IQ Option is Safe

Can IQ Option be trusted? 

How to get real money without leaving your own home? A couple of decades ago, this question seemed at least strange. But now it’s not a secret for anyone, ways to make money on the Internet are a more than real phenomenon. For some, they serve as part-time work in their free time, while for others, they serve as the main employment, which brings significant income, often several times higher than the average wage. Even special skills are sometimes not needed to just start making profit from the network. Many have now begun to be interested in the issue of earning on trading platforms.

When choosing a trading platform, traders initially view the available functionality, which makes their tasks easier. Built-in market analysis tools and expert advice will help the user build their own trading strategy, and the automatic trading option allows you to open and close transactions without the participation of a trader.

The IQ Option online broker is a secure environment that is completely open, and at the same time reliable and high-tech. An important fact is the information that hundreds of people, and sometimes even thousands, register on the site every day, which indicates its popularity and level of organization.

Discover IQ Option
Discover IQ Option

The trading platform was first launched over 5 years ago and since then has been gaining momentum every year more and more. a large number of reviews from traders and investors. Broker IQ Option is one of the leading platforms in terms of trading. The platform has a high class of service and a lot of opportunities for users who consistently attract new customers to it. To date, the number of registrations is more than tens of millions , which is a very serious figure. Just as important is the fact that you can start working immediately after registration, which is available on the official website.

IQ Option is safe, as the experience of this platform is already long and numerous positive reviews from traders are increasing every day.


This platform has an international license and is a certified broker that can carry out financial transactions. It is worth noting that IQ Option has many awards and the platform received its first award after a year of work, which is also a big plus in the work of the exchange. At the moment, the platform developers are improving it and fully justify the previous awards.

Is it safe to trade with IQ Option? 

Yes, IQ Option securely stores the funds of its users. IQ Option is a very famous broker with millions of registered traders using the platform on a daily basis. The company respects the decision of each trader to trade and provides the best trading conditions for working on this platform. At the same time, be sure to remember that trading in itself carries risks and can lead to losses. Therefore, you need to implement and think through your strategies and be able to manage risks. For security purposes, any user can use the corresponding functions of the platforms. First of all, make sure you have entered your personal information correctly.

Registration at IQ Option
Registration at IQ Option

Do I need to deposit money right away? 

No, you don't need to deposit money right away. The developers of this platform have provided a virtual account for their users, a trader can use this account to get acquainted with the exchange interface in detail, as well as hone their trading skills. A demo account can be used to test the Company's tools, as well as training and education before depositing real funds and opening a real account.

A trader receives $10,000 on a virtual account to learn how the platform works and hone all their skills. It is not possible to withdraw this money, but you can use it to trade on all instruments.

Select the type of account for work
Select the type of account for work

Since practice and real account charts are identical, you can plan your strategy and test it on a practice account before investing real money. Here you can experiment with different assets, trading times, investment amounts, etc. Of course, one of the important advantages of a demo account is that it is a factor of trader's confidence in relation to the broker. A demo account is a powerful tool that allows traders to work more efficiently on a real account with the right approach to it. Very often, it is the presence of a virtual account that becomes decisive for a trader when choosing a broker. Indeed, a demo account helps both beginners and experienced traders. When working with a demo account, the user does not invest any money, but at the same time gains practical experience and skills in work.

Get $ 10,000 in your practice demo account
Get $ 10,000 in your practice demo account

Real account 

After the user familiarizes himself with the interface of this exchange and is confident in his knowledge and experience, then it will already be possible to open a real account and replenish it.

The minimum deposit on the exchange is only $10, which is a very low threshold compared to other companies.

Transactions on this platform are carried out from $ 1. You can replenish your account in different ways and credit is carried out almost instantly, which is also a plus in the work of this platform.

Replenish your real account from only 10 $
Replenish your real account from only 10 $

Can I use the platform for free? 

Yes, of course, the trading platform can be used absolutely free of charge, the company does not charge any fees from users for its use or installation. Trading here can be carried out on a daily basis. The user can easily find special lessons designed to clearly show beginners how to conduct various kinds of actions. In addition, there is also a glossary and many articles that can help with any trading related questions. Well, if in the process there are problems of any kind or nature, then you can always ask for help, write to e-mail or schedule online.

Get access to different types of financial markets
Get access to different types of financial markets

How can I make sure my account is secure?

Adding a phone number to your personal data will enable the 2-factor account authentication procedure. This feature secures the user's account with a one-time SMS code when logging into the platform. To find the feature, go to the "Personal" tab on the IQ Option website and click on "Security and Security" in the menu on the left. There are tabs such as "Active Sessions" and "Activity History", which allow you to see a list of devices, on which your account is currently open and see your login history. Here, if necessary, you can change the password.

Can my account be blocked? 

IQ Option like any company, it has a set of rules that traders must follow. These rules are detailed on the official website. The purpose of these rules is to protect the client and the company, as well as to provide traders with the highest quality service. Therefore, violation of the conditions may lead to such consequences as closing and/or blocking of the trader's account. However, traders who comply with the rules and do not violate the terms of use of the platform will not have such problems with their accounts.

Use technical support
Use technical support

What can lead to account blocking?

  • If suspicious transactions are detected in the account, it will be blocked, and the company will ask you to clarify and confirm the transactions made.
  • You must always use your own bank card or e-wallet for replenishment. Using another user's payment details may result in your account being blocked.
  • The customer account must be verified in order to manage your transactions.

Is it safe to provide my documents and credit card numbers for verification? 

Worrying about safety is completely normal: when it comes to money, responsible approach is important.

This question is quite understandable as it concerns the user's sensitive data. The answer is yes: all documents uploaded to IQ Option are available to specific reviewers. The company operates in accordance with the standards, so all information and documents are used and stored in accordance with the regulations.

Verify your account
Verify your account

Yes, it's safe. IQ Option requires certain documents for verification. For example, it can be a passport or driver's license to verify identity. When you upload documents to the site, they are securely stored in the system and only relevant specialists have access to them. In addition, the company complies with all regulations, therefore all personal documents are stored and used in accordance with the company's regulations. The same applies to bank card verification - according to the instructions on the verification page, the client closes the bank card information before downloading. But don’t worry: even if you forget, our system will close this data itself. As for the information about the bank card, IQ Option asks you to close the bank card in accordance with the rules (only the first 6 and last 4 digits of the card number should be visible, CVV code should be closed). However, even if you did not accidentally hide this information, the system will do it for the user, in connection with this client's payment data will not be available to anyone.

Is IQ Option safe ? Yes, since the broker meets all the requirements prescribed in the company's regulations when working with clients. It also operates in accordance with all necessary safety standards.

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