Algeria (full official form - the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria) – a country in North Africa in the western part of the Mediterranean Basin. The largest in territory African country. Area –2 381 740 km².

Algeria has common borders with Morocco in the west, with Mauritania and Mali – in the south-west, with Niger – in the south-east, with Libya and Tunisia– in the east. The largest part of the territory lies in the Sahara. The capital is Algiers.

Algerian people like to participate in binary options trading. They often choose IQ Option to work with because this broker is really reliable and safe. Today we will tell you why Algerian people can believe this source.



First of all, we’d like to start with a first investment necessary to start trading. The broker's lowest first payment is $10. This is one of the lowestfirst investments in this sphere. That’s why it gives you an opportunity to test your trading skills in the conditions of live market before starting to pay a big sum of money to your trading account.Moreover, the brokers give the smallest involment of $1 per trade.

The next aspect is types of accounts. This broker proposes 3 types of accounts: real, demo and VIP accounts. VIP and real account are practically identical. Demo account let people try their hands in trading. If you have never done trading, you can make a demo account and try trading. In case you know nothing about this kind of money making, you can watch some tutorials or ask for help the broker's professionals in client support.

And the next point is trading education opportunities providing by this broker. To give comfort to new traders, the broker has made a button “How to trade” near the graph. After clicking this button an interactive teaching program will be launched. After studying some time you will learn information about functions of every button, about main point of binary options' trading and about standard operational sequence.

The fourth aspect is instruments and charts and technical indicators.This platform has a lot of instruments. That is whyyou can choose not only between area and line charts, but also between candlestick and bars charts. In this case it is not important if you’re a new trader or a professional, you will always be able to obtainall information you want about the market situation. Concerning graphical tools, you have an opportunity to easily make your own chart. Various types of lines including trend, horizontal and even Fibonacci lines will always help you to know about the market’s changes. You can even change them with a few clicks. It is available because of a simple menu which appears after clicking on them.  These instruments are very handy to work with.



Technical indicators are placed below the mentioned graphical tools and charts. Their total number is nine.In truth, this broker does its best to give traders everything necessary for successful trading. The mentioned indicators consist of MA, Bollinger bands, two types of oscillators and etc. In future every indicator may be adapted to your needs. For example, you have a chance to adapt Parabolic SAR’s acceleration, three different RSI parameters and etc. You also may change t color of these instruments. That is why you will get a fully clear picture of your chart events.

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