IQ Option download for iPhone

IQ Option download for iPhone

The hero of our actual little survey is a unique applet IQ Option. It allows trading agents to trade assets. As an intermediary, it has proven itself at the highest level. The application for iPhone has been launched recently.

Feature set

IQ Option for iPhone is a real operation center located on your device. Proficient traders and beginners can launch their journey to making the best deals in their lives, track the market movements, get express support online, etc. Let`s delve into the variety of functions.


After downloading the free app, the following alternatives are available: to create an account or to work in a free demo mode. The creators of the platform take care of the user, since it would be extremely uncomfortable for beginners to launch their acquaintance with the assets` market risking losing their gains.

A demo mode allowing to receive $1000 as a virtual currency and plenty of practice was created especially for them.

Proficient traders or novice, who have gained experience in demo mode, will have to sign up: enter their email, password, the amount they need to make as the first input.

Various bonuses constantly appear, allowing to receive a bonus to the sum of the first input, often reaching 100%.

The IQ Option app looks amazing
The IQ Option app looks amazing

Trading Screen

The trading screen shows all the necessary data to conduct successful transactions.

  1. These are the expiry levels located in the middle of the screen. The schedule has flexible settings that are governed by both gestures and special buttons located in the lower left corner. For example, to approximate the graphics, you need to make the gesture «Pinch-to-Zoom» familiar to all owners of mobile devices.
  2. It is worth noting the bottom panel, on which data about transactions is located: closed and current transactions, as well as a form for processing new transactions. All panels differ in ideally verified layout. In the panel of closed transactions, you can see not only the time of the selected type of asset and the possible gain, but also the exact time of closing the transaction. When 60 seconds or less remains until the moment of truth, the countdown begins. It is very useful for experienced agents, who prefer the hedging strategy.
  3. Select panels located on the left and on the top. With their help, you can change the type of asset, expiration time, explore your own trading history and much more in two clicks. The panel on the left «hides» from the users` eyes, allowing you to have more space to study the expiration level graphs.

Additional features

Directly in their offspring, creators of the applet have embedded a detailed FAQ, which contains various issues related to both trade and the operation of the applet. Unsolvable situations can be resolved using the online help-desk.


The app looks amazing: the colors are pleasant, the interfaces clutter is not felt, and the response time of the menu and the animation for drawing the graphics are perfect.


The app sets a serious bar, on which not all competing means can climb. Experienced traders and beginners will be able to appreciate not only the ease of handling the app for iPhone, but also a stunning appearance that allows you to trade in comfort.

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