CoinTiger Crypto Derivatives - How to trade CoinTiger Derivatives in South Africa

What is CoinTiger?

In 2017, when the first record rise in the rate of cryptocurrencies took place, trading platforms began to actively launch. At the same time, the CoinTiger cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform appeared.

CoinTiger services

The trading platform opens up good opportunities for traders to operate with digital coins. The list of available services includes:

  • Spot sale;
  • Perpetual contracts;
  • Pools of liquidity.


CoinTiger cryptocurrency exchange was founded by Chinese entrepreneur Jiyuan Bao, who managed to assemble a team of local specialists. Yuxin Zhang took the place of director, and Michel Zhang was appointed as the chief marketing specialist. The head of the technical department was the former chairman of the largest community of crypto projects Ripple and Stellar in China - RippleFox.

The trading platform was officially launched on November 15, 2017.



The exchange is operated by CoinTiger Labs, a Singapore-based company. Local legislation provides fairly loyal conditions for doing business in the field of cryptocurrencies.

There are no restrictions in the user agreement for clients wishing to register on the exchange. 

The official CoinTiger website is open to everyone. The owners of the trading platform have not defined any territorial restrictions or any other prohibitions. 

The user agreement does not even say anything about the minimum age for registering participants. Although all exchanges usually set a limit of 18 years.

Available cryptocurrencies and popular trading pairs

The listing of digital coins, which are operated by users of the CoinTiger crypto exchange, includes more than 100 coins. They have formed almost 300 trading pairs, the highest liquidity among which is demonstrated by BTC / USDT, ETH / USDT, GCR / USDT, XRP / USDT and LTC / USDT. The main trading volumes pass through them.

Exchange token

The founders of the platform created the TCH coin. 

Initially, its goal was to attract new users and investors. These tokens can be used in three ways:

  • For trading and making money on the difference in rates;
  • Pay commissions with a 50% discount;
  • Buy votes to promote new coins in the exchange rating.

As of the end of July 2021, the TCH smart contract is being renewed from the old ETH address, and coins are being reissued on the new ERC, BSC and HECO blockchains. The total emission will remain at the same level - 1 billion coins.

Since June 21, 2021, the company has suspended TCH deposits and withdrawals, but token trading on the exchange has continued. Also, users who had these coins on their wallets will receive updated coins in a commensurate amount.

TCH coin
TCH coin

Types of orders

CoinTiger offers 3 types of orders for transactions to buy or sell cryptocurrencies:

  • Limit price. The basic order that all newbies use. To register it, it is enough to indicate the volume of coins for sale or purchase and the cost. Such an order is suitable when a jump or fall in the rate is expected, since you can set higher or lower prices for the future. The order will be executed when the value reaches the specified value.
  • Market. An order to quickly buy or sell coins. The request is created at the current market price and executed the same minute. It is enough for a trader to indicate the number of coins that he buys or sells.
  • Stop limit. Such an order makes it possible to make money on short ups and downs in the rate of coins, that is, it is applicable on pumps and dumps. If a large number of requests to buy a little-known coin is found in the order book, most likely, interest in it is artificially heated. The event can lead to a sharp jump in the course, and this can be used.

Mobile app

The CoinTiger cryptocurrency exchange is available not only on the website, but also in the mobile application. It is designed for iOS and Android operating systems. You can go to the page with links to the official software from the footer. 

Download mobile app
Download mobile app

Support service

To contact the administration of the exchange, you must send a request by email. There is a technical support department, as well as separate email addresses for business proposals and coin listings. It is more convenient for ordinary traders to contact company representatives in an online chat.

What are cryptocurrency derivatives?

In addition to the usual asset trading, there is an opportunity to use various financial instruments on the crypto market. One of them is crypto derivatives, which are essentially an agreement between a buyer and a seller for the future value of a digital asset. The participants in this transaction do not own the underlying asset for which the contract was drawn up. In this case, the subject of the transaction is the right to perform the contract.

