History of Progress and Development - IQ Option History

According to statistics, the network has dozens of sites where a South African trader can test his strength. 

Many of them have been working for more than ten years and have extensive experience. IQ Option was registered in 2013 on the island of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and has already managed to win a competition for the client. Today, the site is used by more than 40 million people, and the monthly transaction amounts are hundreds of millions of dollars.

The reason for success is simple - IQ Option cares about customers and tries to make trading as simple, convenient and efficient as possible. 

That is why in seven years the company managed to grow from a small site to a large corporation, known throughout the world. Every South African client has heard of the platform.

Start to buy Bitcoin with a reliable broker
Start to buy Bitcoin with a reliable broker

Reasons to Choose IQ Option

Of course, before registering, you need to learn more about the company: evaluate its merits and functionality. 

This section will tell you about the benefits that the IQ Option client receives.


Probably the most important advantage of the company and an important factor for the client. Because no one wants to be a victim of a scammer. Hackers will not be able to hack your account - all passwords, payment data, and personal information are protected with the help of modern technologies. 

SSL 3.0 protocol encrypts this data reliably, so that the fraudster will not steal passwords, and all the money will remain with you. 

For more information, see the “Term & Conditions” and “Privacy Policy” documents - we recommend reading them.


Visit the feature forums and read what users write about IQ Option. Here you will find many positive reviews, and real customers will tell about their experience here. For seven years, the platform has earned an excellent reputation among traders. Forty million registered profiles are the best proof of success.


Of course, you can also make big money in illegal business. But breaking the law is not permissible. IQ Option company has all the necessary licenses, officially operates under the international regulator and pays taxes. Therefore, your profit will be legal, and trading - a legitimate occupation.


Of course, trading on binary options is a high-risk occupation. 

But the profit from each successful transaction is 70-80%. 

If you consider that there are special options with a minimum expiration time (up to 5 minutes), then you can conclude a lot of successful transactions per day. Many South African users have made trading the main source of income. The daily profit of professionals reaches 300%.

Stylish official website

The nice design of the official IQ Option page is captivating at a glance. You can spend a large number of hours here and not feel tired. Besides, convenient functionality is an excellent assistant for new customers. Thanks to high-quality usability, it is easy to register here, find the necessary section, and start trading. If necessary, company employees will help you - the support service is online 24/7.

Easy to become a customer

It is simple and free. The registration option is available to all adult (!) South African customers. You need to go to the official website (iqoption.com), select the best language version (17 options are available for convenience), click on the “Start Trading” button and enter your data. 

A large set of assets

Yes - three hundred options at your disposal. A South African trader can choose any currency, cryptocurrency (Ethereum, Stellar, Bitcoin), a currency pair, stocks of companies, trade in precious metals, raw materials and even the Forex market. The minimum transaction amount is $1.

Demo account

This is a special virtual account that allows South African traders to test new strategies and learn the nuances of trading without risking losing real money. When the option is activated, 10,000 virtual dollars are credited to the deposit. Funds can be used for any transactions, which allows you to gain valuable experience and understand the behavior of the market.

Convenient deposit

To get the real profit you need to make real money on a deposit. The minimum amount for a transaction is $10. A South African client can use popular, convenient and reliable payment systems: Visa, Blockchain, MasterCard, CoinBase, Maestro, Neteller, Skrill, WebMoney, PayPal. Moreover, the site has a convenient exchange where you can buy Bitcoin.


It’s a shame to make big money, but I won’t get it. Because the fraudster learned the password from the account and took all the profits. But IQ Option has additional security measures. At the first withdrawal of funds, the client must go through the verification procedure. You must provide a passport or driver’s license to security personnel for identification. Checking data takes up to 36 hours, but now you are sure that no one except you will receive this money.

24 hours trading

Yes, unlike standard exchanges (in New York, London, Tokyo, etc.), the IQ Option platform works around the clock (only the Forex platform is not available on Saturday and Sunday). 


Access to information - access to jewels, and IQ Option take care of customers. At the bottom of the site, there is a link to a section with information. Here, a South African user can read the advice of professional traders, find out market news, learn more about popular strategies (their advantages and disadvantages).

Mobile app

Now you can make money wherever there is an Internet. It is enough to download and install a convenient mobile application on the device (iOS and Android). The quality program is well optimized and works with all modern tablets and phones. This provides a stable connection even with poor internet.


Thanks to convenient settings, you can make trading more comfortable. Just add to your chart those signals and indicators that you think are necessary. The platform has a large set of tools.


