How to keep position opened even at 95% loss?

Long-term strategy or the way of secure trading

One of the main components of the successful trading is significant difference in total amounts between assets bought at the lowest price and sold at the highest one. There are lots of tools used in order to predict when the price will reach its minimum such as technical and fundamental analysis, ordering consulting services, using of professional judgements and feelings. But no matter what is a subject for dealing, sometimes some unexpectable events may happen, that can turn down trends and forecasts and cause unpredictable consequences. Such events can be divided by two types: with short-termed consequences, that only shake the market and its indicator and with long-termed consequences, that change trading environment for a long time.

This is why IQ Option offers not only analytical tools, but mechanisms for certain insurance from losses, caused by uncontrollable drivers.



How it works?

There are several opportunities for users of IQ Option service for managing position and leave it opened or closed depending on selected circumstances: set the time of deal expiration (often used in minutes), set the amount of profit/loss reached for its closure or set the amount of loss to leave it opened.
The last specified opportunity gives also two options: specify certain level of loss (up to 95%) for keeping the position still opened.

Although it should be considered, that in a situation, when specified for keeping position opened loss will be reached, one fifth out of available balance of the user will be reserved by service. In case, when the loss will be increased and will exceed previously specified value, each step of such increase will cause decrease in available balance for twenty percent. Anyway, as soon as loss will be reduced to the amount below specified, reserved funds will be returned back to trader.


How to set?

  • Any action taken regarding trading should be started for deep analysis performed, that serves as a base for certain prediction;

  • Taking into account data obtained in first point and forecast made select the deal to participate it;

  • Make a bid and specify required parameters such as: amount of investment, basic asset and other parameters;

  • In case extra information was provided and the necessity to keep position opened appears button with auto closing parameters, choose level of loss in present and option for keeping position opened;

  • Monitor situation and take appropriate actions based on further changes.



One of the most valuable opportunities provided by IQ Option platform is giving the option to manage risks, full control out of deals and respective personal results. Keeping the position opened in spite of the loss occurred is one of such options, that can be easily set in couple of clicks by specifying the percent of loss and using it for keeping position. Risks related to charging fee in amount of twenty percent out of total available balance for cases when loss exceeds specified value should be considered.

We wish you enjoyable trading.

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