How to trade options?

What is options trading? Essentially, you need to stake on price movement. Gotten profit will be depend on the amount of investments which dealer-in-goods used for stake. 

If prediction is right, you can get up to 80% profit (depending on transaction and dealer-in-goods). But if is wrong, all invested in this transaction assets will be lost.

Main terms: asset, time frame, expiration, option PUT, option CALL, one-touch, in/out options. You can also download the IQ Option app to trade FX options.

Binary options brokers

Before starting to market options, dealer-in-goods is necessary to start his own marketing account.

Binary options brokers are not simply websites and app for assets' management. These are whole companies. Such companies can be of two types:

  1. Agents making financial operations - trade and sale – at the expense and on behalf of the client who addressed to them.
  2. Agents working on behalf of themselves. They themselves make all operations and analyses. But they use money of their clients. Their clients –rich investors who want to increase their profit. 

Website platform

In this case platform is a website with the help of which the marketing process is done. 

It is identical to marketing terminal to which you can connect anytime and from any computer with Internet access.In Internet you can find a lot of platform having licenses and buyers' comments. But they have differences in functions and convenience.

IQ Option platform
IQ Option platform

First steps on binary trading

To understand binary option trading, firstly, it is necessary to understand the difference between options and choose an asset for marketing. Then you need to analyze asset movement in the market, study ways of definition of contract price and advantages of binary options marketing. After doing this, it is necessary to draw up your own report about expenses which can appear during marketing.

Binary options marketing rules

New-comers at the beginning should follow some simple, but very important rules.Only in this case they will be able to protect their investments and start getting profit.

  1. Become comfortable with risks. Risk always exists in trading. 
  2. At the beginning save some money in your account and try to withdrawal it. In this case you will calm yourself: a company is reliable and let withdraw money, and you get profit.
  3. Control your own accounts. Do not believe agents who offer to do it for you. If you registered on the platform, and agent offered you his help and participation in your transactions, betake yourself to heels.
  4. Agent's choose – laborious and difficult process. It is necessary to study comments, look through license and read a contract. Thoroughly study all the information about the agent before starting cooperation.
  5. Never rush into marketing. Study information, practice on demo-account, start invest small money. It is important at the beginning to understand mechanisms and learn to analyze information. And don’t chase after “ghost profit”.
  6. Study theory. A lot of theory. And check it in practice. You have all instruments for it: demo-account, signal sand history of prices movements. Study and practice you feel yourself ready to invest really serious money.

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