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What is a multi assets trading platform?

Most trading these days is done using electronic trading terminals, and there are many software options on the market that allow trading both on stock exchanges and over-the-counter instruments. An experienced trader knows more or less which trading platform features are required for efficient trading, but for a newcomer it is difficult to find a solution to the abundance of available options.

The stock market is the most important platform for commerce around the world. You have to be familiar with the best trading system for you if you are a novice investor. You should choose the best brokerage company to maximize your investment.

A multi assets trading platform is an online system that helps traders manage their investments in various assets by providing them with real-time quotes, trading room, trading tools, personal account to monitor trades, etc. The platform will enable you to maximize your trading profits.

Mobile App 

You can access the multi-asset trading platform through any available personal computer, or even your mobile phone. You can install the app, and you will always have your work cut out for you. The functionality of the mobile app is very comprehensive and allows you to follow live quotes, buy and sell assets, and much more. There is no need to personally call your broker and ask for an order to buy or sell a certain quantity of stocks. All the work is done in a single click.

A platform for traders and investors 

A broker, in simple terms, is an intermediary that brings together the two parties involved, the exchange and the trader.

Online trading allows you to process many orders quickly and efficiently with the help of specific programs called trading platforms. With the help of these, traders execute their trades. These programs are highly functional and that is why online trading is becoming more and more popular. They offer you news, charts and indicators, stop loss and leverage features etc.

News on the multi asset trading platform
News on the multi asset trading platform

The analytical department of the platform

You cannot be successful in financial markets without a solid trading strategy and understanding of the market. You must learn to sense the market, taking into account not only technical indicators, but also fundamental ones. Any news directly affects the price movement.

Thanks to the versatility of modern trading platforms, you will be able to carry out full-fledged deals independently, based on market analysis. All necessary technical indicators, graphical analysis figures and recognition of candlestick patterns are already built in. You can apply all of your analysis tools to your price chart in one click.

You should also use fundamental analysis together with technical analysis to analyse the market more accurately.

Indicators, for example, can give false signals, because they are based on a mathematical formula and the release of important news can greatly influence the price.  That is why it is important to be aware of what is happening on the market, if you decide to trade on the exchange. The platform will help you do that.

You will have many asset options to choose from when you invest in the stock market. Make sure that you are well-prepared to choose the right multi-asset trading platform. This will allow you to be successful in your investment ventures and make it easier to choose the right strategy. It is recommended to practice trading with a small account if you are new to this type of trading.

Types of platform trading 

Platforms come in all kinds and sizes. Some platforms specialize in one market, while others offer different portfolios or analytical tools for all markets. This allows traders to easily create a diversified profile, customized for their personal use.

There are so many instruments available for trading and investing on the multi asset trading platform today. Among them are shares of international, most popular companies on the market, as well as indices, currency pairs, options, commodities and metals. There is a suitable instrument for everyone!

Platform for stock trading 

The main purpose of buying a stock is to make a profit. You can earn money in two ways: through dividends or by earning the difference between the price at which stocks are bought and sold.

Choose an asset for investment
Choose an asset for investment

The stock market is traditionally divided into two types of participants, depending on the timing and method of investment: medium/long term and short term investors, both conservative and speculative. Their tactics, risk attitudes and involvement differ dramatically. So as soon as you decide to enter the stock market, decide right away whether you will be investing or speculating.

There are more than 150 stocks of various companies on the platform, study their data and create your own efficient investment portfolio!

Platform for forex trading 

Currency trading, also known as forex trading, allows investors to profit from a slight increase or decrease in the value of currencies.

A currency pair is the ratio of one currency to another. For example, by trading the currency pair EUR/USD, a trader buys Euros and pays for them in U.S. dollars. This means that the first currency in the pair is considered a base currency, and the second - quoted. If the price of EUR/USD goes up, the trader earns on the rise of the currency pair, if the pair goes down - the transaction generates losses.

