How to buy Coca-Cola shares?

Shares of food companies have always been in demand. It is especially true when it comes to industry giants with a long history. The Coca-Cola Company is one of such brands - a world leader in concentrates and soft drinks. The corporation also supplies juices and juice drinks to the market. Coca-Cola distributes its products through retail and wholesale networks in the United States and around the world. It ranks the 64th in the Fortune 500. The company's IPO was held in 1919, and the company placed 500 thousand shares. Then, the price of a share was $ 40. It was the largest IPO in the food industry at the time, with a total market valuation of $ 20 million.

There are two important reasons why it is profitable to buy shares of this public company now. Firstly, this brand has a truly impeccable reputation. Every business experiences its ups and downs, but Coca-Cola's shares price has always recovered from the deepest and longest downturns. Secondly, this beverage company is well known in the global financial market. It simplifies the task of investing since the trader always has enough fresh financial information about the company and technical analysis data from leading experts.

How to buy Coca-Cola shares
How to buy Coca-Cola shares

How to invest in Coca-Cola shares?

You can make money on securities in different ways - you can buy Coca-Cola shares in order to sell them at a higher price, or follow Buffett and buy them forever in order to receive dividends. You can also trade Coca-Cola shares during recessions.

Furthermore, it is not necessary to own Coca-Cola shares because you can earn not only on the securities themselves, but on the difference in their prices, for example, invest in trading CFDs or options. The method gives the maximum profit - the purchase of one security costs within $ 50, and for a year the growth can be within 10% and plus dividends. At the same time, the option gives a variable income reaching up to 70% of the profit per trade, which can last only 5-10 minutes.

To make money on a binary option, you only need to predict whether the stock quotes will be higher or lower at the time of closing the transaction, the term of which you choose yourself.

How to invest in Coca-Cola shares
How to invest in Coca-Cola shares

 Coca-Cola shares Investment Platform

You can buy Coca-Cola shares on the world's largest exchanges. In the European daytime, trades are open at the Berlin, Frankfurt and Vienna stock exchanges. In the evening, you can go to American trading platforms: NYSE, Mexican, Chilean stock exchange. You are able to buy shares in real time regardless of your location, thanks to the Internet, no matter whether you are based in Australia or South Africa.

The second way to buy Coca-Cola shares is through one of the online brokers. Online trading is beneficial in that it does not require significant start-up capital and is available from anywhere in the world. Many forex brokers allow their clients to participate in CFD trading with shares as an underlying asset. In order to buy or sell shares, it is enough to choose the best broker (it can be determined by looking at the trading conditions or surfing through the traders’ forum).

Coca-Cola shares Investment Platform
Coca-Cola shares Investment Platform

How to start investing in Coca-Cola shares?

If you decide to buy Coca-Cola shares, carefully read all the available methods. If you have any questions, you can open a thematic forum and ask experienced investors how to profitably buy Coca-Cola shares. Currently, there are several ways for an ordinary person to buy Coca-Cola shares:

  • Buy Coca-Cola shares on the stock exchange.
  •  Purchase Coca-Cola shares directly from the issuing company.
  • Purchase Coca-Cola shares through a brokerage company.

The easiest option is to find a brokerage company for this purpose. Trading through a broker gives you many benefits like leverage, risk control, stop loss order strategy, and many more.

How to register?

All brokers ask for registration on their platforms before allowing you access to a trading terminal. This procedure is very simple and requires literally a few minutes. In most cases, you will be able to register via email. Some brokers allow you to register using your social network account.

How to register
How to register

How to open a demo account?

A demo account is one of the essential features you should check before deciding what platform to use. This training account will allow you to test skills in the environment maximally close to real trading. You will operate with virtual money without any risk to your real funds. As a rule, a demo account is automatically activated upon registration.

How to open a real account?

A real trading account requires a real money deposit. Once you have enough training, you can start your full-fledged trading. For this, you need to top up your deposit with the minimum sum asked by the selected broker.

How to open a demo or a real account
How to open a demo or a real account

How to fund a deposit?

This information is usually available in the FAQ section on every broker website. Read attentively what payment methods are allowed on the platform and choose the most suitable one.

Deposit replenishment
Deposit replenishment

Minimum deposit amount

Every broker has its own limit which allows you to become a trader. The sums are very different, they can vary from $5 and to even $1000.

How to withdraw money?

You may withdraw money in the same way as you deposited it. But in most cases, you need to pass a verification process to be approved for withdrawal. For this, be ready to provide copies of your ID documents and home address.

