How to close your position automatically?

How to close your position automatically

Now our company is dynamically developing following most innovative tendencies, improving the trading platform, adding new assets and etc. Thanks to these facts a number of traders working with us have already exceeded 14 million people from 178 countries and almost every person now knows who we are.

Our options

We have 3 kinds of binary options:

  1. 1. Binary options – binaries higher/lower with rate of return up to 95%  where it is only necessary to specify future price movement and choose expiration time. Expiration time is from 60 seconds up to 1 month.
  2. 2. Digital options combine peculiarities of classical and binary options. Other brokers call this kind of options «Stairs». Here you can choose not only expiration time, but also different price levels after reaching of which a trader gets profit. Since there are higher and lower levels compared with current price, they look like stairs. 
  3. Profit on such options can reach 900%. Expiration time is from 60 seconds up to 5 minutes. But in case of high volatility of an asset, it is enough to get profit around 150–300% from every transaction.
  4. 3. Forex and Crypto – here you can trade with currency pairs and cryptocurrencies practically in a same way as with Forex brokers. Instead of expiration time, transaction closing level on profit and loss (or take profit and stop loss) is set. We give an opportunity to set closing levels on three parameters: 
  • profit percentage;

  • sum of money;

  • price level.

This way it is possible to regulate your risks and, following money management rules, to trade much more effectively.



Our company offers 62 assets for trading including 12 cryptocurrencies (not only popular Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum, but also such perspective cryptocurrencies as Dash, Zcash, Santiment and others. We also have 24 stocks, drug metals and all popular currency pairs.


Positions' closing 

How to close your position automatically? Automatic closing is used for controlling the risk or the reward from a trading operation. For the position what has already been opened. You can set up auto closing by clicking on the settings icon next to the “Close” button on the top right end corner.

For a new position use the “Auto closing button” that is located above the “Buy” button. Specify when the position must be closed: when a certain level of profit, take profit or loss, stop loss is reached. Note that you can set a profit or loss value in percentage, in money or simply put the asset price. 

Auto closing is reflected in the chart as a green dotted line for take profit and as a red dotted line for stop loss. Please note that these lines can be shifted up or down manually by using a cursor. The values corresponding to the lines change simultaneously with manual shifting. When specifying the desired loss limit, you can also enable the trailing stop mode. The trailing stop mode automatically shifts your loss limit up or down as long as the asset price moves in the desired direction. So, the position remains open. In case the price moves in an unfavorable direction, the loss limit will not shift. Please, note that the settings will also be applied to any new position you open.

We wish you successful trading.

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