How Transfer Bitcoin to Bank Account - Withdraw BTC to Bank Account in South Africa

Bitcoin - what is it?

Bitcoin is the world's first decentralised digital currency. It is fundamentally different from all previously created electronic money and payment systems. It is not tied to any physical asset or "official" currency, and the price of a digital coin, Bitcoin, is regulated solely by market supply and demand.

Its main difference from traditional payment systems is that the Bitcoin system has no management or processing centre - all transactions occur exclusively within the network of peer clients.

However, after buying Bitcoin or earning it, the question arises: "how transfer Bitcoin to bank account?" In this article, you will learn how transfer Bitcoin to bank account in South Africa and how withdraw Bitcoin to bank account.

How to convert bitcoin to cash?
How to convert bitcoin to cash?

Reasons to transfer Bitcoin to a bank account? 

Understanding how to transfer btc to bank account arises sooner or later for almost every user. For active traders, this is a typical transaction. For example, cryptocurrencies can be used to pay the bill at a café or buy goods from an online shop. 

So far, only Japan has recognized cryptocurrency as an official means of payment. Malaysia and South Korea may soon follow suit. 

It is possible to pay with cryptocurrency in cafes and restaurants in some European countries. It is pretty easy to do. First, it is necessary to scan a QR code generated by the service provider and containing its Bitcoin address using a particular application on a smartphone. After that, an address appears on the client's smartphone screen, where the client must enter the amount of money needed for the transfer.

However, paying in Bitcoins for a cup of coffee today is too expensive. Among the reasons are a low speed and high cost of transactions. It is much easier to convert cryptocurrency into "real" money.

Also, cryptocurrency is quite a volatile asset, so knowing how withdraw btc to bank account is crucial. This step can help to keep savings and not suffer losses. 

The way to move BTC to a bank account in South Africa? 

So, after acquiring a crypto-asset, the next logical question arises: "how to transfer btc to bank account in South Africa? The answer to this question depends on many factors, ranging from the user's country to the favourable exchange rate. 

To transfer btc to a bank account, you need to choose the correct option with low risk, low fees and attractive exchange rates. Therefore, each service needs to be checked carefully before exchanging.

Sell Bitcoin by different methods
Sell Bitcoin by different methods

Ways to transfer Bitcoin to a bank account

For a safe and secure transfer Bitcoin to bank account you need to know every way to withdraw btc from your personal account. This will make it easier to choose the suitable method. 

The existing methods are:

  • Cryptocurrency exchanges. Most often used by traders. The main advantages of this method are a low transaction fees and fast conversion. 
  • Online exchangers. You can send btc to a debit card using one of the many services working in this direction. However, it is better to use a special monitoring service to find the service to ensure the safe withdrawal of funds. 
  • P2P exchangers. They appeared much later than classical crypto platforms. However, by October 2021, the number of peer to peer platforms had increased. It is one of the convenient and secure methods. 
  • BTC wallets. A withdrawal method with low fees. To cash out from the wallet, you need to make a deposit to a cryptocurrency exchange or use an online exchanger. The vaults themselves are only suitable for holding digital assets.
  • Payment systems. Some of these services accept cryptocurrency. The user has to transfer money to a personal account in the payment system, and after convert crypto to fiat money, cash out of the wallet.
  • Individuals. A hazardous method of exchange. The technique consists of an agreement to sell the crypto-asset with a second party to the transaction. It is not the preferred method for making an exchange. If a user chooses this method, it is recommended to meet the buyer of the coins in person or to deal with private parties on peer-to-peer platforms.

You need to check many details while sending the cryptocurrency. Missing something could result in unexpected losses.

How to transfer Bitcoin from Crypto exchanges to bank account 

The procedure for transferring cryptocurrency is quite simple. Let's look below at how withdraw Bitcoin to bank account in South Africa. It involves the following process: 

  • The user chooses the cryptocurrency he wants to transfer;
  • Then, he opens an address on the exchange, wallet or any other platform to which the funds will be transferred and copies it;
  • Then, he specifies the address on the exchange or wallet where the funds will be sent from;
  • Enters the amount;
  • The final step is to confirm the withdrawal of funds. If the coins are sent from an exchange, the transaction will likely have to be confirmed via email and two-factor authentication (2FA).

