IQ Option trading for beginners

If you would like to join IQ Option, but do not know how to start, this iq option tutorial for beginners is likely for you.  

Of course, you are able to do money operations using your Internet-browser. Nevertheless, we will recommend you to download this instrument' app on your PC. 

To make an account on the site, it is necessary to press the button named “Account”. There you should fill in your personal data. To begin with we advise you to make a demo account to escape the possible risks of the invested money loss.

When you are ready to start making profit, then just press the button “Start Trading”

Holdings are easy money tools. They consist of shares and bonds, indexes, commodities, and currency types. Fresh dealers in goods would better start marketing with currency types pairs, because it is simpler to look for and make money from. 

We will provide the use of EUR and USD example. 



Click the button EUR/USD and decide on the date of expiration, the time period during which you are going to maintain your market position (it may be from a few seconds up to a few months). The continuance usually stands upon the dealer in good's marketing purpose and the shares and bonds you market in.   For instance, Euro and Dollar are easy to market with because their rates are changed not very often and they are simple to look for, so we will decide on the date of expiration (5-60 minutes).

But if you decide to choose BTC and US Dollar, you’d better decide on, for instance, fifteen minutes because their rates are changed very often.


Make your first investment



You can make the first investment like it is seen at the above picture. We started with $400. After we have chosen the amount, this option's tool makes calculations of $364. But if our investment is failed to win, we will risk to lose $400.


Make choice of your fortune

At last you should decide on your fortune. There are two kinds of choices: Up (if you are sure to profit), or Down (if you are sure to fail). We chose Up because EUR and USD  have a good potential (it may be seen below). 

When the expiration of the term comes, you will learn whether you got profit or loss. Remember, if you get profit, you will possess both your investment and your winnings, if you fail to win you will possess only the investment. 



So, as you can notice, it is not very difficult to market using this trading instrument, but it will take much time to become a professional dealer in goods. To become a successful money maker it is necessary to study shares and bonds' price changes. And you also should have a lot of practice to succeed.

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The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose