IQ Option guide pdf

IQ Option guide pdf

IQ Option can be considered one of the best. A person needs at least minimal knowledge in the field of bidding.


The IQ bidding terminal allows everyone to bid both in the browser and installing the applet on one`s PC.

Let`s briefly go through the terminal and its settings:

  • the upper part shows information on the bidding account, its balance is displayed; when one clicks on the balance in the drop-down menu, one can select the account type (real or demo);
  • at the top of the terminal, there is a grid layout button to set how many graphs should be displayed on the screen. It is possible to represent up to 9 graphs and skip between them;
  • on the left side of the terminal, there is information on one`s deals, open positions, news released, tournaments, which are conducted by the intermediary, as well as the video training and help section;
  • in the left part, there is a non-switchable indicator of the choice of traders, it shows the percentage ratio between sellers and buyers, as well as tools for manipulating the graph;
  • the right side of the terminal is reserved for the selection of the expiration date, the bid sum, the deal direction.

One can select the account type: real or demo

To configure the IQ Option terminal, one can change such parameters as:

  • trade - time zone: interface language, theme, and interface scale;
  • trade: here everything can also be left unchanged, if desired, one can make sure that a confirmation is requested at the time of the transaction;
  • keyboard shortcut: it just lets into the basic and additional shortcuts in the terminal.
Terminal IQ Option contains 12 main indices
Terminal IQ Option contains 12 main indices

Work with the chart

There are a few ways to display graphics in the terminal:

  1. linear - a simple line showing the current price;
  2. zonal - the same line, but the space under it is filled with a certain color, it affects only the perception of the graph;
  3. candlesticks;
  4. bars.

Most trading agents prefer Japanese candlesticks: for each candle, one can determine the closing/opening price, as well as the extremes established within it.This allows to get an idea of whether bulls or bears prevail.

How to bid in IQ Option: a couple of tips

  1. never treat bid as a lottery;
  2. even if you bid turbo assets, try to enter the market only on the basis of clear signals from your bidding strategy. The analysis of the chart is essential even for the smallest time-frames.

Terminal IQ Option is good, because it contains 12 main indices. Many online bidding platforms provide 3-4 indices.

When adding an indice to the chart, a small guide to its application appears. These are not bad strategies, but one shouldn’t count on high profitability.

One can work with the schedule with graphical tools. 4 tools are available:

  1. ray;
  2. section;
  3. straight line;
  4. Fibonacci levels.

For a quick analysis, it is enough.


  1. There is no universal recipe for how to make money on IQ Option, one can only advise to enter the market with arguments, not at random, i.e. develop one`s own bidding strategy or find a suitable one.
  2. The terminal is quite easy to use, compared to solutions from competitors.

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