How to buy Tesla shares?

Tesla is the very popular car company that has taken the world by storm.

With their innovative electric vehicles, they have established their own automotive segment of the industry, and as a powerhouse across the stock market and the world. Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk is a world-renowned entrepreneur, with companies set up across multiple industries.

Buying Tesla’s stock works the same way as with most other securities, you require a broker to get started. The platform allows you to connect to the financial market and initiate trades.

This means that you can register an account, make a deposit, and start buying and selling shares almost immediately.

Investing in Tesla
Investing in Tesla

How to invest in Tesla shares?

To buy Tesla shares, you have two primary methods available.

There is the standard stock trading, which involves buying and selling shares in the company itself. Then there is trading using derivatives which simply takes the value of the Tesla stock quotes and uses this to create investment opportunity.

With derivatives, you are not dealing with the purchase and sale of shares directly but rather trading between the broker and yourself.

The upside of derivatives is that the broker can offer leverage to help boost your investments.

Tesla shares Investment Platform

As you now know, a broker is required to start properly trading on the stock market.

This means you must find the best broker for you, with all the bells and whistles that may interest you. The first thing you will want to make sure they have is access to the Tesla shares themself. With this being easily one of the more popular stock options at the moment, most of the big-name brokers will have some access to this security.

From here, you can find the platform that provides the best environment for your strategy. This involves access to trading indicators and signals, demo accounts, reliable payment services, and even a few educational materials you can use for research and planning.

General information about Tesla`s shares on the platform
General information about Tesla`s shares on the platform

How to start investing in Tesla shares?

The path towards understanding how to buy Tesla shares in the South Africa online market begins with your broker. This will be your biggest priority when getting set up. Once you have completed the joining process you will be able to start making investments in the stock market.

How to register?

The sign-up process for the majority of brokers begins through their homepage.

The site will lead you into the registration page where you will be required to input some basic information. For the most part, you will just need a valid email address to register. After joining the community, you will have access to the trading platform and will see exactly how to invest in Tesla shares directly.

How to register
How to register

How to open a demo account?

Before you start trading with real capital, you can look into the free demo that most top brokers provide to their clients.

This is an increasingly popular tool to use because it lets you navigate and trade on the market in a virtual bubble, without making any real investments. It is great for practicing and learning the platform as well as conducting a preliminary market valuation before going with proper investments.

These demos are usually available through the platform itself and do not require a deposit to access.

This also means you can use the demo to see if the platform is a good fit for your trading style.

Demo account
Demo account

How to open a real account?

Once you have had enough practice with the demo, you can look to make real investments on the market.

In order to do this, most brokers will require you to put a deposit into the trading account. This will serve as the capital you can then use for trading. Once you have made the deposit, you will be able to use as much of it as you want to set up investments on the securities you are interested in.

How to fund a deposit?

A deposit will be required to start making investments through your broker.

In terms of providing the necessary capital, you must be willing to invest that which you are also willing to potentially lose. Trading carries some risk to it and outing too much pressure on the experience by trading with money that you need can cause more problems.

Practice financial management to assess your capital and how much you are willing to invest. Once you have a comfortable amount, you can deposit it through one of the many payment services that most brokers provide their clients.

These services let you transfer money online between different accounts, like from an e-wallet to your bank or to your trading account.

How to replenish a deposit
How to replenish a deposit

Minimum deposit amount

The lowest amount of deposit will be stated on each broker.

This is the bare minimum amount you can put into your trading account at any one time. Understanding these limits and how much they impact your trading experience is important. Different brokers will have different restrictions. Once you made at least this minimum deposit, you can start making real investments on the account.

How to withdraw money?

Like with deposits, there are also restrictions on the potential amounts and timing of your withdrawals. Check with your broker about the specifics of these. To make withdrawals from your trading account, you can use the payment services that you used to make the deposit. 

These platforms are designed to be secure but all the same it is worthwhile choosing one that you are familiar with and trust.

Security of Tesla share Investments

Investing does not mean guaranteed profits, otherwise everyone would be an investor.

Like with any securities, there are risks associated with Tesla share investments based on the financial situation of the company. However, with a company as large and robust as this one, there is an inherent stability to the Tesla shares price movements. This makes a more reliable trading opportunity than many others out there.

How safe is it to invest in Tesla shares?

