IQ Options Bollinger band

It helps to undertake engineering examination. The tool was made in the 1980`s. Iq option bollinger bands strategy consists in prediction of alterations of the costs written on the diagram.

It includes a sliding avarage, 2 exchange rate corridors. Exchange rate corridors are the unit that is formed because of adding or shortening of a mean-square alteration from a usual sliding median.



There is one trend: the stronger mean-square alteration the more expansive alteration of costs of an asset base for the definite period of time. It is necessary to calculate leap in costs in comparison typical value for the people who want to know tomorrow picture of cost alteration.


The instrument's function

It has 3 lines: ascending sliding median and other lines. The lines' behavior is changed under the influence of pricing activity, broadening in times of the level of evaporation being sky-rocketing and shortening when condition of the market is stable.

There is one significant thing that is necessary to learn if you would like to start using this instrument: at the moment standardized costs are grown, depleted very much it is thought to normalize to an even keel .


Setting up Bollinger bands iq options

It is not difficult at all. You need only to choose the button named “Indicators”, after it, it is necessary to choose “Bollinger Lines”.



If you’d like using usual setup parameters, you should choose the button named “Apply”.  If not, use the  button named “Set up and apply”. After doing this you will get a chance of changing the time, the  mean-square alteration in line with your needs.


 Bollinger bands strategy forex iq option

There are some main strategies:

  • easy and profitable instrument of trends defining, alterations or other things; it is often mostly used by new dealers in goods; it helps them in determination of the trend and in finding the ways towards it;
  • the tool helping to exactly define the motive power of price changes;
  • the tool used learn some information about overbought, oversold levels;
  • the instrument giving information about borders of sky-rocketing and small costs;
  • the strategy helping to calculate overbought and oversold levels;
  • the last one indicates an unpredictability degree.
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