What is online investment?

Online investment is the process by which a trader buys or sells an asset on the open market.

Sometimes this involves derivatives which use the value of an asset on the market but do not actually require traders to buy or sell it. In these cases, you are making a deal with the broker themselves, instead of with other traders.

In either way, investing online begins with finding an online broker to connect you to the market.

How to invest online?

To begin investing online, you must join a trusted broker.

These are the platforms that will grant access to the market and provide investments online South Africa. The process of joining one of these is relatively straightforward and usually only requires an email address to get started. You will have to make an initial deposit to begin trading for real once you have entered the trade room.   

Online investment platform

There are many online brokers available throughout the vast expanse of the internet. These are offered to traders from countries all over the world, including South Africa. This platform will be your gateway into the world of trading and so must be selected with care and understanding.

Taking the time to make sure your selected broker is trustworthy and offers the correct assets is essential.

What is an online investment platform?

The key defining factors of an online investment platform is that they provide traders with a selection of assets on the market and a direct way to interact with them. This is the bare minimum that the platform must provide for their clients. Many of the top brokers add additional tools and services that improve the experience and give their traders a better leg up in the whole experience.

How to start investing?

Select your favourite broker online.

By now you are likely familiar with the importance of an online broker. This is the fundamental step to beginning trading and will provide much of the tools and resources you need to get started. To begin, you must visit the website of the broker you want to use and register an account.

This will allow you to join their community and access their trade room. From here, you must practice investment management to make sure you are constructively going about your trading.

How to register?

Registration for most top online brokers is a very intuitive process.

All you need to do is navigate to the registration page of their website and fill in your details. Usually, all that is required is a valid email address and for you to set up your own password. Make sure it is a secure password as you want your investments to be safe.

How to open a demo account
How to open a demo account

How to open a demo account?

For new traders, one thing that they will want to get their hands on as soon as possible is the demo account that many top brokers have available. This is a very powerful tool in understanding the market and how the platform itself operates.

You can trade as much as you want on these free demos and get all the practice you need before jumping into the real thing.

Demo and real account choose where to start!
Demo and real account choose where to start!

How to open a real account?

When you are ready to start trading for real, it is time to make your first deposit. This is most commonly the requirement for traders starting on a new platform and trying to open an account. This deposit will be what fuels your investment options on the platform, allowing you to invest money online.

How to fund a deposit?

In order to fund your deposit, you must use one of the payment services available at your chosen broker to input your own personal finance. These will vary from platform to platform but will usually consist of some e-wallet options, credit and debit cards, and even direct bank transfers in some cases.

Deposits will be put into your account on the platform so you can use it in the trade room.

Minimum deposit amount

This is the lowest amount of deposit you can put into your account at any one time.

The amount itself will vary from broker to broker. Make sure you pick a broker with this in mind, so you are able to comfortably trade at your own pace without feeling like you’re investing too much at any one time.

How to withdraw money?

This works in much the same way as making a deposit. Using any of the available payment services of your broker, you can move the money in your trading account into a wallet or bank account. Certain brokers will have requirements on the amounts and timing of some of these withdrawals.

These transaction requirements should factor into your financial planning.  

What to invest in?

Picking what to invest in internet markets is never an easy choice.

There are a lot of options available to traders nowadays and it can make choosing where to invest a difficult decision. The truth is you are better off picking those assets that interest you the most. The more time you can spend reading up and following the news on these markets, the better you can trade on them.

The most popular investment options
The most popular investment options

How to invest in stock market?

The stock market is the classic market structure in which traders sell and buy shares of businesses from around the world. The basic objective with this market is to purchase shares in a business you think will increase in value and then have the option to sell them if this price does rise.

There are markets all around the world and many different assets available within this financial instrument.

Almost every single online broker will have some access to stock markets and the assets available there.

How to invest in indices?

Indices are a weighted average of certain prices of assets from a particular market. They are essentially a portfolio of an exchange that can be traded on. They are derivatives and therefore are not directly bought or sold. Traders instead make trades based on the value of these and how they change over time.

While rarer than stock market assets, there is a lot of indices trading available.

How to invest in stocks?

Stocks are usually the most prevalent assets on any online broker.

They will usually have a wide variety available. These are intuitive to trade with as they have a clear value and way to profit. With so many brokers providing these assets, it really becomes about the environment you want to do your stock market trading in.

How to invest in forex?

Foreign Exchange (forex) is another highly competitive and popular market. It involves the trading of currencies from around the world. These are usually presented as pairs, matching relative currencies against each other. This means you are not trading on the value of a specific currency but rather its value relative to another one.

