Todd Gordon trading analysis

Todd Gordon trading analysis

Todd Gordon–a founder of where market case study and currency, goods and stock markets' marketing strategies are given for dilettantes and professional dealers-in-goods.

A few marketing instrumentsintegration

Todd Gordon thinks that it is necessary to combine two marketing instruments which can dovetail into one another. It can help to boost confidence in formation for any technical method you use. For example, we can combine   Elliott Wave Principle and Fibonacci retracement . InTodd Gordon's opinion, if there are any evidence of large movement, not only Y axis analysis, but also X axis analysis can help swing-dealers-in-goodsto choose transaction moment correctly.


Todd Gordon considers marketing as, firstly, a “probabilities game, and, secondly, as a large conditional construct (if this thing will happen, it is necessary to do that thing). Elliott Waves, in his opinion, are the best way for discretionary trading to draw up your own game plan with a fewcase scenarios.Elliott Waves' analysis is not difficult. You will need some time to learn to understand it. However, the waves will not be able to predict future market events definitely.

Marketing –a work with uncertainty and choice of the most probable way.


Market behaviour

Todd Gordon supposes that market will always change, and it is not possible to calculate it. That is why it is necessary to remain modest and be conscious of all these instruments being just a way of maximum probability formations finding. You need to find the thing that will give you confidence.

Your own instruments finding

In Todd Gordon's opinion you need to start with finding the thing that works in your situation. You need to find such a method and then study it as better as possible.This is really a first step, and this step may be the most difficult.

Next important step is to understand that it is necessary to get hold of yourself, but not of market. Learn to open transactions with small risks and big profit. Repeat it again and again. And this time you will feel yourself comfortable trying to earn as much as possible. Your method, even if you spent on it a great deal of time, - only a small part of success. Everything lies in self-control.

Marketing game

Todd Gordon says that it is a combination of mathematics, science and psychology. That is why this game –one of the most fascinating in the world.

In marketing, undoubtedly, there are quantitative aspects. But there are also psychological and qualitative aspects. There is also an artistic aspect: every artist is able to identify graphic models.

Marketing for everyone

Certainly, It hink that everyone can become a dealer-in-goods. It is not about higher education and not about to be a specialist in some sphere. To become a good dealer-in-goods, you should be sure in yourself and live in harmony with your life. The bottom line is that you need to have a good method, instruments for the method's support and confidence for consistent application of this method.

Risks management

Todd Gordon thinks that to scale up market power, it is necessary to take positions in the market. There comes a point when you, basing on the graphics, see that open position will bring nothing except losses. So we come back to the topic of planned marketing. When, basing on the graphics, you see that your plan no longer applies, it is necessary to leave the market.

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