How to set several assets?

How to set several assets?

One can compare favorably IQ Option company with many other brokerage companies in the binaries market. Here is one of the topical "binary intermediaries".

IQ Option applet

IQ is actually the only intermediary from the Top that lets you make transactions outside the browser. On the company's website one can find the installation client with the intermediary's platform. The applet is absolutely identical to the web platform. Why to install it?

The applet has one major advantage. It works better with a slow Internet connection. If you do not have too fast Internet, it is recommended to download the applet.

IQ is a perfect tool for bidding

IQ is a working tool that is really one of the best. It has all essential components you need as a trader and comfortable bidding. However, after listening to a few tips, you will be able to configure the bidding platform as efficiently as one can only imagine and conclude transactions will become even easier and more comfortable.

The top panel of the screen lets you switch to bidding screens.



In the default mode, one screen is opened to the most profitable asset. To add multiple bidding windows, press the “plus” operational knob and select the asset you would like to see. Now one can switch between one`s assets.

To simultaneously show multiple screens, one should select one of the suggested layouts. All screens are interchangeable. Shift the course into the top edge of the screen until you note the hand ikon and drag one window to another.

One can customize size of screens as well. Hove over the edge of the screen and you can change its vertical and horizontal proportions.
One can maximize any screen by pushing the “Maximize chat” tab. Or one can remove useless tabs.
If one selects the layer with more screens than one has already opened, the remaining spaces will be filled automatically with the most profitable assets. 
In the layout menu, there is a check mark that records the number of opened screens. Remove this checkmark and the layout will be automatically updated according to the quantity of opened tabs. 

IQ intermediary wishes everyone effective bidding! 

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