In recent years, trading in financial markets has become more accessible and attractive to a wide audience. This is due to the development of technology, the emergence of new tools and opportunities, as well as the emergence of trading robots. IQ Option offers its clients first-class trading conditions and hundreds of assets for effective daily trading.

Robots are programs created for automatic trading in the online financial market. In this article, we will look at what IQ Option trading robots are, why they are needed, their advantages and disadvantages, as well as the dangers and scams associated with these programs.

Get maximum platform benefits
Get maximum platform benefits

What are robots?

Trading robots are computer programs that automatically analyse the binary options market and make decisions to buy or sell options. Robots operate based on preset parameters that determine the trading strategy and risk level. Thus, robots allow traders to automate the trading process and make profits even in the absence of constant control over the market. To start using it, you need to download and set up the software and then link it to your IQ Option account. You can easily find many robots on the Google Play Store if you have an Android device.

A robot is good when there is a clear trading strategy that is completely formalised: the rules for opening, maintaining and closing transactions are clearly defined and programmed. In this case, the robot allows you to completely eliminate the human factor and emotions - it will blindly follow the algorithm. Typically, robots are configured to trade in intervals that are multiples of 15 minutes, an hour, or a day.

Why are trading robots needed? 

Robots installed on the IQ Option platform can be useful for traders who do not have sufficient experience or knowledge to independently trade in the binary options market. Robots can work based on strategies developed by experienced traders and allow you to make profits without the need to constantly monitor the market.

In addition, robots can be useful for traders who do not have enough time to trade. Robots work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can automatically make decisions to buy or sell options at any time of the day.

Try trading on the best platform
Try trading on the best platform

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Automation of the trading process. The trader does not need to constantly monitor the market and make decisions about buying or selling options.
  • Efficiency. Robots can work based on strategies that have been tested and proven to work.
  • Independence from emotions. Robots do not experience emotions and are not subject to panic or anger, which allows them to avoid mistakes associated with poor decisions made under the influence of emotions.


  • Fraud. Statistics show that most third-party robots are fraudulent and you risk losing your deposit.
  • Limitation. Robots operate based on preset parameters, which limits a trader’s ability to choose a strategy and manage risk.
  • The need for constant updating. Robots need constant updating and tweaking to remain effective in changing market conditions.
  • The danger of mistakes. Robots may make mistakes due to incorrect market analysis or incorrect settings.

The danger of trading robots

The danger of robots is that they can lead to large losses for the trader. Robots may make mistakes due to incorrect market analysis or incorrect settings, which can lead to large losses.

In addition, there is a danger of fraud associated with trading robots. Due to the growing popularity of robots, they have become commonplace for scammers. Some robots were originally created by scammers to steal your money from your account.

Fraud associated with trading robots 

There are many scams associated with trading robots. Some companies offer traders to buy a ready-made trading robot that promises profit without any effort on the part of the trader. However, such programs may not be effective enough or even dangerous to use.

Additionally, some scammers use trading robots to manipulate the market. They create false signals to buy or sell options in order to attract traders and profit from their losses.


Choosing a robot to carry out trades can be a daunting task. If you still decide to take a risk and try a trading robot, pay attention to these recommendations:

  1. Check the IQ bot's legitimacy rating, which should be above 70%. Research the reputation of the robot supplier. Check how many years the company has been on the market and what reviews there are about it.
  2. Check the provider's hosting domain. If the domain changes frequently, this may be a sign of fraud.
  3. Study the strategies and settings offered by the robot. Make sure you have the ability to customise the robot to suit your individual requirements and preferences. Check what tools and algorithms are available for trading and compare them to your needs.
  4. Avoid IQ bots with an insecure registration process that does not ensure the security of user data, for example, if you need to follow dubious links or make payments through a link not to the company, but simply to a phone number.
  5. See if the robot has the ability to automatically update and adapt to changing market conditions. The financial market is constantly changing, so it is important that your robot can adapt to new trends and conditions.
  6. Check for available past trading history information on the website as a genuine site should provide such information.
  7. Be concerned if the IQ bot's time on the market is short, as it could be a scam or a recently launched robot.
  8. Test the reliability of the robot using an IQ Option demo account to use the trading robot software without the risk of losing capital.
  9. Set yourself a goal and define your expectations by using the IQ Option robot. Be realistic and understand that robots are not magical tools that can guarantee profits. They can be useful tools for trading automation but require the right setup and strategy.
  10. Do not forget about your own training and knowledge in the field of financial markets. Robots can be useful tools, but they are no substitute for your own analytics and decision-making. Keep in mind that you should still be an active participant in the trade and monitor the market.
  11. Please pay attention to the fees and terms of use of the IQ Option robot. Find out what fees apply for using the robot and what cancellation or refund policies apply. Be aware of hidden fees or additional terms that may affect your experience using the robot.
  12. Pay attention to the availability and quality of user support. Make sure you have access to help and support if problems or questions arise. Check what communication channels are provided (chat, email, phone) and how quickly the support team responds. 

IQ Option trading robots can be useful for traders, but they can also pose risks associated with errors and fraud. Therefore, before using trading robots, you need to carefully study their advantages and disadvantages and also choose only proven and reliable programs.

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