Forex trading strategies 2019

Strategies are sets of automatic combinations based on analysis of various data; it is not only a fundamental analysis, but also a technical one. Such a concept as strategies helps traders to profitably close a deal using the predicted price behavior.

Each trader can use an already developed strategy or create his own. Efficiency will depend on the accuracy of the forecast and a thorough analysis of the market situation.

Traders choose the duration of the strategy, one can work a few minutes, and the other - a few hours or days. Each strategy collects data, analyzes it and provides the final result for the transaction at a certain moment and with a certain type of indicator.

At the moment, many experienced traders have developed very effective trading strategies, so you need to select the best ones. Each strategy has its own characteristics, as well as pros and cons. There are faster and more profitable strategies, there are slower, but no less effective. Each user of the trading platform selects the appropriate strategy for its working conditions. This will allow him to develop more accurate forecasts, and then understand the principles of the system better.

We can offer you to learn about the top 10 Forex strategies that are awarded on the trading platform.

Forex Overlapping Fibonacci Trade

If this is used with confirmatory signals, then the prediction may be improbably accurate. For this reason, this strategy is the most favorite among many traders.

Daily Fibonacci Pivot Trade

 Pivots here can be every day, week, month or year. If it is a combination of pivots, then the timeframe can last longer.

Strategies are sets of automatic combinations based on analysis of various data
Strategies are sets of automatic combinations based on analysis of various data

The Bladerunner Trade

Excellent EMA crossover strategy, which is used by traders for currency pairs.

Bolly Band Bounce Trade

Traders use this popularity in a wide market, and they get the best result if they use it with confirming Forex trading signals.

The Pop ā€˜nā€™ Stop Trade

If the price goes up quickly and you need to respond quickly, then this strategy will be the best choice.

Forex Dual Stochastic Trade

 there will be two stochastics, slow and fast. This strategy is very extended if we take a short-term correction.

London Hammer Trade

A very convenient strategy when the price can quickly go up, as well as when the price drops sharply.

Trading The Forex Fractal

An effective strategy, but here the trader needs to be able to analyze the market independently and improve his knowledge.

The Bladerunner Reversal

Convenient when you need to bargain.

The Drop ā€˜nā€™ Stop Trade

The trader uses this when the indicator makes sharp jumps in the opposite way.

Forex trading is always a certain risk, even when choosing the most effective and popular strategy. It is not a bot for deals, it is a combination of analyzes of various factors that influence the behavior of the indicator. Unlike the bot, the strategy needs the attention and the participation of the trader.

Choosing a strategy is a convenient and efficient way that helps to close a deal and get a guaranteed profit, without searching for information from third-party sources and conducting thorough all kinds of analysis.

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