IQ Option download for iOS

IQ Option download for iOS

The financial market has been experiencing problems associated of constant fluctuations in exchange rates. For consumers, this is not always good. How about making money on shift in exchange rate? However, a few people know how it really works. Learn about one of such services: modern and simple IQ Option.

IQ Option: what is it?

IQ Option is a trading platform that is much faster and simpler than most apps. Working with a popular mobile operating system, including iOS, it appears as convenient applet with an intuitive user interface. Moreover, unlike competitors, IQ Option has several extremely useful features that will help to master earnings.


When you first launch the application, IQ Option will offer three alternatives:  

  1. to open an account,
  2. to create a free demo account: no registration and payments,
  3. to log in to your own account.

Launch a demo account to look at trial results in trading on the stock exchange and not lose anything. After selecting, the user will see the interface of the application directly, where earnings start.


  When you choose the way to launch working with IQ Option, the application will start downloading and the full feature set of the platform will open. On a 4-inch screen, it looks quite mixed, but, nevertheless, logical and understandable.  

At the top of the iOS-based IQ Option there are 3 tabs:

  1. option type,
  2. asset type,
  3. expiration time.

The applet gives users with access to exchange quotes. From stocks, users can choose the largest corporations in the world - Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook and so on. The iOS-based applet also has access to other assets, such as gold or the Dow Jones index.

All data from the stock exchanges is delivered by the agency Thompson Reuters, so you should not worry about the safety of the quotes. Initially, a demo account that does not even require registration in the app, contains 1,000 US dollars. Transactions are simple: choose the way you want to earn, and then on the right side of the screen (for iPhone) or in the lower right corner (for iPad) indicate the amount of investment.

IQ Option - Ultimate Trading Experience
IQ Option - Ultimate Trading Experience

In addition, you can even determine the amount of the refund - this is your insurance in case the set forecast is wrong. In case of an incorrect forecast, you can recover almost half of the invested funds - up to 45%. This is followed by the main choice of the user - the forecast for a rise or fall. Two big buttons of red and green for “below” and “above” respectively serve just for this. And then - the deal begins!

To earn money on shift in exchange rate, predict correctly the shift of prices.

You can predict the drop of the currency within various laps of time. To make it easier to follow the schedule change, the user is provided with functions that can change its display. There are two types of graphics in the iOS application, as well as time interval settings: 5 seconds, 10 seconds or 15 seconds.

All performed operations are remembered by the applet. Earned money can be withdrawn without hidden fees or commission.

Closing remark

IQ Option is a fast and easy way to launch earning your usual exchange rates anywhere with the iOS mobile app. It is similar to the web platform. Its slogan: «Ultimate Trading Experience» - is justified due to its unique features: 

  1. Free demo account and no registration,
  2. Real-time trading 24 hours 7 days a week,
  3. Minimum input of $10 dollars (the lowest in the industry).
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