TRON is a decentralised cryptocurrency platform which began operations in 2017 from a Singaporian non-profit parent company. TRON aims to liberate the global digital content market and to allow for a more streamlined peer-to-peer sharing.

TRON (TRX) is a proprietary cryptocurrency on the TRON network, which is exchangeable with other digital assets and acceptable for blockchain payments. If you reside in South Africa or plan to make crypto investments, below is an in-depth guide on TRON (TRX) 's trading prospects from within the country.

Tron website
Tron website

How to Buy TRON (TRX)?

TRON (TRX) is a cryptocurrency suitable for digital content purchases. The founder, Justin Sun envisioned it to be a legal tender for online content access; producers can exchange TRON (TRX) with primary cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

However, TRON (TRX) is not exchangeable with physical cash, meaning that customers have to get a primary asset to convert TRON (TRX). Content creators can trade their works for TRON (TRX), transforming it into Bitcoin or Ethereum, then physical money whenever they need it. TRON's founders aim to eliminate the middleman in the digital content market, thereby driving down product cost for the consumer and better paTRONage for the producer. It imitates centralized content distribution such as streaming services, replicating it on a blockchain platform.

The cryptocurrency is fast-rising, though not quite reaching a level of substantial recognition for now. While making plans to invest in TRON in South Africa, it would help if you realize that there are limited outlets to acquire TRON (TRX); thankfully, popular crypto exchange sites offer digital currency.

TRON (TRX) currently has $1.9 billion in market capitalization; it claimed recognition as the 15th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization in 2018. Generally, it is one of the many secondary cryptocurrencies deriving its performance from Bitcoin and Ethereum market behavior.

How to Invest in TRON (TRX)?

You would have to open a crypto investment portfolio on the first time you plan to invest in TRON (TRX). Most crypto exchanges offer TRON (TRX) in trading pairs; it means that you would have to pair the cryptocurrency up with a primary asset (Bitcoin or Ethereum) to trade. However, it also means that you cannot fund your account for TRON (TRX) directly and would have to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum first.

TRON (TRX) tokens can exist in two storage state at the times when you are not investing them;

  1. Offline: You can store TRON (TRX) offline in hardware wallets. It is the more suitable option if you have accumulated the token over time. However, bear in mind that the coins are subject to physical elements, and you would have to guard them against physical theft or damage.
  2. Online: It is the more common of the two storage types, and it involves keeping the TRON (TRX) in an online mobile wallet. It allows for quick access in real time, when you want to invest the tokens. The drawback is that your wallet remains susceptible to hacks and attacks.

TRON(TRX) utilizes the DPoS (Delegated-Proof-of-Stake) protocol for security. While it is slightly different from the PoS (Proof-of-Stake), they share the similarity of offering users the ability to make passive returns when they invest on a stake from their network wallets.

Tron trading conditions
Tron trading conditions

 TRON (TRX) Trading Platform

Choosing a TRON's (TRX) trading platform doesn't require much; you'd only need a willingness to invest and a personal investment strategy. The recommendation is to pick a trading platform that can handle multiple assets; they tend to have a better track record in crypto trading.

However, bear in mind that crypto stockbrokers don't insure the assets, meaning that you would be taking a significant risk - a concern for most beginner investors. Brokerage firms would direct you to open a broker account, from where you'd carry out the primary investment operations. TRON (TRX) broker accounts could either hold crypto shares or TRON coin for active trading.

The highlight of any of the broker account options of your choice is CFD (Contract For Difference). In simple terms, CFD gives investors and traders the ability to trade cryptocurrency without having them in possession. Therefore, it means that you get to buy and sell TRON (TRX) but withdraw your earnings in a different currency.

Platform to buy Tron
Platform to buy Tron

 How to Start Investing in TRON (TRX)?

You would need an account with a brokerage firm to start trading in TRON (TRX). Carefully consider each option you have, making sure that they natively offer TRON (TRX). Also, ensure that they have as low minimum spreads between asking prices and the bid order as is possible.

 How to Register?

