Practice Account

Support is an essential thing in any innovations and undertakings. It is explained by a natural fear, that feels any newbie before making a first step. To secure future traders from typical mistakes and disappointments IQ Option offers to beginners simple way of use for diversity of analytical tools, detailed trainings recorded for being available any time, personal assistance and account to be used for getting skilled.

Practice account is a demo version of the platform with full scope of options with the only limitation – there is no trade for real funds, so no losses or gains except experience appears. Main benefits relate to the following:

  • learn how to use the interface and get used to it, because the speed of reaction is an important component for trading;
  • acknowledge with possible assets offered by the service and the ways to handle them;
  • study tools intended to make analysis performed by trader simplifier. Train on each type and feel confidence in decisions taken under such analysis;
  • develop not only the confidence, but special sense of successful deals. Defining the best suitable strategies and tactics that work personally for each.
  • Free usage.

It is a wide spread situation, when switching from a demo account to a real one causes people to freeze due to over responsibility and fear to lose significant funds, so as larger deposit as more difficult it is to start mentally. The size of the deposit puts pressure on the psyche and binds it. And this often leads to wrong decisions, although safes from too risky actions. No matter of amount at the personal balance, the main idea is to out in a deal not more than 1/10 of the total amount to make certain diversification and do not lose everything from the first shot.



How to replenish a demo account?

When user felt more confident there is an intention to try all obtained skills on a real deal, which requires real money. In order to replenish the balance of the test account the only needed is appropriate button, which, as a rule, is located next to the balance of the demo account. The limitation is set to 1000 for operations performed through demo-account. Option to open a new trainee account will occur, when the old one will not be used for more, that ninety days.


IQ Option suggests special offers not only for entry-level traders, but for experienced ones also:

  • VIP, that exceeds profit for binary options, allows access to special tutorial content and gives right to participate in different promotions.
  • Pro, that is a standard account for authorized users.
  • Islamic Account, that gives opportunity to trade binary options according to the faith.
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