NVIDIA Corporation is a US-based technology company that develops graphics processing units (GPUs) and system-on-chip (SoC) solutions. NVIDIA's designs are used by the video game industry, professional visualisation, high-performance computing, and the automotive industry, where NVIDIA on-board computers are used as the basis for unmanned vehicles. Also important to the company is the artificial intelligence (AI) market.

The company was founded in 1993. The company's founders are Jen-Hsun Huang, Curtis Priem, and Chris Malachowsky. The company's first graphics cards appeared in 1995 - the NV1. NV1-based graphics cards were manufactured by SGS-THOMSON Microelectronics.

Today, NVIDIA is the world's largest maker of PC-compatible discrete graphics, graphics processing units (GPUs), video adapters branded as Riva TNT and GeForce, multimedia and communications products for PCs and game consoles such as the Sony PlayStation 3 and Xbox.

The corporation is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif.

As of the fourth quarter of 2020, the company had 13 000 employees.

Nvidia has also long been a leader in the investing world, with stocks attracting interest from all corners of the globe. Today we'll talk about investing in this incredible company in South Africa.

Nvidia official website
Nvidia official website

How to invest in Nvidia shares in South Africa?

Thanks to modern technology and the availability of the internet, online investing is becoming increasingly popular around the world, including in South Africa.

The investment process has become much simpler as there is no need to physically visit bank branches to pay investment accounts and the offices of the companies in whose shares we are going to invest and the stock exchange. There is also no need to waste time in business meetings with your personal broker, coordinating your work schedules and adjusting to each other.

The company has been assigned a ticker symbol NVDA
The company has been assigned a ticker symbol NVDA

A modern online investment platform is your stock market in your personal computer, or even in a mobile app. The trading software will allow you to make all required investment and trading operations from any convenient location. All you need is a computer (or even just a mobile phone) and an internet connection.

Where do I start? You will need to find a licensed intermediary to access the investment market. You do that by researching the brokerage market in South Africa and selecting a brokerage firm, which should have a brokerage license, adequate experience and good references from traders. All the necessary information can be easily found on the Internet. Trust only reliable and trustworthy information sources!

The initial public offering of the American corporation on NASDAQ was made in early 1999. Today, the securities of the issuer can be found under the ticker symbol NVDA.

In addition, the shares can be traded at Frankfurt, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart, Berlin, Munich, London and other European exchanges. Securities are also traded on the OTC Tradegate Exchange.

Current information on Nvidia shares
Current information on Nvidia shares

The broker of your choice should provide access to Nvidia shares.

Once you have decided on a broker, register with the online trading platform provided by that broker. An online trading platform is an online trading software through which you will have access to all the necessary stock transactions as well as up-to-date information on the current state of the stock market. Modern trading platforms also offer access to quality video tutorials so that even novice traders can get up to speed on their investment transactions.

Online trading also allows you to speculate on derivatives trading. CFD trading, which allows you to trade shares without actually owning them, is particularly popular with traders.

Before you start working with the trading platform, find out about the commissions that the broker charges for the services provided, the methods of depositing and withdrawing funds, the limits, the trading and analytical tools provided.

Buying Nvidia shares on the platform
Buying Nvidia shares on the platform

How to buy Nvidia shares in South Africa?

The first step in investing in Nvidia shares online is to register on a trading platform. Registration on most platforms does not require any verification or documentation. All you need to do on the broker's official website is to select the "registration" section, enter minimal data into the registration form in the form of your name and a valid email, sometimes also your mobile phone number. Once these details have been entered, the system will ask you to confirm your agreement to the terms of use and privacy policy. Please tick the box after reviewing these documents. Confirm the registration using the standard method by clicking on the automatic link that will be sent to your email address indicated upon registration. Once you have completed these simple steps your account is ready to use.

Go through a simple registration process
Go through a simple registration process

Once you have registered and logged in on the platform you will be asked to open a demo account, which is a test version of a live account. The purpose of a demo account is to test training operations. A certain amount of dummy funds is automatically credited to the demo account, which you can use for test operations without fear of losing. Of course, even if your trial transactions are successful, you will not be able to withdraw the amount of fictitious profits.

Be sure to try out fictitious trading with a demo account. This is a good hands-on learning experience for beginner traders, and a great simulator for more experienced traders.

Choose a trading account
Choose a trading account

While real trading is possible only on a real account, you should deposit real money in the amount no less than the minimum amount set on the platform. As a rule, most platforms allow you to start with real money and set very low minimum deposit limits. So anyone can get started, even those without a lot of capital.

To find out which deposit methods the platform offers, click on the "deposit" option, which involves funding your account, and the system will reveal all the available options. You can deposit your real account with a bank card or use one of the payment services offered.

Top up your account online
Top up your account online

Platform capabilities

As we mentioned above, on almost every platform you will find a section with free video tutorials, ranging from the basics of investing to how to apply sophisticated indicators to trade. We recommend that you familiarise yourself with the lessons on offer and practice what you are learning on your own, by using a demo account.

The platform is a powerful tool in a trader's hands.

You'll find many features that will help you make correct conclusions and predictions, as well as help make trades much safer. Each asset the platform offers is accompanied by an 'information' tab, which contains basic data about the financial instrument. In addition, you can use technical analysis indicators to assess current market conditions and predict the price of an asset. Modern platforms allow you to choose between different timeframes, which might be a few years for fundamental analysis or a few minutes or even seconds for technical analysis.

Latest news about the company
Latest news about the company

You should remember that online trading is an activity with a significant risk. So you should never act impulsively or rashly. If you are just starting out as a trader, start with small amounts, learn from video lessons and demo accounts, seek advice from experienced traders in our live chat room, and keep up with the news. The platform provides plenty of tools to learn about the market, as well as the opportunity to practice for free via a demo account. 

Remember: investing is a whole science, with its own laws of the stock market and complex processes. Do not confuse trading with gambling, making deals at random. Only an integrated approach to trading, with training, experience and careful study of the market, will help you develop a profitable trading strategy.

Only risk an amount that will not lead to your personal financial ruin in the event of an unsuccessful investment trade.

How to start investing in South Africa?

So how do you start investing in Nvidia shares in South Africa? The first step is to research the market. The internet is awash with information, both about Nvidia itself as an investment target and about the brokers who provide investment services and sell Nvidia shares. So research the market for services, choose a reliable broker online. Pay attention to the broker's experience in the investment business, its image and its reviews. Find out what commissions the brokerage firm charges for its services and what tools you can get by registering on its website.

The second step is actually registering. As mentioned above, registration is an elementary step which does not require any special skills or knowledge. But the knowledge and skills you will need later on when you want to enter the big world of investing. At the initial stage, a free demo account can help you test your skills. Then step by step you need to fund your account by actually buying stocks, trading and withdrawing profits.

We hope that the last step - making a profit - will always be present in your scheme. To do this, you should constantly improve your knowledge of the science of investing.

Also keep in mind that stock prices are affected by factors such as the political and economic situation in the country you are in and in the home country of the company you are investing in, as well as global processes. So we advise you to keep up to date by constantly monitoring them.

Over time you will gain experience in trading and be able to develop your own investment strategy for market behaviour. We hope that one day you will be able to advise future investors yourself and give valuable advice to others already as an experienced stock market player and successful investor.

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