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IQ Option introduces x20 & x25 multipliers for cryptos

Multiplier becomes increasingly popular. Its activity is centered around the use of borrowed assets.

Using a multiplier, an agent is able to exercise control over open contracts, the parameters of which exceed greatly his investments.

To reveal the essence of its action, consider the following example: if a trader concludes a contract for $100 and uses a x10 multiplier, then his estimated income, as well as potential losses, will be calculated as if his input was initially $1,000.

As a multiplier, IQ Option suggests agents x25 for Bitcoin CFD and x20 for Ethereum.

Trading of Binaries

IQ Option is entirely equal to web version. Point out, to trade binaries, you should not pass whole days at your PC. Download the app for your Android device, consequently, trading will be in immediate access on your smartphone, available around-the-clock.

Moreover, not just sophisticated traders can use the applet, but new people in this field can do it too. The programmers of IQ Option give a demo account. Try to act as a trading agent to see, whether it will be possible to make money on it or not, perfectly safe, without risk-taking. Each customer can trade standard assets. The precursor deposit is ten dollars.

Learning on IQ Option demo is perfectly safe
Learning on IQ Option demo is perfectly safe

Withdrawal of money

IQ Option allows displaying any amounts earned to all widely publicized payment systems. Another not-insubstantial point that impacts the user’s comfortable interaction with this smart product is the «0» commission. Services are free. 

Main Features of IQ Option

  1. it allows making transactions on binaries at any time convenient for the customer;
  2. there is a demo account for initial workouts before the start of earnings;
  3. a deposit to start is from $10;
  4. withdrawal of money earned are without commission fee;
  5. customers can reach out to the online support via chat;
  6. there is a simple and intuitive interface to buy and sell binaries in one «tap»;
  7. it functions only on new versions of the Android OS.

Nota bene! The applet is used for various contracts: both with a short expiration time and with a longer one.

The instrument is perfect for executing contracts centered around the price difference (CFD). Conduct operations even with the irreducible changes in quotations.

To achieve optimal performance, learn to correctly use IQ Opion, since it can not only maximize your personal income, but also deliver very significant losses of the same extent.

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The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose