IQ Option payment methods

IQ Option payment methods

The international intermediary IQ Option, which has lately grown into one of the leaders in the bidding field, lets you get monetary funds in various ways. Unlike many other organizations of this monetary market, payments from the intermediary are made not only according to the bank details of a client, funds can also be received through electronic payment service providers.

Earning Power of IQ

Every year the intermediary increases the real speed of payments to clients. 

The maximum profitability of IQ comes to 92% in the case of exact estimation.

And the highest possible yield on days off is up to 95%. Therefore, if you prefer to make several choices during days off, you will receive up to 95% of the profits, if properly predicted. Their software is really amazing!


High payouts in tournaments

They also have a great opportunity. It is bidding tournaments, where you enter the tournament with other bidding agents. And it may be a certain period of time, when you have to actually increase your account in the most effective way. And then the top 15 winners will actually get some cash.



Payments methods

You can return the monetary funds back to your bank card, or there is a faster solution at no additional charge at Skrill Wallet. Payments are made within 24 hours. However, pay attention that you have all your ID cards under control.

Otherwise, they simply will not let you withdraw your monetary funds until you have actually proven, who you are. So, this could be a government ID, a photo, maybe your last bill at your address.


Nota bene!  The intermediary does not suggest the ability of a client to work with multiple accounts. Consequently, attempts to open multiple accounts are perceived by the broker’s security team as an attempt at fraud. As a result, clients are unable to get monetary funds from any of the personal accounts. Not to mention the fact that a number of bidding agents try to earn on bonuses, not considering the fact that they significantly limit a trader’s ability to bid.


Best payment method with IQ Option

Skrill Wallet, from 12 to 24 hours. On workdays, in experience of many people, it is the excellent way, because the intermediary does not charge you any extra fees for input or output.

Moreover, the withdrawal is real in the case of any sum and is produced very quickly.

This is just a great intermediary, great interface producing very good returns.

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