IQ Option: how to trade finance news

Financial news is an important fact that impacts the market situation. To succeed in trading, follow the financial reports of leading companies in a special calendar.

This reporting calendar is useful not only for investors, but also for traders, as important events in companies form strong fluctuations in the market. Thus, increased volatility provides an opportunity to earn in the short term. If the financial or quarter or annual report refers to an increase in profits or production, it causes a positive interest on the part of investors, which gives rise to increased demand, and the shares begin to grow in price. If the company declares a decrease in profits, revenue, increase in costs, then after such news, the shares will fall.

Let’s learn more about the impact of financial news on bidding in detail. Just go on reading.



Notion of financial news

Publicly traded companies are required to publish various financial reports that contain important financial data, such as

  • Revenue
  • Net income
  • Earnings per share
  • Cash flow
  • Etc.

‚ÄčThis information influences a company`s stock price a lot. It is important to follow quarter and annual reports. In general, if basic figures are better than the forecast, a company`s shares increase in value. If the report is below the market expectations, the company shares decline.
Let`s take an example. “Alphabet” published quarter2 (Q2) results. Its revenue in quarter 2 grew by 21% compared to the second quarter last year and amounted to 26 billion dollars. The company`s financial result beat market expectations. Following this news, the shares of Alphabet rose by 5,3% and reached the height of 1,275 dollars.

In order not to miss the most important financial figures, scan the Earnings calendar. 


Earning calendar from IQ intermediary

On the IQ platform. The Earnings calendar is located in market analyses section on the left-hand side panel. The detailed instruction on how to use the Earnings calendar is available in “How to read economic calendars” video.

Enjoy your bidding experience with IQ platform!


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