Security of Coca-Cola share Investments

Novice traders are advised to buy KO shares due to their stability and ease of analysis. You can follow the latest reports, forecasts and analysts' opinions to see the news on the financial situation of the company. More experienced investors can choose this tool for long term investments. Despite the intense competition, the Coca-Cola brand has been at the forefront of the market for decades. In conditions of economic instability, securities of large companies are usually more stable. Moreover, the corporation's production facilities are distributed throughout the world. It reduces the risk of losing your investment due to natural or political disasters in individual countries. There are four reasons proving that Coca Cola brand is worth investing:

  • The company is going beyond carbonated drinks sales - so far, the company has acquired Costa Coffee (the second largest chain after Starbucks) for $ 5.1 billion and launched an alcoholic beverage in Japan for the first time in 125 years.
  • The company has a strong financial position, stable gross and operating margins.
  • Coca-Cola shares can be used as a security paper with a dividend yield of 3%.
  • The brand is developing a program of plastic waste recycling. By 2030, the company plans to produce at least 50% of the bottle from recycled material, thereby creating a closed cycle for the production of plastic bottles.

How safe is it to invest in Coca-Cola shares?

Coca-Cola shares have been traded on the New York Stock Exchange since 1950, the corporation is one of the largest in the United States, and its shares are considered one of the most reliable and protective on the stock market. The company's capitalization is $ 180 billion. The shares can be found on the exchange listings under the ticker KO. The inclusion of securities in the calculation of the most popular stock market indicators makes Coca-Cola shares an attractive exchange-traded asset for many investors.

Is it safe to invest in Coca-Cola shares online?

By concluding an agreement with a brokerage company, an individual gets access to all the possibilities of the stock market, can buy shares, government bonds and other derivative financial instruments without restrictions: futures, options, investment certificates. But the main thing is to choose a reliable broker.

For a private person - a participant in the stock market - a broker's license indicates that his interests and rights are protected in accordance with the law and the risks of falling into the hands of fraudsters are minimal. It is also important to check the fees and commissions the broker applies.

As a rule, the profit of a broker is made up of a certain percentage of the amount of transactions. Tariffs are specified in the contract and may include:

  • sales commission (for example, 0.1% on transactions with shares);
  • the cost of servicing a securities account;
  • payment for the use of specialized software;
  • payment for the service of placing securities in a depository;
  • commission for withdrawing funds or crediting dividends to an individual's bank account, etc. 

If you do not check all these points at the start of working with a company, you can be very disappointed at a later stage.

Besides reliability, legality of the broker's work in the stock market and tariffs, you should pay attention to the minimum amount of the initial deposit. If you are a beginner, opt for the platforms allowing low minimum deposits.

 When all these factors coincide, you may proceed with the registration on the platform.

My investments in Coca-Cola shares are protected?

According to experts, today, Coca-Cola is demonstrating a stable growth in the volume of products sold and at the same time a stable annual growth, which means that the prospects for investing in the company are quite positive.

Coca-Cola's share price is highly volatile. That is why this investment asset is often used in the course of speculative transactions. Today, the Coca-Cola share price has settled at around $ 50. It should be noted that the chart of Coca-Cola shares has been demonstrating positive dynamics for more than 10 years, and this trend will continue in the near future (this is confirmed by the forecast of Coca-Cola shares).


Can you buy Coca-Cola shares?

You can buy Coca-Cola shares on the world's largest exchanges. But individual traders have no direct access to these marketplaces and they need to find a reliable online broker for this purpose.

The purchase of Coca-Cola shares is an investment in an already mature business that has stable financial performance, while the company continues to develop, producing new drinks and with interesting long-term plans to create a “vicious circle of the plastic bottle production cycle”.

Coca-Cola shares can be purchased through a licensed broker or investment company. To start online trading, you conclude an agreement with a broker and open an account. Besides profits from the sale of shares, the investor receives quarterly dividends.

The current Coca-Cola share price makes $ 50.32.

Many stocks are not traded individually but in lots (packages). The cheaper the stock, the larger the lot size (for example, 100 or 500 shares in the lot).

However, on American stock exchanges, all shares can be bought and sold one by one. But you should understand that retail purchase will cost you more because of the accompanying costs.

Coca-Cola’s dividend yield is paid quarterly. In 2015-2020, the average return on securities was 2.7-3.6%. This indicator is not impressive, so investors who want to receive stable passive income are recommended to pay attention to more profitable assets.

It does not matter where you are physically located. Shares are available for purchase via Forex brokers that have representatives in most countries of the world. You only need to find platforms that accept clients from South Africa and create a trading account with them.

The total number of the company's shares exceeds 4.3 billion. Throughout its history, the management of the corporation has made a decision 12 times to issue additional securities. So, in 1990, 1992, 1996 and 2012. the number of shares in circulation doubled.

Coca-Cola (KO) stock price is 13.6% lower today than it was at the beginning of 2020, and the company's second-quarter profit and revenues fell by a third due to low sales in the restaurant and entertainment sector amid the pandemic. At the same time, Coca-Cola shares are considered a kind of a blue chip with their successful half-century history.

More than 1.9 billion of the company's drinks are sold worldwide every day. It provides the company with steady growth of their shares.

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