There are the following main types of derivatives: 

  • Futures are contracts to sell or buy an underlying asset at a future date at a predetermined price. An example of such a contract is a pre-order of goods, in which the buyer pays a predetermined price but receives the goods later. CoinTiger crypto futures trading are very popular among the users;
  • Options are an agreement that gives the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell an underlying asset at a predetermined price in the future. An example of options in real life is asking the seller to hold the commodity for a period of time;
  • Swaps are an instrument involving two contracts at once. The first contract seeks to buy or sell the underlying asset at the time it is entered into and the second contract specifies the conditions for selling or buying the underlying asset in the future. Swaps are regarded as a more complex version of futures. An example of this is buying a commodity from a supplier and contracting for the future delivery of the same commodity to a final consumer;
  • CFD (contract for difference) - an agreement for the difference in the price of an underlying asset. If the price of an asset falls during the term of the contract, the buyer pays the difference. If the price of the asset rises, the seller pays the difference. A simple example of such a contract is a special offer in some shops, in which the seller promises to pay back the difference in price if the buyer finds the product cheaper.
CoinTiger crypto futures trading
CoinTiger crypto futures trading

What you need to know before using crypto derivatives?

Derivatives for such highly volatile assets as cryptocurrencies should be used only after a careful study of the instruments themselves and how they work, otherwise there is a high risk of not only completely losing funds, but also going into a deep minus. We recommend that beginners be very careful with all derivatives.

We must constantly remember that derivatives are aimed at active traders and speculators who constantly conclude deals. Due to their low fees and built-in leverage, crypto derivatives are especially popular among speculators.

Leverage is a loan in the form of cash or assets provided to a trader to enter into a trade. 

For beginners, it is better to get started with experience in trading, master the basic concepts and learn how to feel the signals for market movement. After that, you need to develop your own strategy that takes into account the risks in a crisis and high volatility of the economy, and only then start working with crypto derivatives.

How to use instruments in trading?

Specific market situations in which crypto derivatives can be used: 

  • Risk of falling quotes. Futures can be used to sell an asset and earn money on falling prices, and options can insure an investor against the risk of a decline in quotes. For example, for mining farms that predict the production of cryptocurrency over a certain period of time, options can become a tool to protect against depreciation when the farm's profitability is insured with a put option; 
  • The presence of a stable trend. CFDs and futures can provide increased profits in the event of strong market movements.

How to Trade CoinTiger Derivatives in South Africa?

How to register?

Go to the CoinTiger official website, click "Register" to go to the registration page.

Registration form
Registration form

How to replenish a deposit?

Click in the upper right corner of "Funds" - "Deposit".

Select the coin you want to deposit.

For some coins, there are two ways to make a deposit. A regular deposit must be confirmed in blocks and there will be a commission upon deposit. BinXin Pay supports zero fees, instant transfers and does not require block confirmation, but your CoinTiger assets need to be transferred from Bixin Pay.

You can check your deposit at "Deposit Records".


  • Please check your deposit tokens and deposit address before you start making a deposit, your assets will not be recovered if you deposit to the wrong address.
  • The deposit address will be affected by the block update, please always make a deposit to a new address.
  • Parts of the token have restrictions on the minimum deposit amount (for example, the minimum deposit amount is 50), be sure to read all the tips before making a deposit.Smart contract or block reward deposits are currently not supported.
  • Enter your mobile phone or email and create a password.
  • Enter the code that came to your phone / mail.
Deposit replenishment
Deposit replenishment

How to withdraw money?

Click on "Funds" - "Balance" to go to the withdrawal page.

If you've never set a funds password before, set a funds password first.

Select the withdrawal token, click "Manage Addresses" - "Add Address" and enter the relevant information according to the tips.

Write the withdrawal amount, confirmation code, asset password and other available information on the withdrawal page, click "Submit" after double check.

You can check the progress of the withdrawal in "Record Withdrawal" after the withdrawal.


  • Please check your deposit tokens and deposit address before you start making a deposit, your assets will not be recovered if you deposit to the wrong address.
  • Please do not withdraw your assets to the smart contract address, otherwise your assets will not be recovered.

The minimum withdrawal amount and withdrawal fees are different for each token, please check the additional information after you click the token on the withdrawal page.

CoinTiger crypto futures in South Africa become more and more popular. Start CoinTiger Derivatives Trading and everything will work out!

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