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An intermediary strictly controlled by the EU and CySEC.

This global online trading platform has a very handy clients support service offering access in 20 various languages. It is the cheapest online trading platform ever existed having the first payment at the sum of $10. Every new comer has an opportunity to make a free trial account. To do this you need to click the button “Account”. Then you need to add your private data. If you would like to start making money at that very moment, just click “Start Trading”.

Deposits are easy finance tools to use. They include market indexes, stocks, exchange commodities, money varieties. New participants should begin taking part in this option using money varieties pairs, since they are easy to monitor and make profit from.

On the photo given below you can see an example of USD and EUR use.



To choose the option expiration date, the time of your market place being maintained (a few seconds – five months) you need to press the button EUR/USD. This time usually depends on the option participant's trading aim and the amount of money he/she markets in. For example, with the help of Dollar and Euro you can do easy marketing since their rates are not exposed to continuous change and they are easy to monitor. For this reason we so we will make a decision on the expiration date of 5-60 minutes.

However if you opted for US Dollar and BTC, we would advise you to choose 15 minutes since the rates of mentioned above currencies are exposed to continuous change.


Your first putting up of money



The above picture demonstrates the variant of first investment. Our first investment was $400. After choosing the amount of money, the option's instrument calculated $364. But in the situation of failure we have a risk to lose $400.


Choose your fortune

The last step is the need to make a decision concerning your fortune.You have two variants: in the situation when you are sure in your success you can choose “Up”, but if you are not sure enough you’d better choose “Down”. We opted for “Up” since EUR and USD held forth a hope.

At the moment the expiration date coming you will find out if you won or lost. Remember, if you win, you will get both your down payment and your wins, if you lose, you will return only your first payment.

So, we are sure this agent provides the best online trading platform for beginners ever existed since it is very easy to market with. However, every work requests experience to succeed, so it can take not very little time to get professional skills in this sphere. To do this as soon as possible you need to monitor stocks' price movements permanently. Moreover, success demands a much practice.

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