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As a consequence of moving all sorts of businesses online, everyone has the opportunity to try their hand at anything that interests them. For example, if you have always wanted to be a member of the stock exchange, it was too expensive and demanding to start this line of business. Now is the time to start earning with the tremendous and straightforward trading platform software you will learn about in this article. 

So, what is a trading platform software for real time trading in South Africa?

A trading platform is a computer programme or application with which a trader operates in the foreign exchange market. Using the Internet, it transmits information from the trader to the broker and back. It includes opening and closing trades, placing trading orders, viewing and analyzing charts using technical analysis tools, economic news, balance status, history of trading operations and other valuable things. The most advanced trading platforms have trading strategy generators and testers, as well as automated trading capabilities.

Trading platform software for real time trading in South Africa
Trading platform software for real time trading in South Africa

How do trading platforms differ from each other?

For your trading to be successful, it is essential to understand the differences between trading platforms so that you can choose the most suitable platform for you. 

  • The first and most crucial difference is speed, hence performance. The faster a trading platform is, the more opportunities it gives a trader to process trades quickly. This fact is especially critical for traders who make short-term investments. With this type of investment, speed is a vital success factor in trading. That's why the speed of the trading platform should be a top priority.
  • The second important factor is probably the range of features offered by a particular trading platform. However, a large number of features is not always a necessary factor. Many traders use simple trading systems with a standard set of functions, yet they work successfully and profitably. The main thing is that a trader should constantly hone his skills and enrich his knowledge.
  • The third factor is the mobility of a trading platform, or to be more precise, its portable counterparts. Almost every stationary trading platform has its mobile analogue, which can be installed on Windows Mobile, Android or iOS. When choosing a mobile trading platform, the critical criteria are speed of operations and convenience of display.
  • The fourth factor in choosing a trading platform is the user-friendliness of the interface. While almost any interface can take some time to get used to, it is still better if the trading platform has a sufficiently user-friendly and customizable look. This factor is especially true for short-term traders who spend much time on the computer. Scalable windows, choice of colours and font/graphics sizes, ability to work on two screens and other valuable things allow traders to increase their efficiency, take eyestrain off and avoid overtraining.
Explore the mobile app menu
Explore the mobile app menu

A trading platform is an indispensable intermediary between the trader and the relevant financial market, so finding a suitable free trading platform is a high priority. For successful trading, be careful, read reviews and choose your trading platform carefully. 

What additional features can traders use trading platform software for real time trading?

Some trading platforms can offer you additional features such as trading robots, trading strategy testers, strategy generators and so forth. However, this is not a guarantee of profit. It would help if you always were careful and only invest money that you can afford to lose. 

  • Trading robots 

These are specialized software that automates the trading process. Trading robots are prevalent in trading, as they allow the trader not to participate in the process. The trading robot program executes a particular algorithm, which the trader specifies, then automatically trades. From time to time, the trading algorithms need to be adjusted as the markets change.

  • Strategy generators

Not all people are ready to create strategies, which are written into a trader's software. Besides, many do not want to learn it because of a lack of time. Especially for such people, there are generators of trading strategies. Such programs are designed according to specific criteria a trading strategy should correspond to. After that, the generator is set to work on it automatically, going through all possible alternatives. Although it can take a long time to generate, there are many options; eventually, a budding strategy can be created.  

  • Trading strategy testers

Trading strategy testers allow you to create a trading strategy algorithm using a simple programming language and then test it on historical data. Don't worry; these programming languages are so simple that even a person without special knowledge can learn them. Modern testers allow you to test various trading strategies on any timeframe in different financial instruments. After testing, these trading programs allow for the optimisation of strategy settings to improve their performance.

  • Statistical trading software 

For example, Microsoft Excel can serve as an indispensable assistant to a trader when analysing reports on performed transactions. Using different functions, a trader can consider the weak and strong sides of his trading activity, calculate average profit or loss, and get all kinds of ratios. So a trader can optimise trading strategy.

  • Technical support

Platforms provide unique and affordable installation and configuration support to ensure that your platform is fully functional and ready to go in the shortest possible time. The platform will be activated and fully functional instantly. 

Popular financial markets. Choose your strategy
Popular financial markets. Choose your strategy

Real time trading platform: which platform is best suited?

The best trading platform for automated trading has to fulfil three criteria:

  • It must be intuitive - you must be comfortable using it.
  • In addition, it must be functional - it must not limit you in your trading strategies.
  • In conclusion, it has to be easily customisable and professional - you should be able to use it for both automated and manual trading.

Although a real time trading platform is not easy, using it can have significant benefits for you.

Like any other tool, real time trading platform software is something you need to learn. But, once you do, you can manage your trades for yourself and spend your time doing other essential things.

Whether you're a beginner, an experienced trader or a professional, real time trading platform software can be a faithful helper for you.

It's important to understand that no trading software can guarantee 100% winning trades. It is also important to remember that past results do not guarantee future success. Nevertheless, it is a tool that can give you an advantage in the market if used correctly.

Technical analysis indicators
Technical analysis indicators

How to start investing through trading platform software for real time in South Africa?

Buying and selling stocks on a stock exchange takes place remotely. So the software that traders use is of paramount importance for successful trading. Therefore, the interface of the terminal, its functionality and the possibility to install the software on mobile devices are fundamental.

Modern stock trading software has many advantages - it has low-performance requirements for technical devices and is easy to use.

If you have found a real time trading platform software that looks likely, the following action is to test it. Testing based on past data will help you prove that the software performs the way you want it to ere starting trading and risk any money.

You can also try the real time trading platform on a demo account over a lengthened period or on a meaningful number of open automatic trades to check its appearance and profitability.

A third testing option is to test your strategy based on past performance manually.

Setting the type and colour palette of the quote chart
Setting the type and colour palette of the quote chart

How to register?

Once you have chosen the right platform, you need to register. Generally, this process does not take long. You will need to provide some personal and banking information so that the platform can identify you. 

Registrating on the investing platform
Registrating on the investing platform

How to open a demo account?

Ready to learn even more? Then why not know how to trade in a safe environment with a free demo account? It's an easy way to learn the basics of trading on the platform and hone your trading skills before moving on to the next level.  

How to open demo account
How to open demo account

How to open a real account?

When you feel strong and confident enough to start investing, all you need to do is make a minimum deposit. There are several ways of replenishing a deposit like debit or credit cards, bank transfers, and electronic wallets. You can choose the most convenient way for you to replenish a deposit.

Both professional traders and novices are looking for a real time trading platform that will not disappoint and will help to multiply capital. Moreover, the different features and capabilities of the trading applications attract traders from all over the world. 

Choose a professional real time trading platform with features such as real-time quotes screens, professional charting, real-time project monitoring, automated trading, market scanning, backtesting, and much more.  Investing is an activity that involves significant risks and great chances, both winning and losing, emotions as well as equanimity. Learn, read, follow the news. Remember that victory goes to the brave. Believe in yourself. You can do it all!

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