What Are Binary Options?

Trading binary options is considered to be one of the most promising ways of making money on the Net. It is relatively simple and does not require big investments.

It was launched in America in the year 2008. Years later, binary options gained many fans. So start with a proven and reliable binary options broker today, register and make money together with thousands of other traders, you will succeed!

As for the future prospects of this market, according to predictions of experts in the financial sector, in the near future binary options will only grow. At the same time, a lot of small companies and fraudsters will be eliminated. Only the biggest legally operating ones will remain.

The essence of binary options is that you have to determine how the price will behave in a certain period of time. In other words, they are assets whose price moves in real time. A trader needs to predict where the price will be (above or below) for the chosen asset from the moment the trade is made.

Expiration time in binary options - the time of completion of a trade. The period of time at the end of which our dispute with the broker about what will happen to the price will end.

What assets can I trade on binary options?

Each registered client at practically any binary broker has hundreds of different assets available for trading:

  • Currency pairs (GBP/USD, AUD/USD, EUR/JPY, GBP/USD, etc.);
  • Shares (Facebook, Apple, etc.);
  • Commodities (silver, gold, oil, etc.);
  • Indices (RTS, DOW JONES, etc.);
  • Digital currencies, etc.
Choose from a variety of assets to trade
Choose from a variety of assets to trade

With your brokerage platform, you can trade different assets at the same time, and configure your trading screen to show multiple chosen assets.

The profitability of binary options

Binary options are a very profitable type of trading. Judge for yourself, you can make a few hundred dollars in a single minute. Most of the reputable brokers have a profit percentage ranging from 70 to 85 per cent of the stake (depending on the time of day and the assets).

Also, the profit percentage depends on the type of option, and in fact there are dozens of them. The difference between the different types of binary options lies in the additional terms.

The most popular are the classic Call/Put, or also called Up/Down.

Let's see what kind you can find at different brokers:

  • Classic type. This type of binary option is the first and the main one. Further on, it was the base for all the following ones. On the internet it is sometimes called "Digital Option", "All or Nothing", "Price Ups/Downs", but it's all the same binary option.
    You select an asset from your broker and watch live price charts. After analysing the price, you press the button with the future price direction (Up or Down), set the expiry date of the binary option and the amount of your investment. If the price of the asset at the time of expiry of the binary option coincides with your prediction, then you'll make a profit.
  • One Touch. The main condition for a one touch is to make or break a set price level.  The profitability of this option is also very high, one deal can bring up to 500% of profit, but the risks are higher as well. Therefore, it is recommended to trade in small amounts, fixing the possible profit many times higher.
  • Range. It is an option where investors use channel trading, where to make a profit the price of the asset has to stay in the given channel or out of it, depending on the conditions of the order. Based on this knowledge, the trader can correctly give the price of the asset for the desired time frame. When opening such a deal, there are three price levels to be understood. These are the price of the asset at the given moment of time, the upper and lower price thresholds.
  • Ladder. The advantage of such options is that by opening a deal the trader aims to reach the highest possible price level, without losing profit if after reaching one of (usually) three price levels, the price suddenly turns in the opposite direction. Typically, the broker pays out 200% for the first level, 400% for the second and 600% for the third. But not all brokers give such options.

All of them are high-yield options and everybody can find a trading instrument, according to his own temperament and knowledge. For a better understanding of all the above, you have to try them all and determine your own trading strategy (short, medium or long term, or maybe a combination of them).

Popular markets for binary options trading
Popular markets for binary options trading

It's always better to start with the simplest and the most classic option, when you can clearly understand everything and can make infallible predictions. Then you can try more complicated combinations. Try it now. It's easy, and you'll see your account grow.

What are Binary Options Bonuses? 

These bonuses are essentially money that traders can invest. The bonus is offered to traders in order to increase loyalty and to allow them to try out more different trades. Agree the bigger your account, the more trades you can make and therefore earn more. The main advantage associated with these bonuses is that they come in handy in case of an urgent need.

For the experienced trader, the bonus is a way to increase your profits. How it works: The bonus "gives" you more money in your trading account.

If you've made the decision to get into binary trading, it's important to find out all the possible bonuses available to you. The best way to find out about such bonuses is to read the broker's terms and conditions. With special offers from binary brokers, novice traders learn about the different strategies and methods that can be used to make money. In addition, experienced traders can take advantage of the services of these brokers to make more profits.