Forex trading
Forex trading

Due to their popularity, these assets can be found at many top brokers.

How to invest in currencies?

Regardless of which type of currency you want to invest in, the best way is to find a broker that focusses on the forex market. These platforms will often have a greater number of currency pairs, with tools and features better directed at currency trading. This is the best way to experience this money market.

How to invest in dollars?

The dollar is an understandably popular asset to trade on the currency market. Due to its popularity, there is much more information available about its changing value as well as the fact that it will be readily available at any top currency broker.

If the platform has any currency pairs, they will likely have a few with the famous USD.

How to invest in euros?

Euros are right up there with the dollar for the exact same reason. Lots of information on the subject and a lot of places that offer it to traders. Finding this currency to trade with will be as easy as finding an online broker, because they will likely have it.

How to invest in cryptocurrencies?

Crypto is still a relatively new asset for the marketplace.

As a decentralised currency, these coins are not beholden to a reserve bank or government and therefore operate independently. Since they are entirely digital, these coins have been known to have volatile prices that can fluctuate wildly. 

Crypto is growing so rapidly in the marketplace at the moment that many top brokers will offer at least some of these digital assets. These are also often used as derivatives or exchange traded directly through the market.

Сryptocurrency trading
Сryptocurrency trading

How to invest in bitcoin?

Bitcoin is still by far the most popular of all the cryptocurrencies. It's so popular that you will likely have a really difficult time finding crypto trading without bitcoin involved. Most every broker that deals with this digital currency will have this giant of an asset.

How to invest in ethereum?

Ethereum is a close runner up to bitcoin and will likely see similar representation across the market. Since cryptocurrency trading is not a given on every broker platform, this asset may require a dedicated crypto trading to start working with.

How to invest in ripple?

Finally, there’s ripple. Another firm contender for bitcoin runner up, this digital asset has also been slowly rising through the ranks. Harder to find than the other two, there are still plenty of brokers that will allow you trade this coin.

Investment in commodity?

A commodity is an asset used in business, usually for a particular sector of the market.

They are goods that have inherent real-world value and often don’t change price as much as other assets, like cryptocurrency for instance. While much more limited in available assets, there is commodity trading to be found at many of the bigger online brokers.

Commodities are also often traded as derivatives, instead of directly buying or selling the actual asset.

How to Invest in metals?

Precious metals involve the likes of gold and silver. These are high value goods that are often used to leverage against inflation, since their prices are relatively sturdy. You will likely find these under the commodity trading section of many top brokers online.

How to invest in gold?

If there are commodities available on a platform, there will be gold. One of the most famous goods all around the world, gold trading will be available on many of the more diverse brokers. Again, these will most often present themselves as CFDs and trade as derivatives on the market.

Investments in gold
Investments in gold
How to invest in silver?

Silver is like the younger brother of gold and will usually, but not always, accompany them onto the market. Both of these precious metals can be found on many different platforms.

How to invest in crude oil?

Crude oil is not a precious metal but it sure is valuable. Considering how much this resource is traded around the world, it would be irregular not to find it available on the platform you are using to connect to the market.  

How to invest in assets?

An asset generally involves buying or selling of shares in that security.

You invest when you believe the value is going to increase and hold it until it does. If this happens, you can then sell the shares at this increased price. In the case of many asset trades, you are owning the shares and trading directly with other traders. However, derivative asset trading is very possible to find online as well.

How to invest in cfds?

A CFD is a contract for difference and essentially means it is a derivative. This means that instead of buying or selling the actual asset, you are making promises and creating contracts to this at a later date. You are only trading on the value of the asset as it changes, without interacting with the asset at all.

How to invest in etfs?

Exchange traded funds are portfolios of asset groups that are clumped together. They can be traded as both a direct asset or a derivative. Due to their inherent diversification, these are great for adding variety to your own portfolio.

How to invest in binary options?

Binary options are a rapidly growing field of trading.

They are derivatives that only have two possible results. You either win or lose a binary trade. This makes the whole process quick and easy to understand, a great way to get introduced into the market.

Since they are getting more and more popular, these are available at many brokers currently.

Online investment security

Security online is something we are all concerned about.

Picking the right broker can help mitigate some of this problem, since a reliable one can guarantee your investments are protected. They are creating your online environment so they must also provide you with a sense of security and comfort.

How safe is it to invest online?

With the heated competition and ease of access, online trading is often more safe than offline. The number one concern is again picking the right broker to make sure your investments are all secure. If this is done correctly, with platforms that are certified and well known, you will rarely encounter any concerns with security while trading.

