IQ Option broker offers its clients who profess Islam a special account with special conditions. This is an excellent solution for Muslims who want to use the platform to trade binary options, forex, cryptocurrencies and other assets without violating their religious beliefs.

Muslims can use an Islamic account to make transactions, access various trading tools, analysis and withdraw earnings from the account, adhering to Islamic principles. It is based on the Mudarabah principle, which involves cooperation between the broker and the client, where profits are divided between them according to a pre-agreed ratio.

Try Islamic account at  IQ Option
Try Islamic account at IQ Option

Thus, IQ Option provides a unique opportunity for Muslim traders who want to use a modern trading platform without violating their religion. Opening an Islamic IQ Option account allows you to make transactions, access a variety of instruments and withdraw your funds from the account, following the principles of the Islamic financial system.

What is it?

Islamic account (swap-free account) is a special type of account for Muslims, which complies with the principles of the Islamic financial system. Such an account provides the opportunity to trade on IQ Option without a commission for rolling over a trading position to the next day. Using such an IQ Option account, you can pay a small fixed amount instead of a swap fee.This way, you can progress as a trader while complying with Shariah laws.

The Islamic account without swap allows clients to trade without interest and overnight commissions. This account is a unique part of the brokerage platform, which was developed taking into account all the requirements of traders.

Get special conditions
Get special conditions


The Islamic account has several advantages that make it more attractive to Muslims:

  • There are no swaps  - traders can roll over their open trades to the next trading day for free, without having to pay any overnight fees.
  • No interest rates (riba). One of the basic principles of the Islamic financial system is the prohibition of receiving and paying interest (riba). Having such an account, you will not have any additional costs associated with transactions, in particular closing and opening them.
  • Instant order execution and access to Forex and CFDs without commissions. Such an account provides the opportunity to trade only halal assets that comply with the principles of the Islamic financial system.
  • Your account will be instantly activated and you will always be able to get help from a dedicated manager in your native language 24/7.
Make the most of the platform's benefits
Make the most of the platform's benefits

An affordable one-time fee is a big advantage! Take advantage of the offer and open an IQ Option Islamic account for just 1 US dollar.

An Islamic account will also be profitable and effective, like a regular brokerage account for platform users, but without the interest payment system (swap). Users can earn up to 92% profit and this is a great advantage of this trading platform. You will also be provided with a system of different accounts:

  • Free demo account for $10,000
  • Trading account with a minimum deposit of just $10
  • VIP account that requires a $600 deposit to open

Halal assets

Halal assets are assets that comply with the principles of the Islamic financial system. At IQ Option there are a number of halal assets that Muslims can use for trading. These are shares of companies that do not sell alcohol and tobacco, as well as companies known in the Islamic world and traded on Islamic exchanges.

Only shares of halal companies are available on the brokerage account. Investors will not have to worry about purchasing non-Shariah-compliant securities.

Trade in halal assets
Trade in halal assets

How to start using Islamic account?

To register an account, you need to follow these steps:

  • Register for IQ Option. –°lick on the button below and go to the official registration form, by filling out which you will be taken to the trading room.
  • Go through verification. In your personal account, go to the verification menu and enter the required data. It will not be possible to open such an account without verification. This procedure is also necessary on a regular account for all traders. This procedure increases security and opens access to all payment methods.
  • Submit a request to open an account. After registration and verification, you must send a request to open an Islamic account through a special form in your IQ Option personal account or make a request to the support service.
  • Top up your account. After this, you need to fund your account at IQ Option to start trading halal assets. The minimum deposit is only $10. Opening an  IQ Option Islamic account costs $1.
Activate your Islamic account
Activate your Islamic account

You can read more about registration methods and features of opening an account in the article IQ Option registration.  

If you have an IQ Option login and want to upgrade to an Islamic account, you should:

  • Log in to your account using your login and account password.
  • Click on the link to go to the Islamic account in your personal account.
  • Make sure you have at least $1 in your balance to pay your bill.
  • Trade with the best tools and conditions in your account!
Open an account for $1
Open an account for $1

Who can use an Islamic account?

IQ Option's coverage area offers convenient working conditions not only for traders from Europe but also for users from many Muslim provinces who want to remain in accordance with Sharia law. Account can be used by residents of, for example, countries such as Algeria, Somalia, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, India, Pakistan, Qatar, Indonesia, Lebanon, Libya, Malaysia, Morocco, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Yemen.


The award-winning IQ Option platform has been providing the best online trading services since 2013 and strives to create all the necessary conditions for a comfortable experience for all people, regardless of their religion or nationality. Thus, the set of functions and some operating principles were slightly changed in order to adapt them to the laws of the Muslim religion. There is a flat fee of $1 for the Islamic account. At the same time, you will not pay a commission for moving a position overnight. The account can trade more than 10 halal assets. Users can use all the platform tools for effective trading, and also contact a personal account manager to resolve any issues.

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