How to open your position automatically?

Our trading platform 

It is one of the most advanced in technologies platform. It is made with high quality and is available for all kinds of devices. After entering our official website, a user can study in more details and set the trading platform. In the settings four light styles that may be changed momentarily are available. So, everyone can choose the type within which it is more comfortable for him to work. It is also possible to set trading parameters: purchase confirmation, displaying of option purchase line and etc.

In the platform itself traders have an access to four types of graphs. At the same time it is possible to choose different timeframes. One has an access to 18 time periods from 5 seconds up to 1 month with automatic interval changing when scaling. It is not very important in the line and zonal chart. But when trading on candles it is very important. The following graphical instruments are realized in our platform: segment, arm, horizontal line, Fibonacci lines and 12 most popular indicators. In addition, broker set an economic calendar and news feed in the platform in the portion “Market analysis”. 



It is interesting to note that we are one of the first companies realized in the platform an opportunity for full-fledged traders' communication where everyone can share opinions concerning a definite asset.

But the main peculiarity of our platform is that, unlike many brokers, it can be used not only online or with the help of mobile phone, but it can be also downloaded in the computer with any operational system. At the same time, the installed app, as a rule, works faster because it less loads processor and quicker than web-browser connects with server.


Now let’s consider a problem of automatic position opening.

How to open your position automatically? Trading on our platform you can open positions automatically. In the menu on the right hand side, just below the “Sell” button, click on the “Purchase at…” button. You can either choose the current market price of an asset which is set by default or by clicking on the “Plus” or “Minus” buttons, indicate any other value at which you feel comfortable to have the position open automatically. After setting the price of an asset for automatic opening of the position, click “Buy” or “Sell” to indicate the direction of a new position.

Depending on the direction of a new position, you will see a green dotted line for “Buy” or a red dotted line for “Sell”. They will be indicating the opening price level. Once the price reaches the indicated level, the position, also called “pending order”, will be opened automatically.

In order to modify the pending order mouse over the pending position on the chart, click on the “Settings” button and change the available parameters. If you wish to cancel your order, click on the “Ex” button located next to the “Settings” button. If you would like to disable the automatic opening widget, simply click on the “Close” button.

We wish you a great trading experience!

Standart Bank