Tournaments - a special offer from IQ Option. This allows South African clients to learn their strengths in comparison with other traders, as well as earn good money with minimal investment. The cost of the admission ticket is $4-20, and the prize pool (distributed among the most successful traders) reaches $20000-30000.

Create an account and learn how to buy Bitcoin in South Africa
Create an account and learn how to buy Bitcoin in South Africa

Some important information about Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency developed in 2008. 

The creator of the currency is a group of Japanese programmers. Any cryptocurrency is a digital currency that exists only in the form of a mathematical code. No paper notes or bars - only information. Of course, each coin is unique and is protected against hacking using a special hash function (SHA-256).

The advantages of cryptocurrencies were quickly appreciated around the world. Unlike bank transactions (which takes 3 days to verify), it takes several minutes to transfer Bitcoin from South Africa to Argentina. 

Moreover, the system is anonymous and secure. No one (except the owner of the unique key) can track, cancel or redirect the transaction. 

Thanks to these advantages, Bitcoin quickly became popular, and its price rose from a few cents to $8,500-9,000, according to early 2020.

Bitcoin F.A.Q.

What affects the cost of Bitcoin?

The most popular cryptocurrency changes value every minute (like standard money). For example, in 2008, one coin cost a few cents, in 2012 - about $20,000, in 2020 - less than $10,000. Changes in the exchange rate are a basic principle for trading. Therefore, it is important to understand what factors affect the value of Bitcoin.

• News. The economic and political situation in different countries. For example, a Bitcoin ban in a country will reduce popularity (and price), and failure of banking systems (due to a virus or cataclysms) will increase;

• Competition. The presence of a large number of competitors reduces the demand and interest in old cryptocurrencies. Therefore, with the advent of new and gaining popularity currencies, the value of the old ones will drop a little;

• Security. This is the main factor. If there is news that hackers have stolen some amount of cryptocurrency, its value drops. Because it becomes clear that there are flaws in the security system.

Each South African user can purchase Bitcoin in several ways:

• Blockchain, CoinBase. We recommend these programs because IQ Option works with them. Therefore, you can link wallets to the site;

• Exchange. There are many sites on the Internet where you can buy or sell cryptocurrency. The disadvantage is that a transaction can be processed for a long time;

• Ap. Download and install on your phone an application that allows you to buy Bitcoin.

Indeed, the company’s client has the opportunity to replenish an account or buy Bitcoins on the IQ Option website. This procedure is available to all traders.

1. Go to the start page (iqoption.com) and log in to your account (or register);

2. For convenience, synchronize the cryptocurrency wallet with the site. Otherwise, the transaction will be considered suspicious and rejected. The service works with the programs Blockchain, CoinBase, Jaxx;

3. In the upper right corner of the screen, there is a user menu. Select the “Crypto” item and the “buy” option here. If you want to sell cryptocurrency - the “sell” option;

4. Indicate the wallet number and transaction amount;

5. Confirm the action (also in the wallet);

The average transaction processing time is 15-20 minutes (the first operation may take longer). If you encounter any problems, the IQ Option can contact the support staff via email.

The answer consists of several parts. The first is cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, which are a legal asset used in South Africa. Coins are accepted by a state bank and are used for private transactions. Therefore, you can sell or buy Bitcoin without breaking the law. The second - IQ Option company operates under international licenses and has the right to provide services in the country. Therefore, trading Bitcoin on the IQ Option platform is a legal way to profit.

The basic principle of trading on binary options is to determine in which direction the value of the asset will move soon. The South American client IQ Option, who decided to trade Bitcoin, gets a lot of opportunities:

• Call/Put. Standard strategy - here it is necessary to determine whether the value of the asset will be higher (call) or lower (put) after a certain period;

• Touch/No-touch. There is a certain boundary (indicator) above or below the current value. The trader’s task is to determine whether the price touches this mark (Touch) or not (No-touch);

• In/Out. In this case, there are two boundaries of value (high and low) that form the interval. It is necessary to give a forecast whether there will be a value inside this corridor (In) or leave it (Out);

• Digital-options. An option with a long expiration time (up to 30 days). It allows you to carefully analyze the situation and reduces risks, but offers reduced profits;

• Turbo-option. The high-risk tool with high profits, similar to roulette. Because the expiration time here is less than five minutes, and the South American trader cannot conduct a comprehensive analysis and give an accurate forecast.

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The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose