Signs of a trustworthy FX bidding platform

A trustworthy FX trading platform has a wide range of facilities for bidding currencies and CFDs. It occupies one of leading places in the number of supported functions. It allows you to place pending orders of any type (complex linked OCO (one cancels the other) orders, activated orders,Stop loss and Take profit).

It enables the Trailing Stop implemented on the server, which will be effective even if the computer is turned off. Moreover, investors who prefer automated bidding can write their own advisor in the language of a reliable Forex platform.

Trading agents can easily take advantage of all the possibilities offered by such terminal: to get the latest news from Reuters, to apply professional technical analysis tools or to request a detailed transaction report.

Benefits of online FX trading

FX online platforms are recognized as indispensable ones not only because of the functionality and the full range of professional bidding instruments, but also due to their simplicity and accessibility: their bidding terminal is supported not only by personal computers on Windows, but also by gadgets based on iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.

Each of the versions of the FX terminal is designed to meet all the requirements of users of various operating systems, namely:

Instant execution

The platform executes orders in 1-2 milliseconds and can simultaneously process a large number of orders instantly and without a queue.


They accept the wishes of traders to release new versions of the utility, examine each appeal in detail. Therefore, users have a significant impact on the phased progress of the bidding terminal.

IQ Option - a trustworthy FX trading platform
IQ Option - a trustworthy FX trading platform

Bidding on the chart

You can open, modify and close trade orders directly on the chart. Entry levels, profit and loss for each transaction are displayed on the chart in points and the base currency, facilitating the process of calculating risk management.

Multilingual interface

To date, the interface has been translated into 16 different languages.

Superior Design

The order placement is convenient and intuitive.

Settings Panel

All settings are combined into a nice settings panel with needed sections.

Analysis tool

Analyze bidding performance with a special tool. You can quickly understand the current status of bidding operations and analyze performance from different angles and ranges.

IQ Option is the only special FX option trading platform

Almost all brokers allow you to enter into transactions only through a browser. In some cases, you can bid through Meta Trader. And only IQ Option let you install your own platform for special options on a computer. Moreover, its reviews are also positive.

You can appreciate the following benefits:

  1. 12 technical indicators with detailed settings;
  2. 4 types of charts (zone, line, bars, candles);
  3. TF from 5 seconds to a month;
  4. Ability to display several graphs at once;
  5. 4 tools for graphical analysis, including Fibonacci lines;
  6. Opening deals with a minimum delay.

Of course, you can think differently, but it seems to us that if you look for a perfect platform to trade special options, then the recommendation of the intermediary IQ Option will be quite logical. The utility really has a number of advantages that others do not have.

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