QTum is an open-source, public blockchain company founded in 2016. It handles several virtual machines such as the x86 VM and EVM. The company (qtum pronounced “quantum”) is not the same as Quantum Capital Investments, as the name is not an abbreviation. Some of its highlight features include a DGP (Decentralised Governance Protocol) model, value transfer, and smart contracts.

Do you stay in South Africa, seeking to get your hands into some crypto investments? The following is a comprehensive analysis of how to trade QTum cryptocurrency in the country.

Buy QTum
Buy QTum

How To Buy QTum?

QTum is suitable for adoption by large organizations in South Africa. The founders utilize Ethereum’s smart contract function and Bitcoin’s security infrastructure to set up a consensus model.

The cryptocurrency is a sustained UTXO (Unspent Transaction Output) system that offers the user proof-of-stake (PoS). Your unspent cash from several financial transactions return into your crypto wallet, and the system picks out the subsequent node judging by the number of coins on the peer to peer nodes.

The benefits of QTum are extensive, and they shine more, thanks to the resource-optimizing PoS algorithm for generating new crypto blocks.

You’d expect a higher security level since the model has an AAL (Account Abstraction Layer), masking the identity of transacting accounts. What’s more? QTum managed to get past the vulnerability that beset Ethereum Blockchain technology, giving account holders an extra layer over smart contract specifications.

The company currently offers free stock simulators, with up to $10,000 of virtual money. It gives you time to hone your investment strategies and invest in QTum in South Africa.

Currently, QTum has a day’s range of 38.724 - 45.474 on the crypto stock market, with a price of 45.425 Rands. It typically rides on the bullish wave of bitcoin market performance and uses its core UTXO principles.

How To Buy QTum?
How To Buy QTum?

QTum Trading Platform

Typically, crypto market websites offer QTum for trading, and you could choose Cryptocurrency pairs or specific brokers to trade with the digital currency. QTum has a secondary asset identity applicable in an existing blockchain ecosystem; it would complement Ethereum and Bitcoin, both primary assets. However, it would help if you considered that QTum is primarily a native token; it has value, though not as streamlined as primary assets.

Crypto brokerage companies use Cryptocurrency pairs since they don’t support direct exchange with hard currencies such as the US dollar or Euro; you would have to exchange QTum with a crypto pair given for the trade (mainly Ethereum or Bitcoin).

QTum Trading Platform
QTum Trading Platform

How to Start Investing in QTum?

You would need to fund your account with a crypto exchange firm to purchase and start trading in QTum coins. Wallets for the Crypto coin are OS-dependent so that you can choose from iOS, Linux, or Windows-based desktop wallet software.

Also, web and mobile core wallet options are available; the software must allow fund security and private keys management, regardless of the platform.

QTum trading conditions
QTum trading conditions

How to Register?

You'd need to give personal information to open an account with a brokerage firm; it includes contact info, name, and photo ID for verification. International forex companies based in the USA might also require additional information to invest from a foreign country such as South Africa.

Registration on the Investing Platform
Registration on the Investing Platform

How to Open a Demo Account?

Forex trading firms would offer demo accounts upon initial application. It allows you to begin crypto trading and other assets without the risks. Some crypto demo accounts feature price chart analysis based on multiple digital currencies, leverage tools, indicator addition, and order placing.

Furthermore, it enables investors to hone trading strategies beforehand, practicing on time-period intervals and changing patterns. They can check out suitable Cryptocurrency pairs as well.

Practice accounts give you virtual money to aid you in making risk-less trade operations and investments. Individual companies would provide as much as $10,000 in virtual cash for free.

How to Open a Real Account?

When you wish to move from a virtual account to a real one, most brokers offer a streamlined application process for a real crypto trading account. You would first open the official website or download the necessary software.

Afterward, you have to fill out an e-form with the necessary information details; some brokers give you the convenience to register with an email or an existing social media account. Turn in the filled application, and accept the term and conditions to complete the opening process.

