IQ Option Islamic account

IQ Option Islamic account

Even in ancient times, the Muslim persons were good trading opponents. Residents from eastern countries sailed the sea, had caravans on land — they traded various goods in order to strengthen their lands and acquire many useful things.

Muslims religion prohibits receiving percents. This was not a necessary factor when they were trading in silk or spices, but now the brokerage systems follow the principle of percents. Traders from Muslim countries could work very hard, they can trade day and night or even on weekends. These people should have a special account that would allow Muslims to work in the trade zone and not break their religious laws.

IQ Option Islamic account is a unique part of the brokerage platform, which was developed for all requirements of traders from these countries.

You can open an account, conduct transactions, withdraw money, replenish your profile and use the various functions of the portal without harming your religion. Here all the points were carefully altered to the laws and beliefs of Muslim countries and their religion.

Trade with IQ Option and follow your religious laws
Trade with IQ Option and follow your religious laws

An Islamic account allows you to make a trade without percents; there will be no additional costs for holding your transaction or opening/closing the current position. Trade with IQ Option and follow your religious laws - working with a trading platform is now obtainable to all users, despite their religious beliefs.

IQ Option coverage area offers convenient conditions for work not only for traders from Europe, but also for users from many Muslim province.

The company is trying to create all the necessary conditions for comfortable work of all people, regardless of their religion or nationality. Generally, the set of functions and some principles of work were slightly modified to adapt them to the laws of the Muslim religion.

Islamic account in IQ Option would also be profitable and effective, as a usual broker’s platform for users from European countries, but without a system of receiving percents. There will also be a system of different accounts: usual and VIP. For this there will be a complete package of necessary functions and tools.

Users can get up to 91% of profits and this is a great advantage of this trading platform. If users want to make a VIP profile, then the deposit for this will be $ 3,000. Such conditions are for all users of this system, so it will be a big plus that traders from Muslim countries can also use this for their work.

This broker gives a special trading platform that will work according to all Shari'ah laws.

Any resident of Arab countries (from the list) can open his account in IQ Option Halal and make transactions without breaking the laws of the Islam. This is very convenient for those who want to earn money on the online sites but do not want to break the laws of his religion. The list of countries is in the corresponding section on the official website.

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