IQ Option: how to deposit funds?

How to deposit funds?

To work with binaries, one needs to get a real account with IQ Option intermediary and input money on it.

To work with binaries, one needs to get a real account with IQ Option intermediary and deposit money on it.

Depositing procedure

To input monetary funds to users account, he needs to go to the site under the name and press the "Deposit" button, which is in the upper right side of the page. One can also find the required item in the vertical menu.

A form will appear, where you should choose the currency of input and the sum of entrant. Afterwards select the method of money input, you can input monetary funds from a bank account/card or through wallets of EPS.

You must clear up the sum of replenishment. The starting sum is $10. If you use another currency to replenish, it will be converted into dollars at the current exchange rate automatically. One can enter the sum manually in a special field or select it from the list.After that, a window opens that is familiar to any user of the PS and all subsequent deals are the same as those that must be performed for any outgoing payment within the system.

For instance, while choosing a bank card, a window opens, where you need to enter your card number, your name/surname and ECDV. ECDV is a 3-digit numeric code that is on the back of your bank card, where you put your signature.

The starting sum to deposit is $10
The starting sum to deposit is $10

Then you need to press the “Pay” button. For safety reasons, you will be redirected to a window, where you should specify the confirmation code that is sent to your mobile phone and click “Confirm”. If the code was entered correctly, a message appears about the accomplished input of monetary assets.

The system remembers by default the data of your card, and with further deposit, you will not need to deliver the entire data again. Just select the desired card. It is possible to unlink your card by clicking “Unlink” in the upper right corner.

Recharge in digital exchange

You can select “Bitcoin” as a method to input funds and click “Go to payment”. You will be redirected to a window, where you will see the generated individual link. Copy this link. Use it to send Bitcoin from an e-wallet. Bitcoin will be converted to your real account.

You have only 15 minutes to complete this transactional unit.

If you desire to place an OTN. In the upper left corner select “Deposit OTN”. You will be offered the QR code and the OTN tokens for the transferring link. Have a pleasant trading experience.

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