters. 

The company's service consists of the following main aspects:

  • minimum deposit
  • commission
  • spread
  • availability of demo accounts
  • leverage
  • speed of execution of orders
  • ways to deposit and withdraw funds

When comparing brokers and studying this information, you need to determine which of the conditions is most important to you. And based on it, you can make your final choice.

Buy Google shares
Buy Google shares

How to register?

Registration is a simple procedure that takes five minutes. All you need to do is to fill in a special form on the site, specifying your email. Some brokers even allow you to get access to their platform using a social network account.

Registration on the platform
Registration on the platform

How to open a demo account?

A demo account is a must-have feature of each reputable broker. Every platform is interested in your wins. The more you win, the bigger profit the broker gets. So they organize free training of novice brokers on a demo account, allowing you to maneuver with virtual money, learn fundamental analysis and hone your trading skills.

How to open a real account?

In most cases, opening a real account requires a certain sum to be available on your balance. The minimum deposit is a regular rule for getting access to real time trading terminals. All this information is available on the broker’s site.

How to open a demo or a real account
How to open a demo or a real account

How to fund a deposit?

There are three common ways to top up your trading account – a wire transfer, a bank card and various electronic payment services. All available payment channels are usually listed on the official website of the broker.

Minimum deposit amount 

There is no fixed amount to start trading. Every platform has its own rules and requirements. While one platform allows you to start trading with only $ 0-5, the other broker may ask to deposit even $ 1000.

Deposit replenishment
Deposit replenishment

How to withdraw money? 

Usually, brokers ask their clients to withdraw profits in the same way as they replenished deposits. A very important thing for withdrawal is user verification. To be approved for a money transfer, you will have to successfully pass the verification procedure. For this, you must provide documents proving your identity and home address.

Security of Google share Investments 

From the moment the American company entered the stock markets, the interest of investors was only growing. Google successfully runs a business and provides an opportunity for their shareholders to get good dividend yield from their market share. For all 15 years of circulation on world exchanges, the price of the holding's shares did not fall below the initial estimate, on the contrary, quotations are growing from year to year.

If the initial value of Google shares in 2004 was $ 85, then in October 2019, they are already trading at $ 1200. If a conditional investor had made an investment of $ 850 (10 shares) 15 years ago, then today he could earn 14 times more for their sale - $ 12,000. The dynamics continue to remain positive,

How safe is it to invest in Google shares?

It is expected that the future of the holding and Google Inc. will be associated with the development of business on the Internet (including advertising) and the strengthening of positions in the field of mobile devices. The Google division is actively involved in the development of the IT industry: dozens of innovative projects (including artificial intelligence, cloud and other services, called PageRank ) are at various stages of development and implementation. The company is also a powerful sponsor for many startups (for example, company Alphabet is investing in a project to create technologies for self-driving cars). According to analysts' forecasts, Google stock quotes will continue to grow. Thus, this investment strategy will not only solve the problem of protecting savings from inflation but will also provide an opportunity to get a variable income. So it is the right time to buy securities.

Is it safe to invest in Google shares online? 

Google or Alphabet shares are investments that can bring good income: both in the form of dividends and in the form of earnings on the difference between buying and selling securities. Since the company entered the stock exchange, the value of its shares has never fallen below the initial estimate. In 15 years, Google stocks have grown more than 14 times, and experts say that in the future, the stock will only continue to rise. So the financial situation of the company is quite stable. To invest in a company, you just need to contact a broker, and it will help you to acquire the desired assets.

How to safely invest in Google shares online? 

Each trader wants to know what can bring more profits - traditional stocks or CFDs? It all depends on your expectations, strategy and the timing of the planned investment.

If there are favorable conditions for the share price to go up in the long run, traditional stocks certainly seem to be the best choice. But you do not use leverage here, and therefore, if you succeed, you earn less, but at the same time take less risk and do not pay high commissions.

On the contrary, CFD trading allows you to maximize profits through leverage, even if the financial market has low volatility and fees are usually higher. Besides, we have the opportunity to buy or sell the order on price reductions.

But the main and foremost task of each broker is to find a trustworthy broker. The World Wide Web is crowded with advertisements of all kinds of brokerage companies. And they all offer different trading conditions. It is difficult for both an experienced and a novice trader to assess the quality of a broker's services at first glance. You need to study the following parameters before opening an account:

  • Broker reputation on the market;
  • Regulation;
  • The minimum deposit;
  • Availability of risk strategies;
  • Customer support;
  • Selection of trading assets.

You can continue with the platform when you are sure you are fine with the offered terms and conditions.

My investments in Google shares are protected?

Experts point out certain principles that help make investments not seem so difficult and risky: 

  • Buy shares of only those companies whose business is clear.
  • Invest long term.
  • Diversify your portfolio by investing in securities of different companies.

The easiest way for a beginner is to buy securities, and after a certain time, make money through the sale of shares. The main thing to remember is that profit is not blind luck, as in a casino, but the result of well-thought-out actions. It is not a game, but a job.

It is not worth investing your last money if you do not have savings and a deposit in the bank. If the bank goes bankrupt, you still have a chance to return the money. But there is no such insurance on the stock exchange or brokerage platform, you can lose everything. Moreover, the fall in the value of securities occurs much more often than bank bankruptcies. 


Can you buy Google shares?

You can invest in Google shares via online brokerage companies. If you want to own shares, you will have to pay for them outright, which can be quite expensive. But you can also invest in CFD trading with much less funds on your trading account. Brokers allow you to use leverage that will multiply your trading possibilities.

Investors say that Google will always bring the maximum profit while the most minimal risks. The initial value of Google shares in 2004 was $ 85, then in October 2019, they were already trading at $ 1,200. And in 2021, a Google share reached $ 1,700. These shares are perfect investment, because such a giant is able to cope with any crisis and problems.

You can buy these securities via online brokerage companies. For this, you will need to register at the platform and create a brokerage account. Every broker asks for a minimum deposit before it allows you to start trading.

Google shares of class A are traded at $ 1,700 currently.

Yes, you can buy even one Google share. But this company shares are very expensive, so several shares will not be a very profitable investment. If you are still going to buy only a few shares – you may consider a market order strategy.

Google does not pay dividends, since the holding's management prefers to invest profits in business development and the purchase of other companies.

Anyone from South Africa interested in investing in securities, should find a reliable online broker. It is impossible to make any transactions on the stock market without this financial intermediary.

In 15 years, Google stocks have grown more than 14 times, and experts say that in the future, the stock will only continue to rise.

The drop in quotations happened in 2004 (it was due to the release of extra shares to the market) and in 2017, when the European Commission imposed a huge fine on the corporation for violating antitrust laws. However, the company could quickly cope with temporary financial problems: the stock price is showing positive dynamics again.

Google is one of the Big Four American tech giants. Its shares have been incredibly successful over the past decade. Between 2017 and 2020, the GOOG share gained around 85% of its market valuation.

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