IQ Options MACD

IQ Options MACD

People consider sliding mean intersection, nonintersection or the MACD as one of the easiest and most efficacious world history impulsive wave formers. MACD strategy IQ Option helps monitoring trends.

IQ options how to use MACD

This detector is used for identification of access and out points. This instrument makes appropriate signals at trend's starting and finishing.


Quick and low-speed lines

Some people think that it is more difficult to understand this tool's working system than to practice it. Let’s take exponential sliding means having 12 and 26 periods to get to the button of the sliding mean intersection/nonintersection logic.


This picture gives us the following information:



  • The two sliding mean lines crossing the prices diagram agree with the blue quick detector's line crossing the flat-lying neutral line. The instrument's point equals to the inequality of exponential sliding means and relevant periods.
  • The orange low-speed line presents the medium blue detector's line value.

It is seen that except above mentioned lines the detector also makes use of green and red bars.

Green bars are used in cases of:

1) a quick line being situated above a low-speed line and a growth of space between them;

2) a quick line being situated below a low-speed line and declination space between them.

Red bars are used in cases of:

1) a quick line being situated below a low-speed one and growth of the space between them;

1) a quick line being situated above a low-speed one and declination of the space between them.

Firstly people may consider this situation difficult at some point but actually the broad idea is very easy. If a blue line moves in an upward direction quicker, in a downward direction more slowly than an orange one, a detector will demonstrate green bars. Otherwise, the bars can become red.

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