You should always verify the written details when sending the cryptocurrency. This step won't take long, but it will save time and reduce the risk of loss. The most famous and safety crypto exchanges are Coinbase, Binance and CEX.IO. Try it now!

Withdrawal process:

  • How withdraw btc to bank account in South Africa? This can be done in a few steps. First, you need to go to the appropriate tab or the service's header. Usually, it is marked with the word withdrawal. 
  • Then you need to fill out a unique form. If you follow the withdrawal instructions, there will be no problems. Reputable crypto exchanges process external trades quickly. The application confirmation process often does not take more than 10-15 minutes.

Peer-to-Peer transfer 

Peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchanges usually do not charge their customers a withdrawal fee. Therefore, this method is one of the best for those who care about how withdraw btc to bank account in South Africa. 

Before conducting external transactions, a cryptocurrency exchange may require personal identity verification (KYC). For this purpose, scans or photos of documents should be prepared in advance. The images must be in high quality, without glare or blurring. Then the verification process will be quick and straightforward.

After KYC, you can proceed with the withdrawal. Cashing out an account on peer-to-peer crypto exchanges does not differ from classic centralised platforms. The stages of withdrawal are roughly the same.

How to transfer Bitcoin from BTC wallets 

This method does not allow direct cash-out of the crypto-asset. Instead, the wallet owner will have to transfer funds to a cryptocurrency exchange or use an online exchanger.

Initially, such services were developed exclusively for storing digital assets in the Bitcoin network. As a result, Bitcoin wallets come in software, hardware and paper wallets.

The latter two are designed to store crypto assets on physical media. In the case of hardware wallets, electronic devices with random number generation are used to create public and private keys. A paper wallet is an ordinary sheet of paper. QR codes with an encrypted address or seed phrase are printed on them.

Learn how to exchange Bitcoin profitably
Learn how to exchange Bitcoin profitably

How to transfer cryptocurrency without risk

Essential considerations for safely transferring cryptocurrency to a bank account:

  • It is vital that the coins and the wallet where the funds will go belong to the same cryptocurrency. If you try to transfer Bitcoin to an Ethereum address, the coins will be lost forever. Many exchanges now have a built-in feature that prevents such errors: a warning will display that the address you entered is incorrect.
  • Be sure to check the address, both the one you will be transferring the funds from and the one where they will be deposited to. You can check the first and last two digits only - it's quicker this way. But it's safer to review the complete address, as there is a risk.
  • Make sure the address is fully copied. Usually, users copy the address by highlighting it with their cursor. There is a risk that not all characters will be captured, e.g. the first or last character will drop out. Transferring cryptocurrency to the wrong address will result in a total loss of funds.
  • Check taxes. You can incur small costs on commissions. Exchanges charge them for withdrawals. However, each coin usually has its withdrawal rate, which allows you to save money.
  • Start with a small amount. The first transfer, especially if we are talking about unfamiliar services, is better to do with a small amount. That will help you test the platform's operation. 

There is also a risk that when you withdraw coins, the transaction will hang up due to network congestion. The delay can be several hours, during which the funds will be frozen. You can lose money on a drop in the value of the sent asset accordingly.

CEX.IO - your secure Bitcoin transactions
CEX.IO - your secure Bitcoin transactions

In taking stock

Despite the scepticism of some major central banks, Bitcoin is not losing its popularity. On the contrary, cryptocurrency is once again strengthening its position. 

At the same time, the thoroughness of the system, its protection against the inflationary process and the lack of possibility of fraud increase the popularity of the cryptocurrency. 

Demand has also been generated by the initial willingness of some participants to sell their services and goods for the currency, which has created a willingness among buyers to accept it as payment. 

As a result, what began as an experiment has become real money.

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