Bybit Crypto Derivatives - How to trade Bybit Derivatives in South Africa

What is Bybit?

The founding team consists of professionals in the blockchain industry and investment banking business. At the moment, the company employs about 250 people, and now the staff is also expanding. The team is open to communication with users, is active in social networks and forums. The crypto exchange offers perpetual contracts with top cryptocurrencies on favorable terms. One of the features of the exchange is the lack of verification.

What are crypto derivatives?

A derivative is a financial agreement about the future price of a cryptocurrency, security, good or service. The subject of such a contract is called the underlying asset. Sellers and buyers of derivatives do not own the underlying assets, but sell and buy the right to execute the contract.

Traders make money by changing the price of the underlying asset. Since the future market price of the underlying asset is unknown, all traders assume the risk. If at the time of the execution of the contract the goods have fallen in price, then the seller receives the profit, and the buyer remains at a loss. If the price of the goods has risen, then the buyer remains the winner.

To increase earnings, a trader uses leverage - a loan provided by the exchange. The leverage is proportional to the deposit that the trader has made. Thanks to this, a trader can make transactions for large amounts. Leverage varies by exchange. Most exchanges provide leverage with a commission.

What is a crypto derivatives exchange?

Now, some exchanges also offer the option to buy and trade derivatives. These are contracts that are usually issued by the exchange itself and can only be bought and sold on the platform. The main goal of investing and trading is to make a profit by minimizing risk and maximizing rewards. Bybit offers derivatives that provide traders in South Africa with an efficient way to profit from cryptocurrency price movements. Choosing the right derivatives exchange depends on what the trader wants from the market. Unlike traditional markets, where each broker offers the same derivatives traded on the same exchange, each cryptocurrency derivatives exchange has its own products.

Bybit crypto derivatives trading platform
Bybit crypto derivatives trading platform

How does cryptocurrency derivatives trading work?

The popularity of derivatives continues to grow. They are an effective tool to help traders manage risk. It is important to be clear about what derivatives are and how derivatives trading systems work. Essentially, derivatives are capital efficient trading instruments that derive their value from other assets. Crypto derivatives trading on the Bybit platform is more flexible and manageable as it derives its value from the primary underlying asset. Crypto derivatives markets often use leverage, and with derivatives, traders have the opportunity to gain an edge in terms of risk management while increasing their income. In recent years, there has been a lot of interest in crypto derivatives for a number of reasons. Trading in derivatives has its advantages and limitations. 

You can work for Bybit in South Africa now.

How to Trade Bybit Derivatives in South Africa?

It is very easy to trade Bybit derivatives in South Africa. For this you need:

  • Open a trading account.
  • Top up balance.
  • Select the type of derivative.
  • Analyze the market.
  • Carry out the purchase of a contract.

How to register?

Registration for Bybit is available from anywhere in the world. The registration process is extremely simple and takes about one minute.

On the main page, select the language of the site. If you entered the address of the exchange website yourself in the browser, then the language selection button is in the upper right. On the main page of the site there is the registration form itself. It will need to indicate either an email address or a phone number.

You will also need to come up with a password. Be careful when entering your password. Bybit does not require you to enter the password again, so if you enter it with an error, Bybit will remember it with this error. Before submitting the form, it will be superfluous to click on the eye icon in the password input field and check if there were any typos when typing.

Registration form
Registration form

After that, there is only one step left before successful registration - entering a confirmation code of six digits. If you registered using an email address, the code will be sent in a letter. And if the registration was carried out by phone number, then you will receive the code in SMS. If the code is entered correctly, the registration form will disappear from the main page of the site, and this means that the registration was completed successfully - you are authorized on the site. Now in the upper right corner of the site you see your login: phone number or email address.

Verify your email
Verify your email

How to open a demo account?

The way of registering a Bybit demo account is different from the classic scheme. Those who need test functionality should use the login to another Bybit testnet portal. Regardless of the preferred method of gaining access to your personal account, you should come up with and enter a strong password to protect your account from unauthorized authorization. Next, we will consider registration using an example of using email. Enter the required data and optionally a promo code. Next, you should note your agreement to the terms and the privacy policy of the company. A careful study of these documents will allow you to avoid possible sanctions for unwanted activity when trading, which is especially important when working with real money. After clicking on the registration button, the system will send an email with a verification code to the specified email address, which must be entered into the appropriate area. of all the necessary checks, the client enters the trading application interface.

Select an account option
Select an account option

How do I open a real account?

To open a live account and receive a welcome bonus from the exchange, do the following:

  • You can register by email or mobile phone number. The exchange will not allow using a simple password. Strong passwords are more secure.
  • Click on the "Register" button. Congratulations, registration completed successfully!
  • To confirm the activation of the referral bonus, the corresponding icon will be displayed opposite the "Referral program" tab.
  • We recommend that you enable two-factor authentication. There are two options available for this: SMS confirmation, Google authentication.

To set up two-factor authentication, go through the icon of your personal account on the "Account and Security" tab. Congratulations! You have opened an account with Bybit and received a welcome bonus from the exchang.

How to top up a deposit?

Cryptocurrency exchange Bybit provides its clients with the opportunity to replenish their account in two ways - by transferring cryptocurrency and through a fiat gateway. In both cases, the replenishment occurs without a commission from the exchange:

  • Find and click on the "Assets" button on the docked panel at the top of the screen.
  • Select the "Deposit" function.
  • Select the type of coin and the type of network. The system will automatically show the wallet address that should be used to make a payment, as well as a QR code that can be scanned for easy payment.

