How to buy OmiseGo (OMG)? 

Omisego is a decentralised crypto and fiat currency exchange and payment platform.

It was developed by the company Omise in 2017 to provide a scaling solution to Ethereum as well as facilitate exchange between not just various altcoins in the cryptocurrency market but standard fiat currency as well. The OmiseGo tokens (OMG) are used as part of the exchange process, to create a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus on the validity of the blockchain.

There are three main parts to the OmiseGo network, the exchange, the software developer kit, and the proof-of-stake consensus. 

The exchange handles the transactions between different cryptos and even fiat currencies. The software developer kit allows users of the blockchain to create their own wallets to store their respective tokens. Finally, the proof-of-stake ensures that the chain itself is running efficiently.

How to invest in OmiseGo (OMG)? 

The OmiseGo (OMG) token has several benefits for investors.

The first is that it can be used as part of the proof-of-stake consensus on the blockchain. In this regard, users utilise these tokens to validate parts of the chain. If their validation is true, they earn a return based on the amount they used to validate, and the transactions processed through that chain.

This validation process serves to decrease the transaction costs of the chain as well as speed up the processing times. Beyond this more practical application for the OMG tokens, there is also the holding benefit of this currency.

Due to the limited amount of possible tokens in existence, there is inherent value when you invest in OmiseGo tokens will likely hold much of its value.

How to invest in OmiseGo (OMG)
How to invest in OmiseGo (OMG)

OmiseGo (OMG) trading platform 

To invest in OmiseGo in South Africa, you can either use the direct OmiseGo network or exchange them across similar crypto based peer-to-peer exchanges. You can buy OmiseGo tokens using other cryptocurrencies or traditional fiat ones through payment methods like credit and debit cards.

OmiseGo trading platform (OMG)
OmiseGo trading platform (OMG)

How to start investing in OmiseGo (OMG)? 

Investing in the OMG token begins when you acquire these coins through one of the available exchanges.

To start investing on an exchange, you will require an account to be registered and set up. The process of registration with the top online exchanges is very straightforward, getting traders set up in a very brief time.

How to invest in OmiseGo (OMG)?
How to invest in OmiseGo (OMG)?

How to register? 

To register on an exchange, you must visit their personal web page. The website that they operate from will have the registration process readily available. Once you navigate to this page, you can fill in the required details.

Once the application has been processed, you will be given access to the exchange platform. From here, you can buy OmiseGo in South Africa.

Registration on the online investment platform
Registration on the online investment platform

How to open a demo account? 

Demo accounts traditionally only exist on online brokers, instead of exchanges.

A demo is a virtual account that lets you trade without real money and experience the trading platform itself for free.

While OMG is predominantly available across exchanges, as it grows bigger, brokers will adopt it for derivative trading. The benefit of derivative trading is that it doesn’t use the actual underlying asset, meaning that investors can exploit leverage provided through the broker to make trades.

How to open a real account? 

The primary trading experience on an exchange is through a real account in real-time. This begins when you make your first deposit on the account. This will activate the account if it was not already active.

On top of this, it provides the capital resource to buy and sell the various currencies you want.

How to open an account?
How to open an account?

How to fund a deposit? 

A deposit needs to transfer money from your bank account onto the trading account you are using.

Depending on the exchange you use, these will require various payment services to facilitate. Some exchanges allow you to utilise fiat currencies to buy OMG and fund your account, meaning that you can often use a debit or credit card to make the transactions between bank and exchange.

Minimum deposit amount 

Some platforms will have a minimum that you must deposit over in order to be able to start trading. This is often done to reduce the transaction fees involved and incite larger one-time deposits versus many smaller ones.

Not all platforms will have this, depending on your available finances, you may want to check out these restrictions before registering an account.

Deposit replenishment
Deposit replenishment

How to withdraw money? 

Withdrawal will use the same payment systems in place for making deposits.

These same systems will let you withdraw your currencies from the exchange. Depending on the currency, this may require a specific type of wallet to help you store it. Make sure you are using the payment services you can trust and rely on. 

Security of OmiseGo (OMG) investments 

Financial security of cryptocurrency investments is difficult to properly gauge.

There are a lot of factors that play into the value of these currencies, and since they are digital currencies, they often do not have much direct physical value to rely on. Fortunately, OmiseGo is a little more resilient to price shifts than other crypto, this is due to the noticeable limited amount in possible circulation as well as the fact that they have a practical advantage in their proof-of-stake consensus.

Information about OmiseGo's investments (OMG)
Information about OmiseGo's investments (OMG)

How safe is it to invest in OmiseGo (OMG)? 

Safety through a reliable exchange is of a very high level.

One of their primary goals is to protect their clients while they trade, and they do this very effectively. With the high levels of competition between exchanges, there is no room for any mistakes from them.

Is it safe to invest in OmiseGo online? 

Online investments can be even more secure than offline ones. The internet has been around for a while now and websites and platforms online have learnt a lot about protecting their clients and funds online.

Many also have regulatory bodies that insure they are protecting their clients at all times.

How to safely invest in OmiseGo online? 

When doing anything online, it is good to stay vigilant and try to only visit websites you can trust.

This can be done by reviewing the exchange you want to use before you start trading. When you can trust the system, then you will be able to stay protected while you invest.


Can you buy OmiseGo?

You can buy OmiseGo through certain exchanges or get it within the process of the proof-of-stake consensus that investors can perform on the OmiseGo network. These exchanges can be done with both fiat and cryptocurrencies.

Given the practical benefits of these tokens and the limited number in circulation, there is a lot more reliability to the price of this crypto. In this regard, it seems a good contender for preserving this value in the long term.

Cryptocurrency has an inherent volatility and is affected by market opinion in a big way. This makes long-term investing difficult for most cryptocurrencies. However, as mentioned before, OmiseGo has a good level of sturdiness due to its practical uses, meaning it is more likely than most to hold value down the line.

Through the OmiseGo network directly or through one of the popular online exchanges that provide this cryptocurrency. Given its growing reputation, more and more exchanges will be providing access to this asset.

There are several exchange services that will let you use fiat currencies to buy OmiseGo. These will then generally let you use either a credit card or debit card to make the transaction. You will still require the specific wallet to hold this and other crypto you might acquire.

South Africa has access to many of the top online exchanges across the internet. This makes trading crypto and fiat currencies easier than ever before. Simply go online, review the different exchanges offering OmiseGo and register an account on one of them. After that, you are ready to start investing.

As has already been discussed, OmiseGo has a good deal of practical advantage for investors, in that it can provide proof-of-stake on their network. This gives it a use outside of being a cryptocurrency. On top of this, Omise, the company that created OmiseGo, is a well-known and established company already. This adds value to their network and the tokens they produce.

There are a lot of reasons for a cryptocurrency to drop in price. The primary reason is a dip in market expectation and loyalty. These can be triggered by all sorts of events, like a hacked network, invalidated proof-of-stake or company employees getting discredited. There have not been any remarkable drops from OMG recently but there is always a possibility with any asset.

A significant amount of the growth of OmiseGo can be attributed to their parent company Omise. This well-established entity has a good reputation in the industry. On top of this, it is a branch of the Ethereum network which has been one of the most popular cryptocurrencies since its inception.

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