Bear in mind the additional data you might need to give, such as KYC (Know Your Customer) information and answers for queries and questionnaires.

How to Open Account?
How to Open Account?

How to Fund a Deposit?

You have various funding options when depositing into your crypto trading account. Bank transfers are the standard method, but you also have a credit card and Paypal option; a few companies might accept a debit card transfer.

Furthermore, there’s ample security for deposits, with companies utilizing the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol to encrypt personal financial information. It would help if you checked the supported currencies and maximum deposit limits on the payment methods; most forex trading websites would have that sort of information in their FAQ pages.

Minimum Deposit Amount

Brokers would specify the minimum deposits from investors, and it varies based on policies. Companies categorize their minimum deposit limits by actual deposits and redeposit; thankfully, the value is the same for both categories.

If you invest from South Africa, you would have to make bank wire transfers; minimum deposits for offshore bank transfers are significantly higher than home-based deposits.

For instance, some US-based crypto brokers allow $50 minimum deposits and redeposit for US investors who use online banking. The minimum value is $500 for wire transfers of deposits and redeposits.

How to Withdraw Money?

You can quickly withdraw your investment funds when you have more than the account's minimum withdrawal limit. If you already have open investments, the broker would require that you close them; preferably sell your qtum coin and receive the net profit accrued for withdrawal.

However, the withdrawal process would still have to go through a verification process, which most brokers use to determine your account’s eligibility for a withdrawal. You’d be able to get your cash after the given maturity date.

Security of QTum Investment

QTum has a core infrastructure based on the security details of Bitcoin and Ethereum. The UXTO protocol combines with the AAL (Account Abstraction Layer) from the two primary assets to protect the sender and the receiver's identities.

Other than that, a standard SSL encryption ensures that you can transfer investment funding safely over the internet. Crypto investment companies also take measures to bolster deposits’ security, like storing in discrete guarded storage facilities.

Information about qtum
Information about qtum

How Safe Is It to Invest in QTum?

QTum investments are relatively safe, thanks to the shared performance with a primary asset such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Also, the secondary asset status signifies a marginally less risk overall.

Is It Safe to Invest in QTum Online?

Unless you live in the USA, the only trading option of buying qtum coins is to move trade funds through online cryptocurrency accounts. Brokers ensure that the online system is secure enough and implement measures on top of QTum’s core security features. SSL, AAL, and an offshore deposit pool are standard protocols that make online QTum investments mostly safe.

How to Safely Invest in QTum Online?

You have to log in to your account with your private key and deposit some money using suitable payment options available on the platform. Take note of the open and closed investment types, as they determine when you can withdraw your returns.


Can You Buy QTum?

Yes. QTum currently goes for $3.51 per unit on the crypto market. Several brokers offer the currency as a secondary asset that you can invest in pair with Ethereum.

It depends on how much you’ve invested in primary crypto assets. QTum is a native token, which means that its returns potential isn’t straightforward, despite its significant value.

QTum has a significant long term potential, thanks to its positive price behavior. Its market capitalization is steadily rising as well, giving impetus for longer-term investments.

Several international crypto brokerage firms could purchase qtum coins for you. Examples are Kraken, Binance, and Coinswitch.

Simply choose the Credit Card option on the payment dashboard of the crypto application you use. Input your credit card details, selecting the necessary currency, and make the payment.

You can create an account from South Africa with an online cryptocurrency broker, deposit some funds (higher than the minimum deposit limit) and buy some QTum coins to invest.

QTum is enjoying a steep rise in market value, currently at 91% of its maximum supply. However, the investment is still bated, as the coins are at the early development stage.

Given the volatility in the crypto market, the value of QTum could drop in the moment of mass uncertainty among the investors. However, it is relatively more stable than rival digital currencies, thanks to its unique secondary asset identity.

Due to cryptocurrency pairings and security similarities, QTum rides on the wave of Bitcoin’s popularity. As a secondary asset, customers have to depend on Bitcoin or Ethereum to complete transactions.

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