Types of Binary Option Bonuses

Brokers may offer various types of bonuses. These bonuses can include cash bonuses, sign-up bonuses and bonus points.

The first deposit bonus is the most common. One of the most popular binary options bonuses is given to new traders who make trades in their account. This bonus is offered by most forex brokers as a reward for new clients. You can use your first deposit bonus to fund your account.

Take advantage of your bonus
Take advantage of your bonus

Take this chance and do not miss out on your profit! After all, you want to start earning! Sign up and start earning money today!

Another type of bonus is deposit bonuses. They are credited as a percentage of the deposited amount and may vary from 10% to 100% of it. For example, you can deposit $100 on your account and get another $30 as a gift. That means that you will have a total of $130 to trade with and an opportunity to increase your trade size, and hence your profit.

The next type of bonus is as follows. Often companies hold their own exclusive promotions or contests where participants are gifted bonuses for fulfilling certain conditions. The amount of such promotional bonuses can be very large - from 10% to 200% on the deposit. So if you want to double or even triple your trading account straight away, then monitor the promotions on your trading platform.

Bonuses for bringing a friend. Often a company can award you a bonus gift for bringing a friend to the platform. The amount of the bonus may vary and depend, for example, on the amount of your friend's deposit, or it may be a fixed amount. Generally, these bonuses are wagered according to a standard affiliate programme scenario, but in some companies they may also have additional special conditions.

Top up your deposit and get a great bonus
Top up your deposit and get a great bonus

Binary options - no deposit bonus

And perhaps the most desirable bonus that all traders are looking for is the bonus that is given for free. No deposit bonuses for binary options allow the trader to try out the trading platform of the binary options broker, using real money, but for free. What does this mean? All this means is that the broker is giving 100 no deposit bonuses in binary options without any cheating.

It's good when you can try your hand at the binary options market and practice trading for free on someone else's account with no deposit in binary options.

So if you've found binary options 100 no deposit bonus - use them.

You can withdraw the money you earned with a no deposit bonus for binary options for a simple registration by wagering the bonus an n-number of times. To avoid future problems with the withdrawal of your winnings, you should first find out what you need to do to make the no deposit bonus available for withdrawal, namely check with support for the conditions for wagering.

How to start trading binary options and get a no deposit bonus in South Africa?

You can go to your binary options broker's website and see if they offer bonuses. If so, make sure you know how to get the bonus. Bonuses can be very useful if you follow the guidelines and rules laid down by the online company you trade with.

Use your promo code on the platform
Use your promo code on the platform

To sign up for the platform, use the registration button and follow the system's instructions, it's easy and will only take a couple of minutes, be confident in your abilities, and soon you will see that you can make money right from home! Just take a step into new ways of earning and the platform will tell you how to proceed!

Register on the platform
Register on the platform

Demo Account

If you are wondering how to get started trading binary options and getting bonuses in Africa, then you should activate your account with the best online broker. You should not hesitate, you always have the possibility to practice on a demo account and then start trading for real!

By opening a demo account, you will be able to assess your existing trading strengths and weaknesses, as well as your own strategy and method of options trading. This will help you become familiar with the various strategies you can use while trading, and how they affect your account. You will then be able to choose your level of risk aversion, and also set your trading parameters, so you know when it's the best time for you to trade, and when it's not.

You will have a virtual amount of money in your demo account, which you can spend as you see fit without risking any real money. You can do it!

Brokerage Account

Once you are ready to make your first deposit or use the bonuses for live trading, then you need to open a real brokerage account. You can fund your account the way you want. Most traders use a payment card. You will need to enter your card details for the withdrawal procedure, using the details you require on the form. Be careful when you fill it out. Later on, you will also be able to withdraw money from your account to your card.

Choose the level of your profile on the platform
Choose the level of your profile on the platform

You should always use one of the best websites for binary options, as that is where you will get the most accurate information and the most competitive rates. After that, you will have a lot of money to bet!

Thousands of traders are already making money on bets, join in! And soon you will notice your profits grow in your account.

What is the procedure to get the options bonus? This information should be available from your broker. If your broker does not mention anything, use their hotline. A good broker always has a customer service, pay attention to this when choosing one.

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