How to use?

The first thing to do is to prepare a statement. Download it pressing a button “load” in the upper program menu. If you have a few statements (for example, if testing an adviser with a few instruments), download all of them.

The free program version has a limit –you may download only 20 statements.

If you forgot to download some statements, you may also use a button “load” at the bottom panel. To make a consolidated statement you need to select all downloaded statements (to tick the boxes before them) and press a button “Create portfolio”. A new consolidated statement named “Portfolio 1” will appear.

Below the main menu there is another menu with 9 buttons. Let’s consider all of them.


It displays main marketing results. There is an opportunity to display in money, points or per cents. To use this function it is necessary to use the second (after “Load” button) button in the main panel.

List of trades

It concludes all the transactions from statements in chronological order in tabular form having some features in common with a terminal statement standard table.

Equity chart

If you downloaded a few statements and then joined them together into one Portfolio, all of them will be reflected in the graph.

There is also an opportunity to reflect only purchase or direction transactions, to switch on/off selected period of stagnation, and also to reflect draw downs (do not reflect, reflect in currency, per cents or points). There is also a chance to establish a trend line on the basis of an increase graph (draw lines).

Trade analysis

It has very important information. Besides revenues graph arranged by the years, there is a chance to set up to 20 graphs of different statistical information reflection in the form of bar and pie graphs for the best Forex analysis. 

You may download only 20 statements
You may download only 20 statements


If you down loaded an adviser activity statement, the window will reflect the adviser's settings, if it is a statement of manual marketing, it will reflect only a down-payment. You may also set out a user's down-payment in a field “Initial deposit”. Do not forget to push a button “Recompute stats” (to recount the characteristics for statement).

Monte Carlo

It is a special algorithm that gives an opportunity to check up the system for stability in case of small changes of its parameters.

In other words, having under taken the analysis of the system on the basis of Monte Carlo method, you will get more or less realistic data about its function – what level of its stability, minimum profit and maximum draw down can be expected from the system in future.

“What if” scenario

It is a rather useful program function, giving an opportunity to get the system revenues graph  If  we follow a definite additional rule.

Equity control

The main sense of this instrument is in the control of equity level (a current draw down in fact) with the help of different indicators added to the equity graph: Bollinger bands, Ishimoku, Moving average and other. It is supposed to better the system productivity in some case sand to reduce draw downs.

Portfolio Analysis

In case you undertake the portfolio analysis composed of a few statements, you will have a chance to analyse correlation between transactions with different instruments and a number of simultaneously opened on the basis of a few instruments transactions.

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