IQ Option: how to use news in trading?

IQ Option: how to use news in trading?

Every person engaged in bidding wants to know more factors impacting the bidding process. Are you the one? In this case, read the article below and get a potion of extremely useful information to optimize your bidding.

Markets are influenced by multiple factors, the major one is economics. The major of them are economic, financial and political factors. News can change market situation in a moment. If the news is positive, currency ratio stock prices usually go up. If the news is negative, they go down.


News to follow in bidding sphere

So, which news should the trader follow? First point of interest is the economic releases or the economic news. This is the publication of different economic reports and statistics, such as gross domestic product, unemployment, inflation, interest rates and retail sales and some other data. 

Financial news represented by financial reports from companies are large key-fact for stock prices. If financial figures are better than the forecast, the company share prices usually go up. If the company financial figures are worse than the forecast, its share prices usually decrease in value.



There is also influence of political events like elections, revolutions, impeachments or death of political leaders and other causes of political instability. Therefore, it is important to follow the political news.

Some unexpected events as terrorist attack, earthquakes, tsunamis, droughts, etc. impact market too.

Keep in mind that the market`s reaction to the news lasts from thirty minutes to two hours. However, sometimes, it can last up to three or four days.


News feed in IQ panel

One can follow the smart news feed from IQ. It cumulates news from the multiple sources in the market analyses section. It is located on the left-hand side panel.

In order not to miss some important releases, scan the economic calendar. It is located in the market analysis section on the left-hand side panel. A detailed instruction on how to use the economic calendar is available in the “How to read economic calendar” video.

IQ wishes successful trading to everyone!

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