How to trade - bad advice!

Harmful tips for fearless traders South Africa

Scientists have recently discovered that there are naughty traders who do the opposite in addition to naughty children. They are given helpful advice, and they take it and don't follow it. That's why scientists came up with the idea that such traders should be given harmful rather than helpful advice. They will do the opposite, and it turns out just right. So we have compiled a list of faulty trading advice. 

1. Always trade maximum rates!

From a yacht and your own villa in the Caribbean, you are quite a bit separated. You just need to take a big risk once - and voila. Life is short anyway, so there is nothing to exchange for minimum bets, only time to waste! Place 100 dollars at once, it worked out - increase to 1000! why waste time on trifles - put absolutely everything on the line.

2. Get out of your office job and invest all your remaining funds in trading!

It's time to start a new life! How long can you tolerate a fat, eternally dissatisfied boss - open his door with a kick from his foot and proudly throw him a letter of resignation on the table. Hint to your surprised colleagues that they are losers, that soon you will be driving past your former Lamborghini job, and perhaps even give someone a lift home. After that, immediately run to take a loan and withdraw all your money, sell a car and mortgage an apartment - invest everything in Forex! You need to trade big, because you are not some kind of loser!

Put in all the money you have!
Put in all the money you have!

3. Be sure to take a bank loan!

Do you feel like you invested too little money even when you sold your last pants? No problem! You can always take a loan from the bank! Your big plans for a yacht need a massive investment. As collateral, you can use your apartment, or the apartment of your parents, if yours is already mortgaged. An old car will do too, because soon you won't be driving this wreckage (you already have a Lamborghini in your garage!). You can always take loans from different banks - this way you get more money. And never divulge your goals about Forex, these stupid bank clerks will never become billionaires like you in the near future, in just a couple of weeks.

4. Borrow from bandits

If suddenly, for some unthinkable reason, all the banks refused you, then you should find out which of your friends can lend you a tidy sum without any questions. There are always such. So what if the percentage of return is much higher there than in the bank. You will soon be making millions! And if you sometimes forget to give them a debt, they will only do a good deed and teach you a couple of lessons on business motivation.

5. Buy strategies and signals

And here is your first day as a trader. On the Internet, you often came across tempting advertisements in which a trader who has already become a billionaire sells his signals and strategies at such a ridiculous price for future success - $ 100! Why bother and torment yourself over creating a strategy, re-read a mountain of educational literature ... It's so boring and long. Most likely this person is just very good and kind. Buy quickly! In addition, you can buy a couple more of these courses from other people.

Under stress is the best trade!
Under stress is the best trade!

6. As many indicators as possible on the chart!

Technical analysis is a very useful thing. It is a fact. Well, the more indicators there are, the higher the probability of winning. And if you apply almost all of the available ones, then it will even reach 100%! You are a genius!

7. Forget about stop losses

This is for losers and insecure people. In addition, placing stop losses takes so much of your most precious time. After all, if your funds run out, the broker will close your deal by itself. And if this did not happen, then you are still right. How could it be otherwise ??

8. Do not hesitate to follow the analytics

On one site in a survey, experts and analysts said that the euro is likely to fall. Where does such self-doubt come from? Here you can’t take it away. Away with doubts! Rather open a trade, as this analyst says. Probably he is a boring nerd, besides with a lot of complexes, since he himself does not go to trade on Forex.

Superfluous information! News is not for you!
Superfluous information! News is not for you!

9. In any of your failures, only the broker is to blame

Another deal is lost - the broker is to blame. We decided to trade on turbo options and again it was unsuccessful - the broker is to blame, which means that the orders are slowing down. We made a mistake with the forecast and the chart went in the completely opposite direction - the cunning broker deceived you with technical analysis.

The worst broker
The worst broker

10. You are much smarter than the market!

The market is like an untrained dog, but it will obey you. What else are they telling me to adjust to the market ?? Ha! He will play by my rules! You are the best trader of all times and peoples, and some market there will not break you.

11. Be true to your prediction!

You are a professional! You know everything better than anyone! No other way. If you decided that the euro will grow right here and now, then it will be so! No objection. And in no case change your mind, even if all the fundamental analysis suggests otherwise.

You are a professional! You all know better than anyone!
You are a professional! You all know better than anyone!

12. Trade under “something”.

Fear is the trader's first enemy. How to defeat him - right, drink 100 grams of a pleasure drink. If it didn’t help, it means we need to repeat it. And then you can start trading.


You have now learned the most basic harmful tips!

If you would like to test these tips in action, we recommend registering on the website and seeing if they work.

This material is for entertainment purposes only.

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