In terms of safety, investing through an established and trusted broker will provide the protection you require when making investments. The bigger and more reputable the brokerage in question, the more likely the investments you make will be secure.

Management of your funds here is a big part of protecting your investments. Understand how to transfer capital and profits between your various accounts.

Is it safe to invest in Tesla shares online?

The online trading environment tends to be even more secure than the offline experience.

The reason is that the online market is extremely competitive and so the online platforms have to consistently provide better and better experiences to their clients. This very much includes creating an inviting and secure environment for them to make their investments.

Again, as has been emphasised several times already, the important thing is making sure you are using a trustworthy and certified brokerage.

How to safely invest in Tesla shares online?

Apart from picking a reliable broker, you can make sure you are protected online through several best practices. The main ones are to avoid visiting risky sites online and protect your accounts with encryptions, like passwords. 

You should also use payments systems that you can trust, allowing for safe transfers between platform and bank account.

My investments in Tesla shares are protected?

Protection comes in many forms. Through your online broker there are all sorts of security measures, including high levels of encryption to protect your accounts. On top of this, the top certified brokers also have insolvency and similar emergency protections, should something dramatic happen to the broker themselves while you buy shares.


Can you buy Tesla shares?

Tesla shares can be bought through several brokerage platforms online. As such a significant part of the stock exchange, this asset is often readily available. In terms of market capitalization this security also makes up a substantial portion of the overall market value.

With investments into such established companies, you should expect the capital required to be higher than most. However, even here there are ways to buy Tesla stock without breaking the bank.

The big benefit of buying large public company shares like Tesla is that they are a robust part of the market. These assets are expected to hold their value over the short term and steadily increase across the long term. With a lower volatility, this makes it a reliable investment for many brokers.

One big factor you must consider when thinking about this investment is the overall amount of capital you have to invest with. These shares are not exactly cheap and knowing how far you are able to go is useful information to have ahead of time.

Tesla shares are available through most of the online platforms. If they offer any form of stock trading, you will almost certainly find access to this car maker’s shares. Using your broker platform, navigate to the stock trading financial instrument and look out for the customary Tesla ticker, TSLA. This will get you right up close to the asset itself, how you go from there is up to you.

The market is constantly moving around. Even the larger, more stable, securities on the market will move around substantially over a given time period. Currently, Tesla share price is sitting at the $650 mark, though this will surely move quite quickly as Tesla has seen noticeable growth in the last period.

You can in fact buy or sell just a single share in a stock. With Tesla this single share will still be a substantial investment. The gains you make from such an investment will manifest themselves in the form of capital gains from rising share prices.

If the price of these Tesla shares is feeling a little high, you can always look to invest in fractional shares. This is something that many brokers now offer, allowing investors to still trade with shares but at a fraction of the entry cost. Regardless of your personal finance, there will be some way to invest in this opportunity.

Tesla unfortunately does not pay out any cash dividends to shareholders. They have a strict mentality of funnelling future earnings into the company, to help it grow and produce a better brand electric vehicle. The upside of this is that the variable income from capital gains should be notably higher as the company grows. If the share price rises, then any shares you have will increase in value.

South Africa is in a great position for online investing. Many of the top brokers offer traders here access to their marketplace. This means that buying Tesla shares online is readily available in a variety of forms.

Simply register with your preferred broker, join their platform, and make a deposit. This will get you into the trade room with capital in hand to invest in the market as you please.

Tesla shares are impacted by many different factors happening across the marketplace. It is also rather unique in that a significant amount of the value is attributed to the CEO Elon Musk. He is an entrepreneur, with hands in many different fields of industry. This means that his dealings across the board will have a notable impact on each of his company’s values in the stock market.

Another big factor that has affected Tesla prices recently is the general attitude of investors in the market. This can affect the values of all sorts of stock prices as other traders react to these changes.

While there are many reasons a stock price may fall, sometimes it isn’t even related to the particular stock. The most recent drop in Tesla prices was likely caused from a general bearish attitude the traders took at the time. As the market moves and shares are bought and sold, there is an inevitable balancing force that pushes back. This can manifest itself as a drop in values after a notable growth period.

Tesla is an innovative market leader in producing electric cars. The value they bring to the market is undeniable and as a result the price of a share tends to be on the rise as a whole. Recently, Tesla announced a five-for-one stock split which saw their price surge upwards. This made investing in the shares more available to smaller investors which clearly attracted some attention.

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