Trading apps in UK

Leading trading apps in UK

Today, there are leading companies for novices and experts at the bidding industry of UK, like IQ Option.

They suggest really high-quality trading training, which includes materials in literally all aspects, including market analysis and capital control.

Another reason why traders choose such high- quality apps is a wide range of underlying assets and contracts. Apps of these intermediaries suggest opportunities for analysis. View different sorts of charts, some useful and popular indicators.

As for experts, there are wide trading opportunities for them. For example, they can work with a position size of more than $100.



Other types of trading apps in UK

There is another category of companies at the UK market that can be called semi-professional.

In principle, all these companies are formatted exclusively for novice users. Why? First, most of them have fairly tight restrictions on the size of the minimum investment, which is $100. One cannot open a deal for $150- 200.

Second, the fact that a broker offers a minimum input of $10 already means that clients will be, for the most part, beginners.



While the UK considers many other highly reputable licensing authorities. They also include CySEC (Cyprus) with MiFid (EU) and ASIC (Australia).


Legal Regulation

The UK Financial Regulator (FCA) confirms that all assets are subject to strict controls, which are exercised from January 3, 2018.

The agency regulates products offered by London-based online trading platforms, as well as other companies.


Taxes and Fees

Income from trading of assets is income that is subject to income tax. The level of tax, for which the individual is responsible, depends on the income of the person, but will vary from 20% to 50% depending on the level of annual income. Losses from unsuccessful deals, of course, must be deducted.

Each person is personally responsible for paying such a tax and declares this income for the corresponding tax year.

Other charges include payments as inputs or withdrawals.


What to look for when choosing a broker`s app in UK

To select app in UK, you need to look at the following:

  • The licensing and regulation they hold
  • Welcome bonuses and incentives they offer
  • Ease of use and mobile offers
  • Help desk and how effective it is
  • Do they suggest a demo mode?
  • Contests and tournaments
  • Types of accounts, types of bidding, and assets available
  • Offer payments and any fees associated with bidding


Successful bidding!

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