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Trading room - this is your personal profile with a set of tools for making transactions. The deals story is also kept here so that you can analyze your strong and weak working sides. If you have successfully registered and filled in the required data fields, then your work in the trading system has begun.

Many experts advise using the demo version to learn more about the broker and not get a real loss.

For trading to traders, broker IQ Option offers currency pairs, world indices, stocks of companies - in total up to 100 diverse instruments. It is also possible to trade in gold - the only representative of the class of metals in the broker's range of services. The list covers the most popular positions among traders, which is quite enough for successful trading in the market.

If you chose this particular broker system, then this is a great solution. Profit from a successful transaction reaches here to 91 percent. It is possible to trade with expiration times from five minutes to a calendar year. Interest on profits in deals here could range from 60 to 80 %. These two types of trading are marked by the highest popularity among traders, so the emphasis of IQ Option on them is understandable.

Recently, the IQ Option added more than 500 shares of companies and offers its customers to trade closing transactions in advance at any convenient time. The benefit from such transactions may exceed 100%, depending on the difference between the entry price and the asset price at the time of closing the transaction.

Using indicators and charts is a technical analysis that a trader needs to predict price behavior.

Tools help to build a prediction, but it’s not enough
Tools help to build a prediction, but it’s not enough

Tools are like a prediction method, but it’s not enough to have tools. Every trader should know how he can use each of them and how each tool can help in a certain situation. Charts can be combined with tools, but the analysis depends only on the knowledge of the trader.

Markers are the most important tools, they help to draw a line on the chart and mark the jump and fall in prices. This helps to analyze the current state and make a more accurate prediction of the next action of the indicator. Markers are plotted on a chart to allow them to display a trend.

Each indicator is a set of lines and the forecast is performed depending on the location of these lines on the price chart. The tools in the room help the trader to more accurately determine the entry and exit points in order to better analyze the price behavior and to get less risk.

The most common indicators are the Bollinger bands, Moving averages, Relative Strength Index and Alligator.

Tools also help to work with strategies, if you have chosen an existing strategy, then use the appropriate functions. There are also patterns, they are very important for the drawing panel, this can also be used for hedging.

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