What is a demo account?

Most trading these days is done with the use of electronic trading terminals, and there are many software versions on the market that allow you to trade on different markets from home.  As a rule, trading is performed on a stock exchange or brokerage platform, and the undeniable advantage of one or another platform is a demo account. 

Choose a demo account on the trading platform you wish to use, and try out your skills for free! You will love it! This is the only option that exists to trade really safely. 

A demo account is an excellent training tool because you will be able to test your skills without risking any real money. This account can be used by experienced traders as well, where you can try out a new strategy or test a new asset. 

How to open demo account in IQ Option? We will answer this and other questions in this article.

How to start trading with IQ Option for free?

  • Create a personal profile on the website. Enter the login (email) and password on the platform. Then IQ Option demo account login will be saved in the system.
  • In the dropdown menu, choose the practice account. Next to it, you will see the amount of 10000$. This is a demo account.
  • We automatically get into the trading platform and make our first trade. Ready - now you are a trader! Gain experience and go to real trading and real money!

How does a demo account work? 

A demo account works from both an educational and evaluation standpoint, where you can try out a new platform or asset. A good analogy for a free demo account is an airplane simulator for those who are training to become pilots. Just like a flight simulator, you can use it with a demo account and make all sorts of mistakes without consequences.

In other words, a virtual account is an exact replica of one of the fares, with a virtual amount of money that can be spent on trading. 

With a demo account, you will also have access to most sections of the platform:

  • Technical analysis with its tools.
  • Tutorials.
  • Customer support.
  • Marketing Materials.
  • Trading conditions etc.
Read the latest news in your app
Read the latest news in your app

IQ Option Demo vs Real Account

Demo trading is a fantastic opportunity for newcomers to learn the fundamentals of Forex trading without having to spend any of their own money. You will have plenty of time to study the market and various trading mechanisms before you decide to start trading with real money, since the demo account does not expire.

Many traders are hesitant about when it is time to switch to a real account. Experienced traders will advise you to first achieve stable profitability on a demo account over a significant period of time. However, market conditions change from time to time, so a particular trading strategy or method that works well in one environment can easily fail in others. Therefore, it is extremely important for new traders to remember this, even if they have been trading profitably for several months.

Before switching from a demo account to a real one, you need to understand how to properly manage risks, how to correctly determine position size and other basic concepts for successful trading. It is also necessary to control your emotions and maintain strict discipline while trading.

Another important aspect of a demo account is that it is very similar to a live trading account. There are no restrictions compared to a real account - you have access to the same assets, spreads, expiration dates, leverage, charts, technical indicators, construction tools, news feeds, etc.

Demo account features and limitations

A demo account is a practice account and does not differ from a live account except for one thing: all of your trades on it are purely virtual. 

The profits you get from a demo account are also virtual - you can't take them out on a card. Likewise, losses are also virtual - you do not have to pay for losing trades. The virtual money in your account, also cannot be converted into real money.

Some brokers will only offer you a demo account for a short period of time. The best broker has no time limit for the use of a demo account. 

How to use a demo account? 

If you have worked on the platform before, simply enter your IQ Option demo login and password into the system. Then select the demo account in the top bar and start trading. 

If you are new to the site, go through the registration process. Then you have 2 demo and live accounts to choose from. You need to click the button where it says "Practice Account with $10000" and then the system will take you to the terminal for your first trade. At the same time, YOU WILL NOT PAY ANY PAY! This is very important, especially if you are just at the beginning of your way in the world of trading.

Once you've made a few trades and got the hang of it, we recommend you to fund your account with a few dollars and try some real trading. That's because you can always go back to your demo account with one click. 

How to update a demo account

A great feature of the demo version of IQ Option is that you can restore your balance on it, absolutely free of charge. You will need this function if you have used your entire account balance, but want to continue using it and training.

To update, click on the balance on the top panel of the IQ Option platform and then on the “top up” button next to the demo account. The amount will instantly be replenished to $10,000. So, if you spend all your demo money and are wondering how to fund your free IQ Option demo account, you can do it easily, unlike many other brokers. In other words, the demo account becomes unlimited for you.

How to register IQ Option demo account?

In order to access the virtual account, you do not have to deposit money into your account. The demo is given automatically and immediately after you register. So, as you can see, all you have to do is go through the login process.

Registration at IQ Option
Registration at IQ Option

IQ Option demo account sign up is free! Try it NOW!

To do this, click the “Register” button. Then follow the simple rules and enter only truthful information about yourself, otherwise in the future, when you start really earning, you might have problems with withdrawal.

Right after the registration, you can enter your personal cabinet and start trading on the IQ Option demo account.

Select the type of account for work
Select the type of account for work

How does the IQ Option demo account work? 

