IQ Option VIP

IQ Option VIP

VIP-account requires input of $1000 and delivers additional features: personal manager, higher earning power, training materials, free participation in tournaments, unique promotions and other unique bonuses.

Significant benefits of the VIP account

Return up to 60% of the investment sum

An option, which allows you to manage transaction risks in more detail and flexibly and use compensation, if the forecast is incorrect in high-risk deals.


Bonus 120% on input

It is perfect, but only for those ones, who are aware of the obligations that it imposes on the development of bidding volume. If one understands that you need to work out the sum 30-50 times more than the input amount, and the withdrawal will not be possible until the bonus is fully worked out, then this is indeed a serious advantage, if there is no such understanding or there is no self-confidence of this advantage.


The processing time for withdrawal requests is up to 1 day

It is extremely helpful, especially when funds are urgently needed and to wait 3 days (and if we have the middle of the week, then this wait until the next week) is very inconvenient. Fast withdrawal is an excellent help in situations, where finances are needed quickly and withdrawing funds earned from an IQ Option account is a great solution.



Personal manager

The individual manager is a twofold service. It is very dependent on 2 aspects:

  • intermediary policy
  • manager`s qualifications and motivations


Intermediary policy

The policy regarding the use of an individual manager, and accordingly the tasks assigned to this employee, can be focused on 2 different directions:

  1. Assisting traders in bidding and solving emerging problems, for example, in case of failures of quotations or acquaintance with a bidding platform, prompting significant news for profitable bidding. In this case, the individual manager service is a definite advantage over ordinary trading agents and can significantly increase the return on bidding.
  2. Promotion of the company`s clients for maximum account replenishment and further safe discharge of this account by providing false bidding advice or simply cheating.


Manager qualifications and motivation

The manager may have gotten the task of assisting a trading agent, and he even tries to do it, but if he has low qualification or no motivation for such a job, his help may do more harm than good and vice versa, if the manager himself was a trading agent earlier and understands the market, technical and fundamental analysis and is aimed, as well as motivated by the company on the bidding result of his trading agents, its assistance may be invaluable.

It can be concluded: a personal manager is only useful from a proven intermediary, with a decent reputation, and only there he really is an advantage. IQ Option has not yet been seen in the manipulations and deceptions of its users through personal managers.


Monthly transaction analysis by IQ analysts

Analysis of bidding from the side by a qualified analyst is a competitive advantage that most market participants do not possess, which immediately leads the VIP trading agent to candidates for profitable bidding.

Seeing all pros of VIP account, you can make an unequivocal conclusion about the benefits of this type of solutions from an IQ intermediary, where the privileges for trading agents with a VIP account give big advantages in bidding, and the $1000 bar itself is not a great sum, It is one of the most comfortable inputs for bidding and is recommended by many experts.

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