You can also choose the type of wallet within your account, where funds will be automatically sent: derivative or spot. By using third-party gateways, ByBit can accept standard fiat currencies for payment. To buy cryptocurrency for fiat, you need to follow these steps:

  • Click on the "Buy Cryptocurrency" button located on the fixed panel at the top of the screen.
  • In the upper left window, select the fiat for payment and the purchased type of cryptocurrency.
  • The service providers ready to work with the selected currency pair will be shown on the right side of the page. Each of the services has its own terms of service, including the size of the commission and payment methods.
  • Click the "Buy" button opposite the supplier offering the best conditions.
  • The ByBit exchange will warn you what is required to complete the transaction through this particular provider.

Further instructions will depend on the selected supplier. Some require you to create an account on their site, others require you to go through several levels of verification to remove restrictions and limits, etc.

Deposit replenishment
Deposit replenishment

Minimum deposit amount

All coins have no minimum deposit requirements, with the exception of SOL.

Minimum deposit
SOL 0.01 SOL
Other coins No minimum deposit

How to withdraw money?

To withdraw funds from Bybit, you need to have two-factor authentication enabled on your account.

To withdraw funds you need:

  • Go to the "My Assets" section.
  • In the horizontal menu, select "Assets" and click the "Wallet Management" button.
  • Select the wallet's cryptocurrency, enter the address and give it a name (Address Name) that will appear next to it in the list of your addresses. You can use anything you like as a name: for example, "Cold wallet" or "Wallet in the phone".
  • Adding an address must be confirmed by entering the two-factor authentication code that you see in the Google Authenticator app. Enter this code in the appropriate boxes and click “Confirm”.
  • Adding an address must be confirmed by entering a two-factor authentication code. Enter this code in the appropriate boxes and click “Confirm”.
  • In the list of assets, opposite each cryptocurrency in which you can keep an account, there is a button "Withdraw funds".
  • Click the button corresponding to the cryptocurrency you are withdrawing. A pop-up widget will appear on the screen with additional information and output details.
  • If you agree with all this, enter the withdrawal amount and select the address to which you want to withdraw funds. Next to each address will be the name you gave it when you added it to the address list. After entering all the data, click the "Confirm" button.
Derivatives account on Bybit
Derivatives account on Bybit

How does Bybit derivatives trading work?

The terminal of the platform tries to meet all the actual needs of users, offering the tools necessary for trading and monitoring the market:

  • Financial information.
  • The chart represents a wide variety of instruments: all popular display options (bars, lines, Japanese candlesticks).
  • Order book: prices and volume of orders.
  • Interface for setting up and sending an order.
  • Control panel for orders and positions.

How is derivatives trading different from spot trading?

Spot trading involves the direct buying and selling of financial instruments and assets such as cryptocurrencies. When trading the spot markets, only the assets you own are used - no leverage or margin. Centralized exchanges for spot trading monitor compliance with regulations, security, client assets (provide custodian service) and other factors, thereby facilitating trading. exchanges charge transaction fees. Decentralized exchanges provide similar services, but using smart contracts on the blockchain.

A spot market is a public financial market in which assets are traded immediately.

Spot traders try to make a profit in the market by buying assets with the expectation that they will rise in value. When the price of an asset rises, they can sell the asset at a profit. Spot prices are updated in real time and change as orders match.

A derivative is a financial instrument that is derived from an underlying asset.

Simply put, it is an agreement between the parties, which obliges them to mutual fulfillment of obligations in relation to the underlying asset. Such an asset can be a commodity or a precious metal, currency or bonds, stocks, stock indices - in general, any asset that has value.

There are many types of derivatives, but most of them relate to risk management and speculative instruments. There are 4 most common types:

  • Futures.
  • Forward contracts.
  • Options.
  • Swaps.
Bybit traderoom
Bybit traderoom

What are Bybit derivatives?

The exchange allows traders around the world to engage in leveraged margin trading using a range of crypto products, and digital assets can be traded using up to 100x leverage. Bybit also includes cutting-edge technology, robust security protocols, and a dedicated customer support team designed to help the exchange compete against the leading derivatives trading providers in the market.

How can you trade derivatives on Bybit?

Bybit is in the top 5 cryptocurrency derivatives exchanges according to ratings. 

Bybit cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform offers perpetual derivative contracts for top cryptocurrencies as well as stablecoin Tether (USDT). 

Bybit features the fastest contract execution in the industry, high transparency, and user-friendly tools that are suitable for both novice traders and professional market players. Moreover, the Bybit team pays special attention to supporting a powerful community of traders around the world.

Bybit cryptocurrency derivatives in South Africa
Bybit cryptocurrency derivatives in South Africa

What are the derivatives on Bybit?

Perpetual contracts, like futures, are a derivative financial instrument, but they do not have a maturity and expiration date, they are traded at the price level of the underlying asset. When trading these contracts, users use leverage, thanks to which it becomes possible to multiply the profit from the transaction. In addition, with the help of perpetual contracts, you can trade short, that is, on a decrease in the price of an asset. Bybit's crypto derivatives in South Africa are currently in force. However, you should never forget about the risks, because in the event of a price movement in a negative direction, the user will incur increased losses, which may result in the complete liquidation of the position. Therefore, you need to approach trading perpetual contracts prepared. Three types of contracts are available for trading: "Inverse Perpetual", "Perpetual USDT" and "Inverse Futures".

The platform for trading cryptocurrency derivatives Bybit attracts traders with the speed of the platform and ease of use.

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