IQ Option account settings

Account settings

Are you going to get the best bidding experience? It is as simple as ABC with an effective intermediary! Find a detailed information concerning account settings in IQ Option. Let`s make bidding experience more convenient.

IQ account settings

To get to the “Account settings” press “Personal Data” on the home screen or press the profile ikon to select “Personal data”, if one is in a trade room.

Here one can customize one`s account settings. To make the procedure of bidding more comfortable, one can change the interface language and the time zone. One can hide one`s real name by enabling the using a public profile feature. 

By doing so, one will be offered some names generated automatically. Pick one of them. Please, note, one`s real name will be hidden only for public online events. If one wants to use one`s real name, simply disable the using of the public profile feature.

To change one`s individual e-mail address, click e-mail and enter a new e-mail address. 



In order to close one`s account temporarily, take “Close account”. One`s account will be deactivated till one decides to log in or make any transactions. In order to reactivate one`s account, one should opt for a support team. Please be aware, IQ has an effective 24\7 help desk!

In order to make changes in one`s personal data, such as one`s name, last name, phone number or address, go to the personal data section. Please note, one can change one`s personal data, only if one has not verified the account yet or have notcompleted the checking p rocedure.

To complete one`s phone number, go to the phone checking transaction and click “Confirm now”.

To change one`s name, family name and home address, click “Verify personal data”. Enter the name, family name, sex, date of birth, home address to verify the personal data.

To provide a proof of one`s identity and a proof of one`s address, watch the “Account checking” video. It contains a detailed instruction on how to act to assure your identity checking correctly.

If one forgot the password, one can restore it by clicking the “password” link, when one signs into the site or up. Enter the e-mail one used for registration. One will get an e- mail with a link to setting a new password. 

Follow the link and reset the password. Just use the step-by-step procedure and have a pleasant bidding experience!

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