In today's world, the topic of investing is becoming very popular. You don't have to be a big businessman or the head of a large company to do this. On the contrary, everyone can and should learn how to manage and grow their money. We all often think about saving and would like to be financially free, have a comfortable life, take care of our old age, invest in our children's future and simply improve our current financial situation and make our dreams come true.

Nowadays, online investing has become popular. All you need to do is to have access to the internet, a laptop or a phone with a special application.

This article explains why Verizon is one of the most profitable companies today and why you should consider buying Verizon shares in South Africa.

Company overview

Verizon Communications is an American telecommunications company, one of the largest in the United States as well as globally.

The company was founded recently, in 2000, after the merger of Bell Atlantic and the largest independent telephone service provider in the United States, GTE.

The company is headquartered in Manhattan, New York and incorporated in Delaware.

Official company website
Official company website

Verizon's business is divided into 2 major segments: wireline and wireless.

The wireless segment provides wireless and voice services and equipment. Through partner services, the company offers video, music, gaming services and news content.

Verizon also offers a variety of wireless devices such as smartphones, tablets, phones and other Internet access devices. The segment works directly with customers as well as retail and wholesale suppliers. The wireless segment is the main revenue-generating division, with a share of around 70%.

The Wireline segment offers broadband Internet access and video, IP telephony, local area networks, and other services to large and medium-sized businesses.

  • In early 2009, Verizon became the leader in the number of wireless subscribers in the US.
  • In June 2015: Verizon bought AOL for $4.4 billion in order to expand its advertising capabilities.
  • In July 2016, Verizon bought Yahoo! for $4.5 billion. Its main asset, the search engine of the same name, had a global share of 5.2% in September 2017 and only 1.5% in September 2020. According to various sources, Yahoo! is now the world's third or fourth- largest search engine.
  • On 1 October 2018, Verizon announced the launch of the world's first commercial fifth-generation (5G) network. The operator has deployed it in four US cities: Sacramento, Los Angeles, Houston and Indianapolis. The new network will provide average speeds of 300Mbps and maximum speeds of up to 940Mbps.

Forbes ranks Verizon Communications as the 21st most valuable brand and the 22nd largest public company (Forbes Global 2000), ranking it 23rd by market capitalization, 38th by revenue and net income and 123rd by assets.

In terms of revenue, it's a clearly established, stable business that has posted five years of steady revenue of around $130 billion with net income in the neighborhood of $19 billion.

The company provides services in over 150 countries - America, Africa, the Middle East, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.  According to experts, Verizon has an estimated 32% share of the US mobile communication market.

Information on Verizon shares
Information on Verizon shares

How to invest in Verizon shares in South Africa?

Verizon's shares are a fantastic opportunity to make money in the stock market. The company that makes up the telecommunications industry is now one of the largest and most profitable companies in the world.

The interest of potential investors in Verizon is growing every day.

Verizon Communications shares began trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) after the Bell Atlantic and GTE merger, and the VZ ticker appeared on July 3, 2000.

Trading on the NASDAQ exchange under the same ticker symbol began on March 10, 2010.

The company has been assigned the ticker symbol VZ
The company has been assigned the ticker symbol VZ

At the time of writing, a share of Verizon was worth $56.32.

So, how to invest in Verizon shares in South Africa?

There are several options depending on your investment plan.

But first, you need to find a reliable, well-established online broker and register with the platform.

If you plan to hold Verizon stock over the long term, please familiarize yourself with fundamental analysis. It involves an in-depth examination of information about the company's current position and prospects. Read what the company publishes about itself, its accounting statements, etc.

Fundamental analysis will help you determine the composition of your investment portfolio. Choose shares of those companies that show a stable financial and economic situation and high potential for development.

Invest in shares of companies from various countries and sectors. Allocate your capital between different companies. Then the fall in some stocks will be offset by the rise in others.

If you are considering short-term investing.

In this case, you need to study technical analysis. This includes studying charts, indicators, etc.

Using indicators for technical analysis
Using indicators for technical analysis

Short term investing is investing free money in investment projects for up to 12 months in order to multiply your money quickly.

You can buy shares with the hope of receiving a dividend, but currently the CFD method is particularly popular with traders.

A CFD (Contract for Difference) is a contract between two parties who agree to pay the difference between the opening and closing price of a particular asset. It is essentially a way of speculating on price movements without the investor owning an actual asset.

CFDs are an investment instrument that is finding more and more applicants because of its availability.

The advantage is that the contract can be bought and sold in its entirety at any time convenient to you.

This financial instrument has become ideal for those who do not have much capital to enter the market.  

Furthermore, trading CFDs involves the use of leverage.

This is a brokerage service that provides funds that are several times larger than your own. Using leverage allows a trader to gain more profit.

Knowing the best ways to invest in Verizon stock in South Africa gives you the opportunity to benefit from the growing demand for telecommunications technology within the country. The telecommunications market in South Africa offers the consumer a wide range of telecommunications products and services.

Investing in Verizon stock in South Africa is very easy, especially if you use an online platform.

Sign up for the platform and start trading today.

Verizon stock trading room on the platform
Verizon stock trading room on the platform

How to buy Verizon shares in South Africa?

So, buying Verizon shares is possible through an online platform. But first, go through a simple registration process. It won't take you long at all and won't cause you any difficulty.

Then you will have to fund a real account and actually buy the shares.

If you want to practice how to buy stocks, you can do so with a demo account. Let's take a closer look at how this works.


Registering on the platform is very easy and does not require any technical knowledge. The procedure is standard: you'll be asked for a valid email address and a complex password that only you will know. Check the "plus" box to agree to the "Terms of Use and Privacy Policy". It is advisable to read this agreement beforehand.

Registering on the investing platform
Registering on the investing platform

Demo Account 

Your demo account will open automatically as soon as your registration is complete. A demo account is a virtual account designed for trial operations. Virtual money will be available to you immediately in the amount set for the platform.

You can use the demo account for training purposes and trial operations, as a training simulator.

With a demo account, you will get an idea of how the stock market works in general, you will learn how to work with stocks without fear of making a mistake, you will see stock price movements, follow charts and most importantly you will understand how experienced investors work and learn some key terms used in the trading world. 

You will have a clear understanding of how to buy Verizon shares in South Africa.

Agree that this is a great experience!

Note that you are not paying anything out of your pocket, and thus not risking any real money.

How to open an account?
How to open an account?

Fund your account 

Once you become more confident and feel ready to trade for real, then go for a real account. Here you make a live deposit based on the minimum amount set on the platform. Usually it is just a few dollars.

You can do this easily by clicking on the "Deposit" option. You will then be redirected to the payment page. You will have to fund your account using the payment systems listed on the platform. Funds are usually credited instantly, but may take up to five business days. You can withdraw funds using the same payment systems you used when you deposited your account.

 As you can see, everything is quite simple and straightforward.

Deposit replenishment
Deposit replenishment

But we must not forget about the risks. Like any business, and investing is a kind of business, there are setbacks and losses. But you can reduce the risks by investing responsibly and thoughtfully!

Don't rush to invest a large sum at once, start gradually. Do your research about the company in which you want to invest your money.

Choose a reliable online platform. It should also be user- friendly and easy to use, which is important for beginners.

Online trading platform is ready to provide you with services such as free video-training, communication with other participants, you will have access to information about stocks and see price fluctuation charts. You will also be able to follow the latest news about the company in which you are investing and much more.

A support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you.

Get involved in the world of investments, and it's a great opportunity to create a source of passive income!

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