First, you would have to provide specific data and information for the trading platform to register you. Most firms require an added identity verification and would ask for more specific contact details and sometimes a photo of you, as well.

Moving on from registration, you can begin to fund your account with funds; depending on your crypto platform deposit guidelines, you can use credit cards or online payment systems to complete deposits.

Registration process to buy Tron
Registration process to buy Tron

 How to Open a Demo Account?

Crypto trading providers often lead with the demo account opening process. It helps beginners acclimatize themselves with TRON (TRX) trading and try out their planned-out strategies without the real crypto market risks.

Furthermore, you could register for a demo account through a social media account. Brokerage companies would give room for an upgrade to a real portfolio later when you need it.

 How to Open a Real Account?

You would typically provide your first and last names, as it appears on your official ID; afterward, you input your email and phone number. Some crypto brokers might also allow you to register using a partner code.

How to open a demo or a real account?
How to open a demo or a real account?

 How to Fund a Deposit?

Kindly choose what payment method you aim to use for crypto deposits; it could be bank transfer, PayPal, credit cards, or debit cards. Afterward, check that the trading platform supports all deposit methods or omits anyone.

 Minimum Deposit Amount

For TRON (TRX) trading, you can expect a minimum deposit limit of $1 for the most popular crypto platforms such as Coinbase and Binance. However, the amount could be higher for other companies; Etoro requires $200 in minimum deposits while LonghornFX pegs its minimum deposit at $10.

Deposit to buy Tron
Deposit to buy Tron

 How to Withdraw Money?

The withdrawal process is brisk once you've gotten past the maturity period and the accompanying fee. It will help if you check your broker's withdrawal policy.

 Security of TRON (TRX) Investments

TRON (TRX) has a high volatility, but that is also true of all cryptocurrencies on the market. It would help if you understand that the crypto market experiences rises and falls, causing steep losses. Furthermore, your portfolio is prone to hack attacks, especially when you keep it online for any amount of time.

 How Safe Is It to Invest in TRON (TRX)?

You'd have to invest in TRON (TRX) with the mindset that no cryptocurrency is 100% secure. It means that there are chances of loss or theft. However, effective investment moves and precautionary measures can protect your crypto stash a little better.

Information about the Tron cryptocurrency
Information about the Tron cryptocurrency

 Is It safe to Invest in TRON Online?

It is relatively safe. Portfolios often have security keys for online protection, making it harder for a hack. Also, it helps if you occasionally save your TRON coins physically.

 How to Safely Invest in TRON Online?

Choose a crypto broker that offers a broad range of features and leverage for TRON (TRX) trading. If the company has a mobile application, it counts as an advantage towards safe TRON trading on the go.

 FAQ :

Can You Buy TRON?

Yes. There are several ways to buy TRX TRON; you could buy the crypto for exchange, investment, or storage.

Yes, but only marginally so. The cryptocurrency is a secondary asset that isn't exchangeable with physical money as of yet. On the upside, it is a growing crypto commodity, based on its increasing trading volume.

It is very tricky to say. However, when you consider the pedigree and the coin's price behavior in the past, buying TRON has very little likelihood of a sudden surge in value. TRON (TRX) exists on the Ethereum blockchain and is non-profit mainly, and the price has hovered under the dollar mark for a lengthy period.

Several crypto platforms offer TRON (TRX) as a part of their extensive assets. Some examples are Binance, Etoro, and Coinbase.

Exchange platforms often enable investors to fund their trading account with credit card payments; others would accept debit card deposits as well.

You'd have to register with a crypto brokerage platform, which might require you to state your South African identity for verification. After complete and successful registration, you can fund your account and start purchasing TRON coins.

The cryptocurrency initially began life on the Ethereum blockchain but completed a token migration to its native TRON blockchain, named Mainnet TRX, in 2017.

The cryptocurrency has dropped since its inception. The speculated reason is that the coin left Ethereum’s smart contracts framework, which lowered its value among secondary crypto assets on the market.

The main drive for TRON's rise has been the proposal for a digital content currency. After its founders acquired BitTorrent, investors saw some interest in TRON (TRX) for a period.

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