To understand what is waiting for you in the demo account IQ Option, you have to analyze the main functions. So, after you register, you will:

  • More than 300 assets, including currency pairs, stocks, indices and commodities;
  • 1 second to process your trade, which allows you to enter the market at the right time;
  • Track price movements on multiple timeframes and charts;
  • Graphical tools for technical analysis: Plot, Ray, Fibonacci lines, Horizontal line;
  • Over 30 indicators for market analysis, which can be fully customised;
  • Application to install the platform on your computer, which will be useful for slow internet users;
  • Tracking up to 9 assets on one screen, which allows you to make more trades;
  • Additional tools - market news, training, history of previous trades, tournaments and more.
Open up to 9 charts at the same time
Open up to 9 charts at the same time

Devices on which you can trade 

The IQ Option broker has developed applications for practically every gadget and every system. To trade from the browser, simply go to your account from the broker's official website and go to the appropriate section. In all other cases, you need to download the app from the company's website and then install it, entering your username and password. 

If you plan to trade via smartphone, you need to download the mobile version of IQ Option X corresponding to the device. If you will be trading from a PC, there is the IQ Option PC application. All this can be downloaded from the broker's official website at no extra charge.


The broker offers a huge selection of assets. Start by clicking on an asset (the "+" sign at the top of the interface). Next, select one of the types according to your preference.

Choose an asset for investment
Choose an asset for investment


The stock market features some of the world's best-known companies. IQ Option offers CFD on shares. Quotations and codes of the instruments (tickers) are matched in the trading terminals of Forex brokers and stock exchanges where these securities are listed during IPO.


Commodities are understood as a variety of raw materials, minerals and food products. The most liquid assets are oil and precious metals. They are also available for purchase via CFD.


Dozens of different currency pairs are available on the platform.  A currency pair is the ratio of the value of one currency to the nominal value of another. The currency that comes first in a currency pair is called the base currency. The second currency that makes up the currency pair, i.e. the one to the right, is called the quoted currency.

Learn to analyze assets with a demo account
Learn to analyze assets with a demo account


Exchange-traded price indices are cumulative values calculated from the prices of assets in an index basket. The basket is a set of assets grouped according to a specific criterion. Exchange-traded instruments are classified as exchange-traded instruments because their derivatives (derivatives) are listed on exchanges, i.e., in addition to being a source of statistical information, they are also an object of investment.


ETFs are baskets of assets traded as securities. They can be bought and sold like ordinary stocks. Each such fund has an underlying asset, which can be stocks, bonds, commodities, etc. To put it simply, it is a tool that is a ready-made basket of investments.

Charting Tools 

In order to select and configure the tools you need, you will find charts, indicators, timeframes, graphing tools etc. in the bottom left corner of the live chart.


We offer 4 popular charts for you to work with:

  • Line. The simplest chart of all. It allows you to quickly assess whether a currency is going up or down. But for real trading it is better to use more informative version.
  • Bars - a quite informative chart, but not as useful as candlesticks. It gives the same information as candlesticks but is less useful, as many traders believe.
  • Japanese candlesticks.The main advantage of this chart presentation is maximum informative and visualization. Even with a cursory glance at the chart, you can see from the color and configuration of candlesticks whether the market is dominated by bears/bears or whether parity is observed. One candlestick shows 4 prices. Open, close, low and high of the chosen period. 
  • Heiken Ashi. The chart is smoother than candlesticks and is more suitable for long, not short-term trading. 
Try different charts
Try different charts


There are thousands of indicators, and you can select the most popular ones on the chart. The aim of the chart is to show current trends and try to predict future ones. The most popular indicators are marked in the group with the same name. 

Try the best indicators
Try the best indicators

Order types 

There are different order types on the platform. This is another advantage, as not always a trader can be in front of the monitor. In this case, special orders come to the aid.

Market Orders 

A Market Order in its usual form is the easiest way to place a trade in any trading platform. It is an order to buy or sell at the best available price in the market at the time the order is sent. Market orders are usually executed instantly or at least very quickly, depending on market liquidity, as there are no conditions that can prevent your order from being executed. 

Limit Orders 

However, a client may use special types of orders. For example, Buy Limit Orders provide investors and traders with the ability to enter a position precisely. For example, a buy limit order could be placed at $3 when the stock is trading at $3.1. If the price falls to $3, the order would be executed automatically. It will not execute until the price falls to $3 or below.

How to switch from IQ Option demo to a real account?

Switching from a live account to a live account is easy! Click once on the desired type of account at the top of the work screen. Often it is the availability of a practice account that becomes crucial for a trader when choosing a broker. And indeed, a demo account helps both beginners and experienced traders, though they use it differently. 

You can alternate between a demo and a real account with just one click to start earning for real. Real trades can be as low as $1! IQ Option login demo or real account is no different.

Replenish your real account from only 10 $
Replenish your real account from only 10 $

IQ Option demo account FAQ:

Does IQ Option have a demo account? 

Yes, the advantage of the broker is unlimited demo account.

Absolutely! The IQ Option free demo account is available to you 24/7. You invest nothing, but gain invaluable hands-on experience and understanding of your skills

All you have to do is register on the platform, so that you have a personal account in which you can monitor your trading history on your demo account. As there is no real money involved, the registration process is easier than when you open a real trading account with the company. 

IQ Option reset demo account with just one button in the top bar. Your account will be reset, and you can trade again.

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