My online investments are protected

This is something that your broker must be able to prove to you. No one wants to spend their time investing only to have that profit lost because of an unsecure environment. The top brokers will make it abundantly clear that you and your returns are all going to be safe and secure the whole time.

How to invest safely online?

The number one rule of staying safe online is to stick to the sites you know well. Find the broker you trust and bunker down. The more careless you are with the places you go and who you give your information to, the more likely you will encounter online risks.

Make sure you review your brokers and use a payment service you know and trust to make transactions online.


How to start investing?

To start investing you require a membership to an online broker. This is a simple enough sign up process for most platforms, all you need is an email address and to set up your own password. Once you have gained access to the community, you can make the first deposit and start investing immediately.

Online investments will need to be deposited into the chosen broker. This is done through a payment system that is accepted by that particular platform. These allow traders to transfer money from their bank account to their trading account across the internet.

Investing has a lot of potential for profit if done correctly. There are risks to trading but with those risks comes the possibility of significant returns. Traders should practice their craft and develop appropriate strategies to improve their chances and earn great profits from investing. It is also a great way to achieve financial freedom, having limitless boundaries.

Investing online is easier and has more options than offline. The internet is a wild and chaotic place, but it has a lot of opportunity for those that are willing to search for it. There are many different types of online broker, each offering unique perspectives of the market. This means that you can find the perfect trade room online for the way you want to trade.

Find a trusted investment platform. It really is as simple as that. A trading platform will provide the environment for you to engage with the market and initiate trades. To get started you will require an initial investment you are willing to put in. This is done through one of the many payment systems that these top platforms support in their trade room.

You can definitely make money through online investments in South Africa. It is by no means a sure thing, however, the more you practice and prepare for your investments, the more likely you will make a profit out of them. Developing a keen sense for how the market shifts around will allow you to capitalise more and more.

There is no single way to go about this. If there was, everyone would be doing it. There are certain steps you can follow to improve your chances and skills so that you are increasingly able to make a profit out of your investments.

These include using a demo to practice and experiment with your trading. This will also help to develop strategies and learn how to use trading signals that will give you more information on the assets you are trading on.

Watch tutorials and perform research on the companies and markets you are investing in. Eventually, more and more avenues for profit will start falling into place.

Research the markets and financial instruments you want to trade with. Do you want to manage stocks, indices, commodities, binary options, or something else? Once you are more familiar with the type of trading you want to be a part of, you can look for a top online broker that can supply these requirements. Sign up, make a deposit, and get started investing.

Wisdom largely comes through experience. Practice, research, and absorb as much of the trading environment as you can. Follow the news related to the assets you are dealing with, learn to understand them intimately. By doing this, you are developing a keen sense for the way the market moves and you can use this to predict the outcomes more accurately.

Patience is perhaps your most powerful asset when it comes to investing. Do not rush to make large investments, rather work up slowly, making sure you have grasped each step of the way.

Using your savings to invest can be a great idea, however, the risk around investing is something you must be aware of. When it comes to something like this, it may be best to look for investments of lower risk and lower returns. While these will not make significant profits, they can serve to keep the majority of your savings safe while slowly growing them over time.

There are no guarantees with investing. This is why there is so much potential profit. Experience and skill will be the main factors that determine success in the field of investing. Even the professionals cannot guarantee they will make money on an investment, but they will be more likely to produce positive results over the longer term.

The beauty of investing online is that there are no limits to the potential returns you can make. Keep trading successfully and you will keep earning profits. Keeping your investments earning is a consistent challenge that will require dedication and patience. Do this right and the sky is your limit on what can be possible.

When it comes to trading, there is generally a direct relationship between risk and reward. The greater the risk, the more potential returns. A very safe investment, like a savings account or government bond, will have very low returns. Higher risk assets on the other hand, will have much higher returns because they are much harder to predict accurately.

This is ultimately a personal choice. Investing has the potential for increased profits, but an inherent risk attached to it. Saving your money will not help it grow much but can keep it secure for a future date. You must analyse your own situation and decide if you want to increase your savings at the cost of a bit of risk or hold onto it.

South Africa has access to many of the same markets and online brokers as the rest of the world. The internet has allowed everyone to join in the action of trading and find their desired experience online.

To start with, traders in South Africa can go to the website of the online broker they want to trade through. This will allow them to connect to their platform and community, granting access to the marketplace provided by that broker. After making a deposit, you can immediately start making trades and investments.

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