Popular currency pairs
Popular currency pairs

Technical analysis helps to determine and predict the behaviour of the exchange rate. The economic calendar is also used for fundamental analysis for predicting the behaviour of currencies. The calendar contains information on economic and political events of the countries, which allows you to justify your trading decisions.

Platform for trading options 

Options are a form of trading on an underlying asset. The basis asset can be a stock, bond, product or any other type of trading tool. For this reason, they are known as 'derivative' products because the option price depends on the price of the underlying asset.

In Internet option trading, if you buy an option contract, this gives you the discretion, but not the commitment, to buy or sell the underlying asset at or before a specified future date.

Also, a popular type of options are binary contracts, where you have to guess the direction of price movements.

Platform for trading commodities 

In commodities trading, there are four main categories which define the commodities market; these are agricultural, energy, metal, and livestock commodities.

Commodities trading platform
Commodities trading platform

Commodity speculators prefer to work mainly in the CFD and options markets, because these instruments do not involve real delivery of the commodity on the expiration date. Thus, buying, holding and selling a contract can generate profits without the need to actually own the commodity.

Platform for ETF trading 

ETFs, Exchange-Traded Funds, can help diversify your securities' portfolio. An ETF is a set of securities. By purchasing a share in the fund, you become the owner of a small part of this set.

ETFs originally appeared as index funds - they replicate baskets of stock indexes like the Dow Jones or the S&P 500. For example, one of the most common ETFs is the SPY fund, whose value corresponds to the S&P 500 stock index.

That's why ETFs are called index funds. But now there are many funds that take as their basis not just an index, but an industry or a particular direction.

For example, ETFs which select shares of smartphone or PC manufacturers or only home appliance manufacturers, etc. for their portfolios.

Cryptocurrency trading 

Cryptocurrency trading is a promising new direction in online trading, which gives an opportunity to earn profits by trading in digital currencies.  Crypto-currency trading is Internet trading but in this case, instead of the usual assets (currencies, stocks, bonds, etc), the trader trades in digital currencies (e.g. Bitcoin).

Cryptocurrency trading platform
Cryptocurrency trading platform

A platform adapted to multiple assets can make trading in these markets much more accessible to traders.

This allows them to have more flexibility as well as more options.  Be sure to test the platform on a demo account to make sure it can meet all your trading requirements.

How to start using a multi asset trading platform in South Africa? 

If you want to start using the multi asset trading platform in South Africa, the first thing you should do is register and create your account. This will allow you to track your trades, analyse your profits and losses and, on that basis, modify your strategy, add more performing assets or, conversely, get rid of those that you were not interested in.

Registering on the investing platform
Registering on the investing platform

Registering an account is very simple and does not bind you in any way, just follow the instructions of the system, specify your email and wait for further instructions. Once you've filled in your form and submitted it, you'll receive an email to activate your account. 

Advantages of the platform  

You've already realized from the article that the platform does have a very wide range of features. It is a comfortable and flexible trading platform with different assets that was created for you by professionals. Analytical department with charts, indicators for all tastes, news feeds, video tutorials on various topics, user-friendly and functional mobile application, support service, leverage, etc. Use it - it's all for you!

Demo account 

If you are new to trading, or simply want to try out a new strategy, then our Demo Account is ideal for you. This demo account enables you to experience first-hand how to use the features and functionality of a multi asset trading platform in South Africa.

A demo account is very easy to use, and the basis of this simplicity is that you can't lose your real money.

But if you treat demo trading like real trading, it can teach you a lot. When it comes time to enter the real market, you will be very familiar with all the tools and strategies - trading will be much easier with this kind of experience!

Select the type of account for work
Select the type of account for work

Trading Account 

You can also sign up for a live account. This will require you to make a deposit, which is a small amount that needs to be paid in order to start trading. A merchant account enables you to buy assets without any hassle. The funds transferred by the client are accumulated on his trading account, accordingly, all the profits he receives from trading operations will also be credited in real money to the same account.

So, before you start making money, you need to understand basic exchange concepts and trading rules. How things will go from here depends on your persistence, aptitude and willingness to learn. Good Luck!

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